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Total Vote(s) : 11
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Comments on song "Rang Rang Mere Rang Rang Me"
bpizza on May 12, 2007
love this video what do i search to find the other songs?
sanaahmad114 on May 16, 2007
beautiful song I love it's tune
appsrock on May 29, 2007
lisa ray is awesome... i love the song..
appsrock on June 04, 2007
lisa ray is awesome..
YoseiiC on June 28, 2007
Probably the name of the songs.
dhukka123 on June 30, 2007
Subtle romance. Don't pressure people!
babybu808 on October 13, 2007
OMG! I love this video, do you have any other clips of the other songs from the movie??
vatanimturkiye19 on October 25, 2007
i dont speak the language en dont understand it but its nice to listen so well done.
Salik Irfan on November 14, 2007
lolzzzz hahahaha goraz look like a joke in this... hahahahaaa..
xxcharrmingxx on December 03, 2007
omg it was the first bollywood type movie i watched...jus awesome
shafi chowdhury on December 03, 2007
I love this song so much... I saw their entire movie at the ritz sixteen in
voorhees, New Jersey... I need to get their slbum sometime soon...
pro101OMG on December 08, 2007
I knew I've seen this movie before. God I love Lisa Ray
Sherry Hosein on December 15, 2007
rahul is hott!! the girl in the blue is a gudd dancer in this video.
Sherry Hosein on December 15, 2007
**i luvvv this songg**
Shaswata on January 01, 2008
well this is not a particular good bollywood song n dance sequence go and watch Dhoom 2 and Crazy kia re
xxcharrmingxx on January 05, 2008
but thats like a typical indian movie.this is like indo american better than the soap opearas.and i agree with you vqbasil i love this song...and the movie too
hifzmaster on January 17, 2008
filmed in Toronto, My home town, and I love Granma, what a great actress..may she rest in peace
Thee Krishna on February 04, 2008
mintughost on February 19, 2008
this video is relly awesome...i love it...and its 1 of my favourite videos.
youngenb123 on March 10, 2008
the guy looks like he got hurt
ISSASR123 on April 01, 2008
whats the name of the movie?
roopamchandi93 on April 17, 2008
yea its a canadian movie
toronto district board gonna show dis movie at my skool dey r showing films in various high skools
btw how is d movie ?
raff3535 on May 02, 2008
you wear the perfect pseudo lol
xsum1speshulx on June 10, 2008
haha; we had 2 do dis dance at scool and it was so funny cuz evryone was messin around! soo funny mann
arabiyya on July 07, 2008
i knew those peopel must be canadian , dancing around like that hahaha
btwn am in canada, so take it easy it's a joke haha
T Ang on July 08, 2008
love this song and the movie was so fun, like a bollywood spoof done really
well, very tongue-in-cheek.
chubjub1 on July 12, 2008
I really love this movie! The song is so cool! You can tell it's Canadian
because at the end it shows the CN Tower. Thx 4 the vid!
inches0half on July 17, 2008
do u hav the dvd because you can post the movie for the sake of those who want to c it
mereckless on September 27, 2008
I love this video.
San1One on December 07, 2008
They look amazingly cute together!
uncleletmeexplainyou on December 17, 2008
This must be the only movie in history with clips of Gerrard street.
VampireBoyVlad on February 04, 2009
Do you have the scene at the end when they sing "Mera naam chin chin chu?" My favorite part of the movie!
lenamas09 on March 18, 2009
where can i watch it online?
abhishekhimanshu555 on April 08, 2009
This video is very close to my heart. I like the pair. They r so cute together.
fazhionrock on April 12, 2009
alguien me podria decir de favOr como sel llama la peliculaa what is the
name of the moviie??
litozh on April 12, 2009
ups.. Hollywood a lo Bollywood k loco nunca lo ubiera imaginado... pero
debieron ponerle actores conocidos.
fazhionrock on April 12, 2009
what is the name of this moviie you can say me???
abf16 on April 17, 2009
Rahul nd Lisa look soo perfect!! lovely song!
litozh on April 19, 2009
what is the name of this movie
YsetEternal on April 21, 2009
bollywood/hollywood one of my all time favs
phantomlion on May 07, 2009
Help! In this movie the scene where its Twinkie and Bobby prewedding party where Sue gets Grandma to dance, what is that SONG they are dancing to? Lyrics are "Rangadee... Rangadee..." i think.
the1mills on May 15, 2009
where is the movie filmed?
Tamil Vengai on July 02, 2009
I am sure those whites might be wondering what these north indian pan
beedas are doing.. ha ha ha ...
4ya4ever on July 05, 2009
i love it so much :)
Sav on July 09, 2009
limewire or search them on youtube and use mediaconverter to change them to
mp3 form
HaLaSeNiNiMDeLiNiM on July 13, 2009
i don't whats the nam of the film is ... but the name of the song is "Mujhe Rang de" , the singer is Asha Bhosle .composed by A.R.Rahman ..
asht2009 on July 26, 2009
both can't dance.but the song is good
life2cheers on August 07, 2009
rahul is looking so cute.
mircatalyst on August 16, 2009
nice song rather a lovely song
Shaheryar Ahmed on August 23, 2009
Beutiful song...Lisa is cute
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