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Comments on song "Shaam-E-Gham Ki Kasam"
kuckudk on December 15, 2008
Awesome!you are blessed with a good voice.Please sing more songs of Talat
mzaheerh on December 15, 2008
Thank you Sharmaji. Will sing some more of Talat Mahmood soon and upload them.
riteshmallik on December 16, 2008
near perfection,,exprssns..near char jagah SUR thore gaye but baaki jagho pe to balle balle..maja aa gaya..try more of talats song..*
serviceisgod on December 16, 2008
As u already know, u have a tremendous voice quality; its a cinematic
voice..But for this song, though the feel was there, noticed a lot of
slip-ups in 'Sur' in both the antaras. It appears that u were not
completely ready to sing this song, otherwise I think u have amazing
mzaheerh on December 16, 2008
You and Ritesh are absolutely right. I did feel that I could have done a better job, yes was a little unprepared more from a confidence point of view. I promise, I will do a better job of next time.
mzaheerh on December 16, 2008
Ritesh will surely try more of Talat Mahmood too. Thank you for being a very constructive critic. Infact all of the YT crowd has been very helpful in their comments.
heavyatheart on December 16, 2008
this was sung very well. your voice is very steady and melodious. good
performance !!
jyotijwala on December 17, 2008
wow..nice to know you and your singing is super.
renukaglobal on December 17, 2008
are wah aap to inki bhi copy kar liye.u r a good singer.try to sing in your
own voice some rafi ji's songs.
mzaheerh on December 17, 2008
Thank you. I will sing Rafi Saab's songs also soon and upload them. While I dont try to copy anyone, the need to get into the feel of the song may inadvertently let me sound like the singer at some places. I have also Asha and Lataji's songs and will upload them too. Well I dont sound like them there!!
riteshmallik on December 17, 2008
HAHAHAHA.I pray dat u dont sound like lata jee or aha jee or else bari confusion create ho jaayegi...I wd love 2 rate and comment on ur attempt of rafi saabs songs..Im one of d biggest fan of rafi saab and heard him wid my soul
paulved on December 17, 2008
Very well sung touches heart beautiful
mzaheerh on December 18, 2008
Thanks for the soothing comments Susheel.
Ramesh Rawat on December 21, 2008
Zaheer bhai, Very soothing voice and it carry all the essence of Talatji.
This shows the involvement during singing. That is very good. Keep going
with all those songs which you like and enjoy, be it of any artist. We all
understand the pleasure and satisfaction one gets from singing. All the
mzaheerh on December 22, 2008
Thank you Rameshji. You are absolutely right. As long as we enjoy singing nothing else matters!
zsam22 on January 08, 2009
Good work! Keep it up! For a moment I thought I had stumbled upon Talat Mahmood's track with shaky audio ;-D

Rohit Nagpal on February 22, 2009
nice try.gud...
Asiftabrez on June 06, 2009
you have a good collections.
MrDINESH1943 on March 15, 2010
This song doesnot like the orginal song by Talat Mehmood, this video seems loke Re-Make of the orginal song sang by the duplicate of Talat, not by Talat.

Dinesh Gandhi,
June G on February 17, 2011
Super song thanks for posting
Roy Badal on February 17, 2011
Great song, thx for this upload, great Quality.
MAC Beauty Zone on February 17, 2011
OH WOW! lovely song ! Thsi film was very sad but true to life!! Thank you
for uplaoding this gem :)
aiz khan on June 07, 2011
With due apology, you have to improve your voice quality. On many steps,
you missed notes of this song. It seemed you have lack of listening. Sorry
for being rant.
Chakresh Singh on June 25, 2011
Pure silk...what a voice..Lyrics has an element of such refined truth
that it has made the song eternal and evergreen.
Vinod Bhatia on August 24, 2011
Talat Mehmood suited the best on Dilip Kumar more than any other singer.
Radhika Paradkar on January 11, 2012
what an eternal song !!!
