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Comments on song "Shikavaa Teraa Main Gaaun"
syed2247 on May 16, 2010
Beautiful music. Thanks for sharing.
Vijay Kumar on June 13, 2010
A wonderful Lata/Talat duet. They sang some of the most memorable duets
ever. This is one of them. Thank you for sharing. I wonder if you have the
actual video of the movie.
Hiren Patel on June 13, 2010
@syed2247,Thanks and regards,
Hiren Patel on June 13, 2010
@papakumar ,Thanks and u r right they have given us some of the most
beautiful and melodious duets and if u will visit my channel u will find
them.I fi had a vdo of the song i would surely have uploaded it.
bd gogia on July 29, 2010
Credit for such melodious songs should go to whom ? I think the one who
uploaded such melody ?
Hiren Patel on July 29, 2010
@bdgogia ,Thanks sir for your giving me the credit but it goes to the great
composer Vinod and singers Talat and Lataji.I am a humble admirer of old
bd gogia on July 30, 2010
@ragashree My personal views and opinion may not find universal acceptance
and yet the fact is that Yashoda gets equal credit for fostering Krishna
than Devaki - but for you and people like you these gems would have become
Hiren Patel on July 31, 2010
@bdgogia ,No,i agree that uploading such gems does help in reviving the
rich heritage of indian music. Thanks for being so nice to me.
syed2247 on October 26, 2010
Beautiful song. Thanks for posting.
Hiren Patel on October 26, 2010
@syed2247 Thanks Zaheerbhai
Zil Hasnain Kazmi on January 13, 2011
It is a real rare gem. An old melody. Talat Mehmood a legend, pionior of
Ghazals and steps in and cement his place with command and authority. His
sweet and and full of vibration`s voice touched millions of music lovers.
His first appearence in the singing arena was immaculate. Lata Mangeshkar
at that time was one of those top female singers decided to produce duets
with this vibrant talent. The result of which the world has vitnesed. No
need to comment on. God bless them both.(13th Jan 2011)
swarmagna on March 29, 2011
Simply one of the best and first duets to capture my imagination about
unfulfilled romantic LOVE. Vinodji was great.
Hiren Patel on March 29, 2011
@swarmagna , Yes Vinodji was great and was unfortunate to have passed away
so early and in an unusual manner (Titanus). Thanks for viewing.
Manju Khan on January 21, 2012
lovely song
Bhupinder Pujji on January 21, 2012
a very popular duet of talat and lata from the very old movie music by
Vinod thanks for uploading bhupinder pujji
Hiren Patel on January 23, 2012
@bhupindersinghpujji Thanks sir.
P Vijay on February 02, 2012
Very beautiful duet of Lata and Talat with excellent composition of Vinod.
The lyrics are so lovely especially words दिल में समाने वाले भूले से याद कर
ले ओ भूल जाने वाले and then मर जायें हम अप हमें याद करोगे रोओगे फूट-फूट कर
फ़रियाद करोगे ढूँढेंगे फिर सहारा आँसू बहाने वाले आयेंगे नहीं जा के दुनिया से
जाने वाले Sad but great words from D N Mathok. Such a duets, which one
likes to listen again and again are rare and then came out only during the
Golden Years of Hindi film music 1940 to 1965.
RealMusicKing on March 04, 2012
Production: Jumana Films - owned by Karan Diwan's older brother, Jumana Diwan.

All Lyrics of the film by: D.N. Madhok
98chocolatelover on January 09, 2013
What e song
Hiren Patel on January 10, 2013
Yes it is a wonderful song,thanks.
Venkat Warren on February 25, 2013
Vinod died young whose great talents were never recognized and never
appreciated. A great Lahore music Director. This is one of his great songs.
Hiren Patel on February 25, 2013
You are right he had a short span in his musical carrier before he
succumbed to Tetanus, very sad losing a genuine talented composer. Another
such composition is Yaad Anewale Phir Yaad Aa Rahe Hai, by the same duo and
composed by Vinod, and is posted by me.
Srinivasan Channiga on May 01, 2013
Vinod's original name was Eric Rodrigues.
Srinivasan Channiga on May 01, 2013
Sorry Eric Robert.
Hiren Patel on May 02, 2013
Yes I know that and also know that he died of tetanus at a comparatively
young age and we lost an excellent composer.Thanks for watching .
syed2247 on August 04, 2013
Very wonderful song. I heard it for the first time on a Canadian Radio
station on the internet in the 1990's. Still enjoy every time I listen to
this gem. Thanks.
Hiren Patel on August 05, 2013
You are welcome and thanks for viewing it.
Chandrakant Pusdekar on September 25, 2014
arbaz syed on March 11, 2015
my brother use to copy this song his no longer with us memory lives on may
allha garnt him janat ameen miss him dearly 
dattakanitkar on March 16, 2015
Melody at its supreme. Thank you so much, Hirenji
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