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Pooja Chopra, Vidyut Jamwal

Video of this song from youtube
Average Rating : 4.29
Total Vote(s) : 17
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Comments on song "Saawan Bairi"
pavan kumar on March 13, 2013
stunning captures
su5side on March 13, 2013
nice one again frm commando...
man1240 on March 13, 2013
Mind blowing song !!!!! :)))
Bheshraj Vivek on March 13, 2013
WHen Music getting released???
purpleeye2012 on March 13, 2013
Poojaaaaa all the way ! Whata stunner maan beauty beauty BEAAAUTY
Sonia Aslam on March 13, 2013
Me likeyyyyyyyyy
Ck Khamari on March 13, 2013
gazab visual
Asif Habib on March 13, 2013
Love the song...sound really amazing and fresh..
Swapnil Sisle on March 13, 2013
very nice music... saawan bairi... :)
sayali gaikwad on March 13, 2013
Vidyut jamwal is rocking...
kimozyss on March 13, 2013
Stunning hot Pooja Chopra
anekhsenamoun on March 13, 2013
Choreographed by firoz khan bawa .very gud work firoz
anekhsenamoun on March 13, 2013
Firoz khan u r the best
anekhsenamoun on March 13, 2013
Firoz as a actor u done very gud job in remos ancd the movie ...n as a
choreographer u done very very very gud job .best of luck
Hamidishunter on March 13, 2013
Blockbuster movie
Shubhra Mendonca on March 13, 2013
Pooja Chopra stunning... Classic beauty
Aditya Gupta on March 14, 2013
Rahat fateh rocks!!!
Hema Sekaran on March 14, 2013
rahat forever <3
purpleeye2012 on March 14, 2013
Just cannot stop watching Pooja Chopra shes outstanding in the video
mehdi haidari on March 14, 2013
i love this boy one of the bolywoods top super model and now :)
Madhuraj pk on March 14, 2013
Mindblowing cinimatography
SHAN khan on March 14, 2013
rahat great :)
Megha Agrawal on March 14, 2013
Such a nice chemistry bw hero heroine .. Quite romantic song... I jst lv
this song..
Babu Kazi on March 14, 2013
Both r looking gud :)
hafsaaejaz11 on March 14, 2013
Nice couple n vudyut rocks as well as pooja..n I love dis song 3
ohsnapitsteddybear on March 14, 2013
Really awesome and sweet song! Vidyut looks awesome as always! ;)
JUGRAN HARSHA on March 15, 2013
rahat comes back
cinematic keeda on March 15, 2013
absolutely brilliant. superbly executed. thumbs up if u agree.
Rohit Karkare on March 15, 2013
Amazing tune.. Totally brings out the chemistry between Pooja Chopra and
Vidyut <3
winx kaur on March 15, 2013
Hemanth Thankaswamy on March 15, 2013
what a song.nice 1 rahat
kimozyss on March 15, 2013
Nice song both looks perfect together
Abhi Panicker on March 16, 2013
Muhammad Ali on March 16, 2013
uff .. superb song .. <3 <3
Prashanthini Thasan on March 16, 2013
Cinematography is amazing
purpleeye2012 on March 17, 2013
Pooja is simply stunning in this song the next Kareena kapoor
Radhika Ganesh on March 17, 2013
awesome camera work !!!! absalutily mindblowing !!!!
Shubhra Mendonca on March 17, 2013
I love her beauty
nidhika sood on March 17, 2013
Beautiful song
SHAN khan on March 18, 2013
very nice song :)
Sanchita Badkas on March 18, 2013
awesome music...awesome picturisation.awesome voice.
Sayan Majumdar on March 18, 2013
this is just what i wanted for songs ever. the beauty brings tears to my
eyes everything goes like a dream. :' )
Rittwik Roy on March 18, 2013
This Girl is very beautiful
Lilly Milly on March 18, 2013
He's hot :)
purpleeye2012 on March 18, 2013
Her smile is beauuutiful
Shubhra Mendonca on March 19, 2013
She is Gorgeous ! Among the new lot of actresses the prettiest I adore her
lots of luck to this angel
Hemanth Thankaswamy on March 19, 2013
better to see this than uncle log acting with 20yr old actress
Sayan Majumdar on March 20, 2013
this isn't a sufi song, for kind information... this is an semi-indian
classical song.
Sonali Senapati on March 20, 2013
wht a song love it
kaykay on March 20, 2013
I love the song and I LOVEEEE the execution, everything syncs together
perfectly, very impressed indeed!
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