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Comments on song "Sab Kuchh Luta Ke Hosh Me Aaye To Kya Kiya (By Lata)"
V. Siddhartha on November 20, 2009
The Lata( yin) complement to the Talat(yang) version of a great song. Love
them both. Thanks, Suhanee.
isaac moses on November 21, 2009
Four minutes and eighteen seconds of drama, suspense, so tense, so gripping
watching the story unfold, as told by Lata Mangeshkar, singing a ghazal
befitting the sad occasion, for Madhubala as the victim plays a piano
recital to an audience & the villiain, Ashok Kumar in resplendent
shark-skin tuxedo, moves furtively she cries.. jo mil n-saka pyar gham ki
sham toh mile Ek bewafa seh pyaar tha anjaam toh mile Ay mout jald aa zara
aram toh mile.. to run away into oblivion Oh!
V. Siddhartha on November 21, 2009
Thank you for your kind words, khandeel.
Makhmoor1 on November 25, 2009
Stunning Beauty..The Madhubala
Glow of Hope on January 04, 2010
Thanks for making available this song from Ek Saal - Lata version;
beautiful as always.
rumahale on April 26, 2010
This song video with credits to Lyrics by Prem Dhawan, Music by Ravi, Star
Madhubala and Singer Lata Mangeshkar has made it immortal.
SeaBreezeCenter on May 10, 2010
Superb song. Thanks for posting.
anamika22scan on July 26, 2010
whenever i hear this song i begin crying.prem dhawans words and talat mehmood singing is magic
Chaman Nigam on August 26, 2010
why do we not bave such songs now
Vaidyanathan Krishnamurthy on September 02, 2010
Can some one post me the lyrics of this melody
NANDI KHANNA on January 15, 2011
again TALAT MEHMOOD version was more popular than LATAJI.can someone tell
me the reason?can it be lryics?TALAT version HUM BADNASEEB PYAR KI RUSWAAI
Lakshmi G on January 22, 2011
@NANDIKHANNA I think it is the high pitched last verse and Lataji's too
fine voice. Personally, I always stop the song as soon as she starts" ai
mauth zald aa" because, I hate to not like her song. There are two other
songs with Rafi, the Rafi's versions were more popular (ehsan tera hoga
mujhpar and Taqdeer ka fasana). Even chand has a daag!
NANDI KHANNA on February 27, 2011
@lakshmigaur not only in high notes,medium&low notes lataji is outpaced by
talat saab rafi saab hemantda&KK.JAAYEn TO JUAAYEn KAHAn,a very EVAN
song,slightly high in ANTARA MAAYUSIOn KA MAJMA HAI JI MEIn.then too lataji
could not come near talat saab,where popularity is concerned/AND NOT TO
FOGET GREAT MUKESHJI.though he was nowhere near lataji where GAYAKI is
concerned but KASHISH which makes him a STANDOUT/regards.
bashir shah on April 03, 2011
i was in search of listening this song in female voice and i got it.before
since 1970 i have this in tallat mahmood's voice. thanks dr suhanee 2.
Lakshmi G on May 10, 2011
NANDI KHANNA on May 10, 2011
@lakshmigaur Raju Bhartan in his book JOURNEY DOWN MELODY LANE,has coined a
word for such songs TANDEM.Dictionary meaning is--1-bicycle built for
two,2-two objects placed eachother one behind the other ie same song sung
by two singers.rgds.
MrNashans on June 17, 2011
Classic Song & Lata gi at her Best ,.//
Jaffer Hussain on July 09, 2011
Aspects of MADHUBALA are unique and SIXTH SENSE. Can't explain. All about her is in the eyes & mind of beholders. I like India most for THIS BEAUTIFUL LADY MADHUBALA (name sound very pleasant too) who was born in this country. Made the country proud. Will there be another MADHUBALA, I doubt very much because That's the BEAUTY OF ALMIGHTY, OUR CREATOR WHO GOT THE ABILITY TO INDIVIDUALIZE HIS CREATIONS. Each CREATION IS UNIQUE. Please pray for this beautiful lady to be forgiven for her legacy.
nandu1f on September 09, 2011
Outstanding singing. I only wish the M.D. had not asked Lata to take to
such a high pitch near the end, because she is superb except during that
line "Ai maut jald aa zara aram to mile' at 3:32. Thanks Suhanee ji
Kishan0452 on November 25, 2011
We must preserve treasure of old songs. There is nobody to beat India in music. So may songs, so many tunes, so much melody; nowhere on the earth. Hats off those people. Beautiful song; beautiful voice! Thank you Shuhanee ji. How many octaves Lata jee can sing? Can anyobody let me know; just for my knowledge?
