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Comments on song "Subhan Alla"
pranab kakati on August 03, 2012
Subhaan Allah, awesome song.
Rafaeel Akbar Chaudhry on August 03, 2012
4:50 onwards, <3
Robby Wiliams on August 03, 2012
osssssaaaaammm song .. need more performance like this on coke studio
Robby Wiliams on August 03, 2012
best performence till now on indian coke studio... thumbs up.
Patwant Singh on August 03, 2012
finally jasbir jasii.great work
Mohammad Shiraz Makhdumi on August 03, 2012
Subhan Allaah!
M.Aswad Mehtab on August 03, 2012
Great larics, great signing...but music let it down, heavy metal never
suits a Sufi is too loud and hard...
Shannon Donald Official on August 03, 2012
Great riffs Great songwriting! You guys all killed it. The mix is super!
Amber Gupta on August 03, 2012
below par for me.The music stops ,singing begins,no blending.jassi was
great though.
mettlus on August 03, 2012
whats warren doing here? 3sec riff thats it?
Anshul Saini on August 03, 2012
Mashallah :) !! Jassi you rule man. Take a bow the prince of punjabi music.
I have always been a huge fan of his singing. This performance he has taken
coke studio@mtv to a new high. I wanna see more n more of his songs in
upcoming seasons of coke studio.
Kanchan Jha on August 03, 2012
Now this is what you call a pure quality music. Awesome!!!! These guys
nailed it!!!
RUI RUI on August 04, 2012
i don't know what everybody's talking about
RUI RUI on August 04, 2012
i don't know what everybody's talking about
Anshul Saini on August 04, 2012
If anyone can't feel ruhaniyat in this song and also in jassi's voice
specially...means either he has very bad ears or has no rooh.
Warriorz on August 04, 2012
Jassi rocks.:)
Kapil Dev on August 04, 2012
Nahi ji Yeh to asal jassi ka 50% bhui nahi hai.. ehsaan loy mein bo baat
nahi hai... pehla season flop karne ke bad ab bhi ye yahan kya kar rahe hain
shagandeep sidhu on August 04, 2012
Great performance as always jassi do
Kanchan Jha on August 04, 2012
Can't stop myself playing it again and again. Subhan Allah!! Subhan Allah!!
Subhan Allah!!
Anshul Saini on August 04, 2012
Strongly agree that this is just a glimpse of Jassi's singing. He is far
more superior than this when it comes to singing punjabi/sufi or even hindi
songs. Jassi has created such a stirr with just one song in Coke studio. I
am just waiting for the day when legend Gurdas Mann will take the whole
nation by a storm with his legendry performance.
rJt Rajat Toshniwal on August 04, 2012
wwoowwwww... loved the energy of jasbir.. par amazing...
Saptarshi Bhattacharjee on August 05, 2012
سبحان اللہ nice composition...
roma suvarna on August 06, 2012
woah niceee
bhavini chohan on August 06, 2012
Jasbir...hez truly a rockstar.!
Sweta Bisht on August 06, 2012
The only time I ever paid attention to Jassi
roma suvarna on August 06, 2012
same here.i really like him now
Kanchan Jha on August 06, 2012
Best of coke studio india!!!! Thumbs up!!
Rahul Bose on August 06, 2012
jasbir good job
Neil Chitnis on August 06, 2012
This is quite moving...
Suraj Rao on August 06, 2012
This song transforms of what is around me! Beauty in every note :")
Anshul Saini on August 06, 2012
As if Jassi needed to be recognised ? Huh. He is already a legend in
punjabi world of music. A real superstar who lets his songs speak for
himself. Very contrasting compared to those rappers who r just spoiling the
punjabi singing.
Amaninderr Singhh on August 06, 2012
Finally something better in Indian coke studio
Imtiaz Ahmed Khan on August 06, 2012
Amazing Drummer.
Yogendra Meena on August 07, 2012
This is the only song which fits in to coke studio level the others are
Bollywood type.. But this one is so so so good that i am addicted to it.
Appurv Saini on August 07, 2012
Loosers still criticizing CS india S02, should listen to Madari, Husna, Do
gallan, Saathi Salaam, Hey ri, nirmohiya, Allah hoo and many more. I mean I
am a big Fan of CS pak and it actually revoked my interest in music. But
guys if you are looking for some variety then CS india season 2 is where u
ll get it. Idea of using different composers is so appealing. Kudos to all.
Way to go COKE STUDIO.
Arijit Bandyopadhyay on August 09, 2012
forced music ... the end result is bad ... where is the melody ?
kingsingh on August 09, 2012
this is gem of a song!! Coke Studio India season is as good as it gets!!
kingsingh on August 09, 2012
Yups!! Agreed completly. Coke Stusio India season 2 is as good as any otehr
season has been. Season one was not so good as they just try to recreate
the bollywwod magic. CS is different and now when they have got it right !!
Keerti Khanna on August 10, 2012
Wonderful singing. Kudos to Jassi, what an awesome performance. Looking
forward to much more from him.
Kanchan Jha on August 11, 2012
Keep playing again and again, addicted to it :)
xrimpy on August 13, 2012
I would love to see Manmohan Waris there
ashwin krishnan on August 17, 2012
haha...yea he does!
karny grewal on August 23, 2012
he is not just a guy...he is Jasbir Jassi from punjab , a well known Singer
Chetan Sharma on August 25, 2012
Feel The Sheer Power Oozing Out Of Each And Every Soul! Certainly A Master
Piece! Guitar Riffs Just Send Shivers Down Your Spine!
Saptarshi Bhattacharjee on September 02, 2012
سبحان اللہ...!!!
notesolazy on September 07, 2012
introducing ishant sharma on bass..!
dendi1213 on September 07, 2012
that means u have not listened to any other of the songs from season 2
because there are many which are awesome
talwarknockkout on September 10, 2012
jassi is always grt...he is champ
Keerti Khanna on September 12, 2012
Listening this one from more than a month and every time i do i love it
more. Jassi ji tusi great ho!
Priwishori on September 14, 2012
Super cooolll man i never thought jassi would have such a lovely voice...
love the way the Surd giving music with his Vocal chords
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