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Comments on song "Su Chhe Su Chhe Man Kai Do"
ShahidRocks on September 05, 2009
wow..awesome song quality.
Cool song have fav it,Thanks:)
akaanon123 on September 05, 2009
what does su che mean?? is it a different language? what does the song mean??
srkluver7 on September 07, 2009
I was wondering the same thing...:S
daniyalbasketball on September 07, 2009
catchy tune from the beginning to about 0:33 and others throughout
navellicker00 on September 07, 2009
priyanka's belly and navel are awesome as ever
sweetie2kaj on September 07, 2009
Love it! The first Bit Rocks!
akashu0 on September 10, 2009
su che- means whats is it? maan kay do means- tell me what is it? the language is gujarati, few phrases in gujarati
funkeyboy4u on September 14, 2009
cant resets hearing this song...
have fallen in love with it...
just waiting for the release of the movie
kritigupta007 on September 15, 2009
i like the song..wat i dun like is priyanka's hairstyle
BeginNow1001 on September 18, 2009
cutest song i hv heard in a long paagalpan n masti... i jus lov it
MzLoathsome on September 20, 2009
i dont like priyankas style or way of acting
ashthecoolest1 on September 20, 2009
this is the best song ever! And Priyanka looks so cute.
AliGhanizad on September 20, 2009
this is the song based on the taurus sign n maduri is a taurus thats why she looks like maduri.whats your raashee is gona be the biggest hit evr of luck to piki chops ashotosh n harman!
lagaurav on September 21, 2009
i liked the song,, nd both actors
surpnakha on September 21, 2009
bekar waste ,audio quality not good,
priyanka average
harman like last performance poor.
need to do lots of practice . otherwise his future is in dark
roshnimodi80 on September 23, 2009
priyanka looks gorgeous..her hairstyle and the confidence in this song is simply superb...very well shot too...n looks like harmaan will generate some fans after this movie 4 sure...
desiigal16 on September 26, 2009
love priyanka in dis song she looks awsom!!
mia07 on October 01, 2009
She looks mischievous yet cute here!
chinikumhai on October 03, 2009
wow , chakk de phatte kuriyeah, lol
chinikumhai on October 03, 2009
pple that has said this videos crap, why dont u try and do the same as priyanka, this is top quailty performance u dikheads
babysweet09 on October 05, 2009
i want to buy this video
it is good
rea2949 on October 05, 2009
WOW.she's so cute ...i'm taurus...:D
YaadonKiBaraat on October 05, 2009
I really like it...
And Priyanka iS gorgeous in this song!!!!
hahaha :-)
DERVAISH420 on October 05, 2009
wht is she saying?
i dnt get it:D
ssangchoo on October 05, 2009
i'll b rite behind u... im gonna buy it tooo...
man d guy is juz sooo hot...! i wish him all d' beezzz...!!
RaheemAmarsi101 on October 12, 2009
this reminds me of old school indian movies!!!
abhishekcool95 on October 30, 2009
really a very good song...and i really felt very sad tht such a good movie became a flop.all the best to hurman and priyanka..hope their next releases rock.and its really high time tht hurman has got his due in the industry.though he gave his sincere and best performance...was it plain bad luck or wrong choice of movies tht hurman is giving back to back flops???...just hope and pray and wish him all the best!!!
gujgirl89 on October 31, 2009
I love priyanka's outfit...soo preetyy
flamingangel123 on November 14, 2009
yh same here...gawjus pink!
flamingangel123 on November 14, 2009
wow zabardast song! luv it!
98kajal98 on November 14, 2009
lol...nicee...its a gujarati song! XD
sidhulucia on November 15, 2009
Su Chhe Su Chhe Man Kai Do, Kai Do Manama Su Chhe
Su Chhe Su Chhe Man Kai Do
Unche Unche Udate Ho Mera Mann Tumase Puchhe
Su Chhe Su Chhe Man Kai Do
Tum Kyun Pare Pare Ho Mann Kai Do
Khote Ho Ya Khare Ho Mann Kai Do
O O O O...
Su Chhe Su Chhe Man Kai Do, Kai Do Manama Su Chhe
Su Chhe Su Chhe Man Kai Do
Tum Kyun Pare Pare Ho Mann Kai Do
Khote Ho Ya Khare Ho Mann Kai Do
sidhulucia on November 15, 2009
Kat Gayi Kat Gayi Teri Najaron Ki Maanjh Se
Jo Yeh Patang Mere Dil Ki Jaan-e-jaan
Bat Gayi Bat Gayi Dil Ka Laddu Ho Jaise Batein
Deewaanagi Ki Yeh Meri Daastaan
Kyun Soch Mein Pade Ho Mann Kai Do
Kis Baat Pe Ade Ho Mann Kai Do

Su Kahun Su Kahun Abb Tujhase Main Khun Kya
Tu Aasmaan Pe Hai Main Jamin Par
Main Jo Hoon Main Woh Hoon, Tera Rang Hi Hai Naya
Mil Na Sakenge Hum Chaahe Bhi Agar
Yeh Baat Sachchi Ho Toh Mane Kai Do
Itani Bhi Kachchi Ho Toh Mane Kai Do
sidhulucia on November 15, 2009
Su Chhe Su Chhe Man Kai Do, Kai Do Manama Su Chhe
Su Chhe Su Chhe Man Kai Do
Unche Unche Udate Ho Mera Mann Tumase Puchhe
Su Chhe Su Chhe Man Kai Do
Tum Kyun Pare Pare Ho Mann Kai Do
Khote Ho Ya Khare Ho Mann Kai Do
O O O O...
sidhulucia on November 15, 2009
Meaning pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... :D
FreshRitano on November 19, 2009
=D SU CHE SUCHE ... ( 8 )
iii LOVE iiT =)
Biniekurien on November 21, 2009
priyanka rocks in this songgg..!!!!!!
dyuluvsmusic on November 25, 2009
dos who want d meaning of su chhe - it means wat is it -- in gujarati\

n taureans alwayz rock.bst zodiac 2 b born undr

bt dissapointd dat dey didnt show much bout dis rashee.though d practical part ws well highlightd...n so ws d fact dat shez rich.waited d most 4 dis rashee
panchodeeeee on November 25, 2009
i am in love with this lady.she is so so hot!!!lol
mia07 on November 26, 2009
She's so cute and gorgeous here! =)
avineshwadhwa on November 26, 2009
and talented :D
MrShriSur on November 27, 2009
Exceptionally well sung by Bela Shende!! Winner of 1998 SaReGaMa Mega Final!!
sILYmILY123 on December 13, 2009
she so pretty and best actress for sure. i just love her out fit it roxs!! and hai as well
0303504 on December 14, 2009
Does neone know the name of the music composer?
swapnaswa on December 16, 2009
su che means what do u think?
westside21215154 on December 16, 2009
prianka loox awesome you rock
FreshRitano on December 22, 2009
sassyOangel on December 30, 2009
such a good addicting song!!!!
1so9 on January 01, 2010
Priyanka looks way too older than the guy, and for some reason she appears to be overacting. Great song though!
HollisterChick891 on January 03, 2010
I don't understand the Gujurati words in this song (I think it's Gujurati) but I still love it!
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