Rani6461 on December 09, 2011
NANDI KHANNA on December 18, 2011
A good song so well enacted by Madhubala,if Dilip Kumar is presumed as
yardstick of acting, then MB alone could measure up to him, be it
Tarana,Amar or Mughal e Azam, where she was neck & neck with mighty DK.
dilipapte1 on December 30, 2011
Devendra Goel was a producer who always persisted with Ravi as Music Director. Look at the sonorous voice in high notes by Lata. For a change it never flounders like in 'Ehsaan tera hoga muzpar' from Junglee- while singing the line 'Chaahe banado chhahe mita do' and also 'Tum ne muzko hasana sikhaya'. But Lata is INIMITABLE
mohammad anwar Darvesh on February 14, 2012
thks or many many thks dearest you tube
om brahma on March 26, 2012
Stunningly beautiful Madhubala! Wonder what business does nature have being
so cruel to her, as in this equally beautiful song. She was also afflicted
with a heart valve defect and arrhythmia in the real life. She eventually
succumbed to those ailments.
anilaruna25 on April 23, 2012
Many thanks to U Tube
Nishith A Dharaiya on April 24, 2012
Many thanks for upload!!
KIRANJIT SANDHU on May 12, 2012
Same song sung by Talat Mahmood. Both are beautifull songs which are well
written and sung. Music By Hemant Kumar
ashok saxena on May 26, 2012
thks or many many thks dearest you tube
cricketchandrasekhar on May 31, 2012
music is by ravi!
Amarendra Nath Srivastava on June 02, 2012
lata mangeshkar had quality to lift her voice like md rafi.however,talat mehmood lacked was the main reason that he could not sing songs of all emotions.even in his version of ths song of ek saal ,it clearly apparent.amarendrasrivastva.
luminous787 on June 30, 2012
lataji is someone who sings beyond imagination.talat was not able to
reach very high notes but what he lacked in reaching high scale, he
compensated that by the depth of his voice
Shafiq-ur- Rehman on July 20, 2012
It a very melodious song. It touched me a lot.
sandeep jain on August 16, 2012
I love this song very much. this song expresses the feelings of my heart..truly adorable.
It is a very melodious song. It touched me a lot.
monlight2211 on September 12, 2012
Madhubala is too brautiful. Lata is always unbeatable.
martin rashid on November 18, 2012
beautiful song
bali suut on November 26, 2012
ashok kumar is always depressed in most of his movies. He looked in pain
when he smiled
Mahesh Sarkar on December 14, 2012
Sound like bengali song Khanchaar bhitore paakhi
Rose Shah on January 10, 2013
Jaanu i was looking for this song since long and trying to search lended my
self at home..wonderful journey of course.Khoob surat song and picturized
on Khoob surat Madhu Balajee { stunning looks of Godess} Khuli jo Aankh to
barbaad Muhabbat dekhi. Ae maut jald aa jara aaraam to mile..Sad indeed
but superb soul touching song .marvelous upload thanks Jaanu..
jacknjillnevakill on January 10, 2013
picturized on Khoob surat Madhu Balajee ?
Sunil Sehgal on January 26, 2013
Lataji's sweet voice with superb acting by Madhubala has really made this a
memorable song.
Surendra Verma on February 02, 2013
What a song. I salute the music director and the lyricist for the
asha krishna on February 09, 2013
Beautiful lyrics, plus lataji's sweet voice and madubala"s
acting...superb song. Wonder who are those nine people, who did not like
Bajaury on February 10, 2013
Beauty and the beast. Ashok Kumar was very ill-suited for romantic scenes.
He did not fit that role. He should have played some kind of action
characters like a captain, policeman etc, not a romantic hero.
Mohd Naseem on February 27, 2013
I like this song by my heart and soul. Pl add this song in my list of songs
Pankaj Shah on March 28, 2013
what a song . din mein agar charag jalayen to kya kiya . ei maut jald aa
jara araam to miley.
alifbatatha jahakhada on April 01, 2013
very nice song
samemon18 on April 24, 2013
thank you lataji you have sung a heart touching song. it is not first time to listen it but from childhood, have written comments today. m.i.memon
Jagadish Mohajan on May 01, 2013
what a voice could get music director
prakash p on May 08, 2013
Unique treasures, unparalleled.
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