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Comments on song "Sajan Re Jhoot Mat Bolo Khuda Ke Paas Jana"
pinakin28 on April 08, 2009
we have to understand this song.
kavianand63 on April 08, 2009
spirituality in its simplest terms!!!
timeless truth...
stutikumar on May 11, 2009
a very good song better than ne 2daz songs
aareyan90 on June 06, 2009
i love this song...aArEyAn1
farhadcampwala on June 30, 2009
well said i reapat the statement

we need to understand this song..
kartikchawla007 on July 02, 2009
there is one song from the movie guide wahan kaun hai tera try that song out again an unbounded truth
atoznmetou on July 02, 2009
i heard thiss songg in DELHI-6
lmfaooo !!!!!!!!!
diamond12118 on July 06, 2009
I love this singer
diamond12118 on July 06, 2009
diamond 12118
I'am albanian and when I was a little girl I watched one of his movies (don't remember the title but I do remember it's songs,) anyway you indian guys must be proud to have had such an immortal singer...
lahorigurl on July 20, 2009
brilliant quality thank u so much!!
heroniotimi on July 23, 2009
diamond.. this singer is mukesh.. song title roughly translates: 'my dear dont tell lies, we have to go to god'.. its written by shailendra, who also made this film teesri kasam.. infact we lost shailendra because of this film.. for this actor, raj kapoor this singer mukesh was the voice and most of the songs were written by shailendra.. music is by shankar jaikishen.. all these great names formed a team and worked for rk studios.. which songs do you remember from your childhood..
diamond12118 on July 24, 2009
thnx... I found all the songs I needed... they belong to the movie "Shree 420"...
pradeepmodiji on August 15, 2009
A prayer for the all the religion followers of the world ! Salute to the truth !
yogananada on August 19, 2009
You probably watched his movie titled "Mera Naam Joker". Check it out. I watched this movie in early 60's when I was around 15 years old.

paulharwinder on September 15, 2009
kitna saccha aur scuha hai gana mis u mukash ji
MyCessna172 on September 15, 2009
Poet translated the truth in a very delicate way. The transformation of reality into rhymes is balanced. (LHY 9743)
paganizondacinque670 on September 23, 2009
this song is a reallty of life
Magnate808 on October 30, 2009
A superb song with superb words
86maxima on November 05, 2009
hahaha love this song. ek dum mast hai.
snehse on November 29, 2009
the absolute truth of the journey called life.
lyrics grip the philosophy of life.
in so simple words
sj is superb in this song
kakanisandeep on December 07, 2009
Best song ever heard, the real story of life
marutiful on December 16, 2009
Earlier movies were gr8!
Gr8 music
gr8 lyrics

Such movies are not made these days
what a pity!
dsdushyantsingh on December 19, 2009
Its Great songs in Old Hindi Movie.
This is soon In Indian culture.

Thanks & Regards,
Dushyant Solanki.
Resurs32 on January 14, 2010
speekless evergreen etc.
azarakram on January 15, 2010
jawani neend bhar soya
Bhurhapa dekh kar roya!!!
vishalmost on January 31, 2010
roj hanuman chalisa jaise ye gane suno
HmdShah13 on February 08, 2010
Gr8 song...
I like it...
Gaffersfate on February 14, 2010
soulful music ,lyrics, compositon, and deadly combination of all.
JhootNaBolo on February 23, 2010
Original thinkers & song writers in the past decades.
divineboy123 on February 25, 2010
That's the point. Some refer to him as Allah, some as Khuda, Some as Bhagwan and some as "No one"...
But everyone knows everything...just that they don't know the language!
cutesimran3 on March 06, 2010
lov it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TheDJDimalo on March 06, 2010
shailendra - greatest songwriter. better than dylan and cohen
golu4848 on March 11, 2010
ah... awesome words beautifully cluttered along.
polestar1100 on March 14, 2010
luv dis song luv his voice
19sangeeta on March 19, 2010
this song shows the reallity of life
ASHISHKIRORI on March 31, 2010
Such a honest & meaningful lyrics and great music..
"akad kis baat ki pyaare,yeh sir fr bhi jhukaana hai" ...hats off to this trio..(Raj Kapoor,Mukesh and Shankar Jaikishan)
raandiya on April 01, 2010
"ladakpan khel mein khoya , Jawaani neend mein soya , budhapa dekhkar roya
" . How meaning ful
raandiya on April 01, 2010
We really need such songs, which give a message ... a beautiful message..
Cypher88888888 on April 20, 2010
what a piece of gem by Mukesh...
robincolvin on April 23, 2010
These are the real songs with meaning and music that is so melodious.that u can never get bored..of..Today the songs are just ridiculous when compared these songs...I don't know what has happen to music directors of today.or will we get musicians..or not GOD KNOWS !!!!!
khurmish on April 29, 2010
This song is based on truth. Awesome song
deeno181 on May 03, 2010
great...superb...unbeatable...simply truth!!!
missperfect2010ful on May 11, 2010
Incredible song full of truth.
amararkhel on May 23, 2010
@rohinijanwadkar Mein apse purn roop se sahmat hoon. Shailendra Ji Bhartiya film jagat ke anmol ratn the. ve gahri se gahri baat ko poori saralta ke saath apne shabdon main pirote the. Sangeet jagat main Shailendra Ji ka yogdan avismarniya hai.
ejazkaleem on May 27, 2010
Can't express my feeling about this song or Raj Kapoor Sb... Great voice of Mukesh... Thanks for uploading...
Mrpkv1006 on June 02, 2010
the singer composers writer and actor all have reached khudas door. but left behind something that will be cherished for centuries
Thecoolguy5611 on June 08, 2010
that is so true no hathi no ghora..
nnilima on June 17, 2010
each and every word of this song is worth it..
seedha sacha aur achha gana.
hats off to this composition.
786chintu1 on July 10, 2010
it says us that god made a world for us but why he made it if he made if than why it is like this ways in the world???
TheNaseerAwan on July 27, 2010
my father often sing this song...
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