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Comments on song "Shedding Skin"
abhishek attri on August 11, 2012
Rest of them are musicians but you are magician.
audiophylle on August 11, 2012
Shilpa WOW!!!
Mukarram husainy on August 11, 2012
I am going to be honest, I enjoyed the first episode a lot. After that was
up and down until now. Absolutely amazing work Karsh and Coke Studio.
abhi1048 on August 12, 2012
The worst thing about this video is that it ends.
gelmir4eva on August 12, 2012
Hey.. the tune sounds so similar to MC Yogi's Shedding Skin.
Vipul Bhargava on August 12, 2012
amit trivedi's stint in coke studio has so far been the best! its all so
predictable with karsh kale!
KARSH KALE on August 12, 2012
thats because MC Yogi sampled the original song that Karsh Kale
Harsh Shah on August 13, 2012
In this episode of Karsh kale, the flute has been used so brilliantly!,,,
Sadaf Vasgare on August 13, 2012
Music does create magic. Bliss this be.
Sweta Bisht on August 13, 2012
I agree, that part is the best in the song
Rahul Bose on August 13, 2012
woah brilliant
nanaty maatkare on August 13, 2012
Awesome Indian sound , you talk to my heart, to my soul, tears of joy run
down my face
Neil Chitnis on August 13, 2012
On a busy evening, this song made me halt, sit and be quiet for a while.
Hats off Karsh Kale!
roma suvarna on August 13, 2012
really like karsh kale
Rahul Bose on August 13, 2012
one of my fav songs
Amber Gupta on August 13, 2012
its first i crawl ,then i walk,then i fly:)
Milan Vaidya on August 13, 2012
Brilliant work from Karsh Kale.. After episode 1 with Clinton Cerejo, this
one was the best...
brahmabul on August 14, 2012
Its so heartening to see 4 young female artists performing together on one
stage. Excellent song. Loved the lyrics.
shadab mohammed on August 15, 2012
bro its shadab mohammed not shadaf.
shadab mohammed on August 15, 2012
thnx coke to advertise us on such a big stage shadab love u all spclly
jaggi, vikas and spclly karsh
N3ROGamingHD on August 16, 2012
arviindkumar on August 16, 2012
Love the part when Shilpa comes in @ 05:03
Swapnil Sonawane on August 17, 2012
My best friend has been betrayed by her boyfriend. My eyes are tearing up.
She's too heartbroken. I'm crying. I love this song.
kshashan on August 17, 2012
Brilliant synergy! And splendid work Warren..simply splendid. Take a bow.
Aakar Desai on August 17, 2012
Mind blowing harmonies! Amazing work!
Cindy N A on August 18, 2012
pretty awesome stuff :D
Ram Vyas on August 18, 2012
Tridib Chowdhury on August 19, 2012
The one dude who disliked it must be feeling so lonely right now...
amit thakur on August 20, 2012
shilpa rao..epic singing
avinashr77 on August 22, 2012
in Love with Monali's voice in this!
SUMIT SARASWATI on August 22, 2012
karsh starting off with that keyboard is amazing
jeevsingh on August 24, 2012
I hate when they do not show singers face when they are taking high
notes...the expressions enhance the listening experience..great song .
TheShashaNikki on August 25, 2012
I'm a girl, and this song could relate too much I cried my eyes out...
Salute, Karsh Kale and the 4 female singers !!! =)
Shivakumar Jayashankar on August 28, 2012
It would be great if someone could translate this song to English.
MintoPinto on September 03, 2012
beautiful.. what a composition!
Neha Pinto on September 04, 2012
@cokestudioatmtv- would you please provide me with lyrics to this song.
amit kumar on September 06, 2012
in the intro you say that the lyrics are written by Shruti Pathak, but in
the description you say that Swanand Kirkire wrote the Hindi Lyrics and
Karsh Kale wrote the english lyrics...a point here that maybe you would
like to clarify?
trollguy357 on September 08, 2012
Pervert alert...
getusoon on September 09, 2012
The dislike bar must be obliterated.
Leheria on September 14, 2012
Shilpa is magic.. and when the piano came in I think I just awakened.
Ravi Chhabra on September 16, 2012
When Monali's voice comes this song goes to another level... listening to
her voice in!!
prajwal khadgi on October 02, 2012
i'm in love with monali <3
GingerGarlicOnion on October 13, 2012
mc yogi brought me here
GingerGarlicOnion on October 13, 2012
i long to belong in your arms again, my beloved friend
pardhiva786 on October 26, 2012
Awesome fusion music
Manas Jha on October 26, 2012
warren! warren!!
javaboy05 on November 10, 2012
no has commented on the drumming! that splendid beat ! the rolls in between
verses! ah that is one talented drummer!
RIJU9285 on November 11, 2012
Look at Warren, that son of a gun!
Amber Gupta on November 16, 2012
hes the drummer for indus creed
lisan rahman on November 25, 2012
He is really gifted
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