Abhijeet Pathak on April 15, 2012
One of the best from Khayyam saab.
ANU VIKSHAT on August 28, 2012
Talat Mehboob ji was really a great singer.His other songs like.Tasveer
banata hoon tasveer nahi banti, Meri yaad me tum na ansoo bahana, Aeh dil
mujhe aisi jagah le chal jaha koi na ho, mitwa.lagi re yeh kaisi adbhoot
agan. A dil mere kahin aur chal gham ki dunia se dil bhar gaya, humse aaya
na gaya tum se bulaya na gaya are some of the other songs which are immortal
Saeed Uddin on September 14, 2012
simply wonderfull n,nothing to beat Talat Mahmood the great.
Einstein Wallah on November 05, 2012
lagtaa hai you typed this while half asleep ... you typed the name wrong:
it is Talat Mahmood and not Talat Mehboob anyways agree with you ... Talat
was mahaan ... I tried almost half hour to recall following song with help
of google (and of course my aging brain and Movie: Arzoo
Lyricist: Majrooh Sultanpuri ऐ दिल मुझे ऐसी जगह ले चल जहाँ कोई न हो ... a
favorite of mine ...
Hosagrar Suresh on February 04, 2013
this is from his album talat in a blue mood.
Nayyar Kamal on February 04, 2013
One of khaiyyam's majroohs and talat's ever lasting songs .
Muhammad Alikhan on February 12, 2013
Talat's voice has done absolute wonders to really awesome lyrics
swarmagna on March 09, 2013
One of the best of Talat's. As always he does justice to lyrics and his
rendering adds so much to the overall effect.Greatness of Majrooh,
Khaiyyam, and Talat will last forever... Thanks for the post
SuperRahul73 on June 01, 2013
Thanx that helped me.
Sachin Jaiswar on June 08, 2013
such a beautiful song.
md aliashrafi on July 25, 2013
Today genrtion doesnt know talat mehmood our media also forgatten such a
melodious voice
Ramesh Bhasin on July 31, 2013
Illustrious symphony...!!!
Hafiz Shaikh on August 11, 2013
What a lovely voice and amazing composition. Beautiful lyrics. Thanks for
the update and all the comments
Muhammad aRIFEEN on September 12, 2013
Classic song no words to comment. Golden period for Indian film industry.
These songs really good to listen. Now its worth to see the songs
purutoke on October 07, 2013
No words to describe this songs!Talatsaab was a true legend! Also I would
like to complement Khaiyyamji for such a melodious composition. Thanks for
uploading this gem.
Royal Devil on October 08, 2013
my Mom favourite..:)
Noor Sabah on October 13, 2013
PL AN on October 13, 2013
What a melody and lyric! Is there any one else who could render the pathos
that was evident in this marvellous characterisation of Dilip Sahab as was
done by Talat Sahab, I wonder.One of my most favourite pieces...Thanks
for the upload...We yearn for such music...!
shahid on October 21, 2013
Talat sahib Only Talat sahib ONE AND THE ONLY ONE WHO COULD SING IT SO
bakhat zaman on October 24, 2013
Wah Talat sahib what a magic voice with a evergreen music.
sudkai on December 08, 2013
I think the song writer is Ali Sardar Jaffery and not Majrooh Sultanpuri.
Jagjit Singh Ishar on March 29, 2014
What a heavenly divine sweet melodious gem. Hats off to khayyam sahib &
Talat sahib. Wonderful upload.
Gulabchand Punjabi on April 13, 2014
Chand ni julm hai aur judai sitam.Ab to aaja...ab raat bhi so gayi aur
jindagi gamke sahrabme kho gayi hai...Tu kahan hai tuze meri najar dhund
rahi hai. . Aakhen bhi ab thak gai hai..Dhundte dhundte aaya
aakhome dam.
Nand Ram Goyal on May 25, 2014
i feel myself before these people
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