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Comments on song "Ring Ring Ringa"
Amr Gamal on February 01, 2009
Amazing, I loved it very nice editting.. "Jai Ho" Rahman
thinkinginfog on February 01, 2009
wow vwry gooooooood I love both songs, it's good source to enjoy both songs.
Shama Shezadi on February 02, 2009
Wicked! That was brilliantly done! Love the way you blended the 2 together!
Only Madhuri can do this song justice! Well done!
Saie on February 04, 2009
brilliant and realistic.. the slumdog tune reminded me of de songs.. but de
lyrics are a bit dead in de slumdog one
aamirxx on February 06, 2009
I Iove the video and what a brilliant job A R Rahman good editting samira
Asiya Bachchan on February 11, 2009
this is so gd. the song goes so well with madhuri. i like his song and
after watching this video i luv this song now. itz so gd. well dun
Asiya Bachchan on February 12, 2009
i must say a really gd choice of song and video. well dun. i cant stop
watching this video itz so well made. well dun. u ave dun a gr8 job. i luv
this vid and song
ZaYeDLuVeR786 on February 12, 2009
This is amazing!! Very well done!
Asiya Bachchan on February 14, 2009
i like the start of the vid wen madhuri umz. gr8
alliaasiff on February 16, 2009
u guys r MAD hear that MAD this song and slumdog millionaire ring ring
ringa r not the same they jus have the same timing of the song n actions
dats it
uzma87gingmar on February 19, 2009
I love this song and the editing is just fab. Well done
laiqnaaz on February 20, 2009
too good man .keep trying insha allah one day u'll b success
Kandy honey on February 26, 2009
that is so fake!! even though its nice!!!
zwjus on February 28, 2009
this is a really good version
it actually doesn't look that fake
randomlimon2324 on March 02, 2009
this original song is called choli ke peeche and it fits pretty well together with ringa ringa
DrKombu on March 03, 2009
excellent editing...fits like lock and key.
sonirajini on March 04, 2009
omg,its the same.good job.
911esha on March 05, 2009
Amazing editing i must say.i liek it :D.the vedio reali goes wid tha
song...thx for uploading
abhi2002123 on March 07, 2009
really good editing .. steps matches with song ..
babybadoo on March 11, 2009
considering the song that this actual video has is very very similar to ringa ringa (like hte beat) it's not that surprising you were able to make it fit so well.

not that it lessens your editing ability, just a point to take note of.
vineet2003 on March 11, 2009
good job.mast lag raha hai
Michelle A on March 12, 2009
Someone did this before you...
Agni001 on March 14, 2009
Damn good quality.
zwjus on March 28, 2009
you did a great job at editing it :D
dhamanlal on March 28, 2009
Reaaallllly wat an editing dude ! soo Great !
kanank13 on March 31, 2009
sounds like one of those snake charmer music
Pankaj Sharma on April 04, 2009
nice mixing
ZainabDosti on April 09, 2009
it fits it very nice wow really good 1st i have seen...
hajera786 on April 11, 2009
best editing ive seen so farr great job :)
Sevka Abz on April 15, 2009
songs are soo alike
hathaan on April 15, 2009
best editin i have seen till date, congrats buddy
mithunmahesh on April 15, 2009
Goes to the HALL of FAME for your EDITING and to Copying award for Rahman..
nahibana on April 16, 2009
ala work yar mizing dam good :)
nahibana on April 17, 2009
i mean mixing
saabincaa on April 30, 2009
hahah good song, good job!! :D
Beldeu Sandhu on May 14, 2009
See Full Poem In tribute to this composition and edition at Jeetegakaun at
Md Ghouse forum. It could not fit in here. Beldeu Singh
sparklestarz72 on May 19, 2009
can someone tell me wat ringa ringa means by the why i ♥ this song india has nice music n dancng k bye thnx
mirriam cameron on May 30, 2009
she is just goddess in every movement in this song. this piece might be for
one of her old picture but i have to say good work Madhuri Dixit. love it
when she dance is just has grace and emotion in even movement.
HumayunISD on June 12, 2009
very nice editing. looks original song. Choli k peechay kiya hai. .

Awesome. keep it up . . .

and the singer is the same . . . . by the way
va2Ywiuc on June 18, 2009
What an amazing editing !!! Great job !!!
Gimena Sanchez on June 29, 2009
Can anyone tell me the name of the movie? thanx!!
Lorden1997 on June 30, 2009
Should be slumdog millionare, as it says in the title. but I dont know, I havent seen the movie
Gimena Sanchez on July 01, 2009
Hi! no, it is not Slumdog Millonaire. The author of this video did a great
job editing this movie with the Ring Ring Ringa song from Slumdong. but
the movie is another one...
Javí QeleQele on July 12, 2009
Yeluguri SAYS its Khalnayak, read the info...
Javí QeleQele on July 12, 2009
cutemute7 on July 19, 2009
nice edit. i'm a creative director. can understand the theme very well.
Adil Jeelani on July 23, 2009
very very best song
nenespy on July 25, 2009
bljdnr2k3 on July 26, 2009
love the song and love how u made da vidoe u got my props
africanbabe96 on July 31, 2009
i lovee bollywood and i loved slimdog millionairee
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