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Comments on song "Saari Umrr Hum Mar Marke Ji Liye"
BHUPENDRA MADDHESIA on November 13, 2009
direct to the heart,really mind blowing...
thevivekpandey on December 24, 2009
Hi Sanjay, I liked the video that you made to go with the song. How do we
make such nice video (I mean the transitions and all)? Thanks -- Vivek.
Sanjay Dudani on December 26, 2009
@thevivekpandey use windows movie maker and search for its tutorials
Mrudula Joshi on December 27, 2009
This is a too good song from an inspiring film ever in this year. wel mr
lobo relates to ech one of us in the movie. too good song, thanks to
shantanu moitra, for composing such a wonderful song.
kamlesh kumar diwan on December 28, 2009
Fantastic,fabulous song Please give some info about song's writer and its
singer Overall a very nice song.
pramod yadav on December 28, 2009
This movie has become my most favorite movie. Fresh, Full of energy,
Inspirational, emotional... what not yaar :)... After sholey one movie
where all characters of movie were simply awesome!
varun chheda on December 28, 2009
I love dis song ^
wayztech on December 28, 2009
Never thought I will see such a movie.It broke all the records...and
this is one of the best movie I ever saw after Jo Jeeta woh Sikandar... hey
guys its a MUST watch...
Nishant Kumar on December 28, 2009
yea .. d bestest best .. heh
raghavlaad on December 29, 2009
a touching song
raghavlaad on December 29, 2009
i am proud to be an iit ian
madurai srikanth on December 30, 2009
touching song superb
star4galaxy on January 01, 2010
love this song.. nice movie too!
Amit K on January 01, 2010
mast hai bhai song.. sab jiyo 1 pal
Amit K on January 01, 2010
yah song sun ke muje bhi lagta hai ham 1 pal toh hame jine do
awesomeness on January 01, 2010
EK PAL TOH AB MUJHE JEENE DO.. give me sum sunshine, give me sum
rain, give me another chance, i really reallyyyyyy wanna grow up once
preety karki on January 02, 2010
love this song!! really they should understand how much pressure we are
going through ya!!!
mramericaof2009 on January 03, 2010
the songs are great but this movie is NOT a life-changer... don't know why
we hype up something so much beyond what it actually deserves...
songlover26 on January 03, 2010
legendofdawn on January 03, 2010
hahaha.kapilrustagi sounds lyk silencer.
Johnson Wayne on January 04, 2010
100 times is an exaggeration..koi aur kaam nahi hai kya..haha kidding dude.
ferrari5107 on January 04, 2010
Not just engineering students, it describes the life of all the students.
Luckhoo Irfaan on January 05, 2010
Amazing Movie!!!
lolhahah21 on January 05, 2010
hahahaha... tht was funny koi aur kaam nahi hai jaise hi dikhra.. waise
utna khaas bhi nahi hai.. accha hai lekin utna bhi nahi ke din mein 100
baar baitke sunu
IshyaShah on January 05, 2010
@ferrari5107 I agree :) I love this song, it's sad but it gives enough
energy and courage to overcome the pressure :) Amazing song! And I loved
the movie, as it was very recognizable as a student :)
Kinetics on January 08, 2010
awesome movie, I can relate very well to this being an engineering student
:D Amazing, possibly best bollywood movie 2009
vikesh domur on January 09, 2010
awesome movie best ever in bollywood!!!
saalisaal on January 10, 2010
Love the childhood.I want to grow up once again!!! :(
kantk2008 on January 13, 2010
I can really relate to this song bcuz I'm 15 and it keeps on reminding me
to enjoy these days left, because they'll go and only become memories.
Quite sad...
623stars on January 15, 2010
i luv this song. its a really nice song.
Mavessa79 on January 16, 2010
story of my life!!! however i will never quit!
nishantadventure on January 16, 2010
Yes you have to Work for your Dreams,Fight for your Dreams and never quit!
MOHAMMED RIAZ on January 17, 2010
One of the Best Hindi movie since 1970. We hv fun and my 3 yrs old daughter
Rushmi also like this movie a lot,
minidudett on January 17, 2010
I love this movie!!! :) its the best movie EVER!
Amran Ali on January 20, 2010
love this movie
franciskelly200 on January 22, 2010
i switched my major after seeing this movie :D
yaqubdxb on January 25, 2010
after a long time,i've seen such a great movie nd love this song..**********
ayya619 on January 27, 2010
i love this song!! dont u guys like it?
pranaysan on January 30, 2010
This movie teaches us that be what you are good in.
TechytheVyrus on January 30, 2010
I have learned and continue to learn everyday from this film. Just the song
All Izz Well redefines how to live life in my mind. I am in medical school,
and can definitely relate to this song, as well as all the students in this
film, as well as getting the grades. Go after excellence, and success will
follow. Saying all is well won't make problems go away, but will give you
the courage to fight those problems. These 2 statements have changed my
sarbeshrai on February 02, 2010
the best from india. Maybe another grammy hahaha
Pankaj Bhagat on February 02, 2010
sterr buster for Engineering Students...!!!!!
indiaisthebestt on February 02, 2010
hahhah but yah if u go to one of the best Engineering colleges in
INDIA...than u must be one Kind of a STUDENT...(intelligent)
cooolguy1986 on February 04, 2010
This moviie summed up an engineering student's life... This movie's gonna
be the turning point in INDIA's history!
siddhi209 on February 07, 2010
One of the best songs ever!!!! xx
flowerprincess321 on February 07, 2010
luv this song
kaiafg1 on February 15, 2010
give me sunshine marvellous somg
kaiafg1 on February 15, 2010
give me some sunshing give me another chance i wanna grow up once a again
nice song the best one i ever heard give me
gKangaroo17 on February 18, 2010
love this song<3
Kattherinna18 on February 21, 2010
It´s very good song!!Thank my Friend!
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