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Comments on song "Suhana Safar Aur Ye Mausam Hasin"
sandhaeliya on July 20, 2006
what a beautiful song!!! thank you so much
Roshni Dan on August 02, 2006
i just love this song because it reminds me of my mom and my grandparents.
because of their times because they look the same at those black and white
times young and lots of memories.
Roshni Dan on August 02, 2006
my mom and her parents love the old time movies. but at that time i was not
brought into this world. anyways i hope you all like the song and video
because of it's memories.
bellztoll on August 02, 2006
I don't think people like this song because of memeoreis. Its sweet song to
sing and hear.
g33t on August 07, 2006
Its always a pleasure to hear these classic gems...esp. from the golden era
of Hindi cinema, 50s & 60s..and also with legends such as Bimal 'da, Burman
'da, Shailendra Saab, Gulzar Saab...the whole movie turned into a
classic... ThanX for posting this song!
cedar23 on September 05, 2006
This is a great happy sunny song - way back in India in my school days, my roommate always used to sing this, he was quite a good singer. Atlast, I am actually seeing the video. Nice memories.
prabakara on October 04, 2006
great picturisation and music and very good acting by dilip kumar.
Gurkan112 on January 05, 2007
i love this song.I love the voice of mukesh
qiron on February 28, 2007
Thanks a million for these priceless songs from Madhumati. One is never
tired of them and they always make my day. I wish there were all Bimalda's
film songs.
farhad87 on March 06, 2007
mukesh and muhammad rafi they are the legand i love both of them i like this song i'm going to sing this song in farsi and make a music video really nice video thanks for sharing it
homesweethell666 on May 03, 2007
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loniaz on May 07, 2007
Wow! This song has definitely stand the test of time
panchamam on June 21, 2007
Timeless great song, thanks for sharing.
joyful150 on October 07, 2007
reminds me of the times when lyrcis ruled the roost. tks for sharing this immortal song
swati King on December 06, 2007
great sog old is gold
shaxpere on December 11, 2007
i love youtube and users, that have possible for me to listen and watch to my favourite pieces out here in arctic circle...
musatfadking on December 18, 2007
thanks a ton for uploading this awesome song
ab363 on January 12, 2008
It's a pity that often people fail to mention the person who should be credited the most for this song - the great music director, late Salil Chowdhury sahab (he was a pure genious). He was responsible for numerous immortal golden oldies including aaja re pardeshi, kahin door jab din dhal jaye, do ankhiya junki junki si, rajni gandha phul tumhara, toote hue khwabon ne, etc (just to name a few!). So, folks please give credit where its due.
bkohmardy on February 04, 2008
my favorite song thnks u verry much
man from philly on February 13, 2008
i agree with you. though i'm a big rafi fan, i'm glad mukeshji rendered it
in his own golden voice. i enjoy variety of many golden voices rather than
just one. having said that, salil failed to use mohd rafi enough especially
when both the peaks of salil & rafi were same time, competing MDs like sj,
sdb, roshan made reasonable use and got a lot of both: mass & class appeal.
RELATIVELY speaking, salil got mostly class appeal (true music lovers will
know him).
shantashil on March 14, 2008
Superb Music by Salilda and fitting Dilipjee...
So fluent in
alaikumsalam786 on March 21, 2008
what a great song! I gave it 3/5
man from philly on April 02, 2008
hahahaha! sarcasm? in all seriousness- it was an awesome song!
viraasat222 on May 04, 2008
what is there 2 hate bout this song? its so melodious, soooooo much better
than 2day's crap.i can't actually believe that ur jokin...
viraasat222 on May 04, 2008
hobgoblin707, plze tell me that u GENUINELY like this song, coz it seems
like ur bein sarcastic as well..
man from philly on May 04, 2008
yes, i genuinely like this song. salil composed brilliantly and mukesh was
the perfect choice for this song. a song like this cheers you up. it gives
you the same great feeling that the character on screen (that we all see)
gets. he's all alone by himself in albeit a beautiful area. so he seeks
inspiration from that and sings this wonderful song to express that
inspiration despite being alone. A+ for Salil, Mukesh, lyricist, and Dilip
Kumar. Outstanding! I mean it.
man from philly on May 04, 2008
we're learning everyday. i also take back my comment on salil and mukesh.
i'm glad salil didn't use much of rafi. salil's compositions were perfect
for talat and mukesh. those compositions didn't demand rafi like the sj
ones did. glad we used right singers for right compositions. one singer for
all gets boring. no one likes to hear same voice. contrary to what people
think, salil held rafi in very high esteem. i have proof in text interview
if anyone doubts. great song here- thanks 4 sharing!!
akarshik on July 02, 2008
shukriya my friend rumahale jee . nice song sung by Late legend " Mukesh ".
rumahale on July 04, 2008
Welcome. We shall continue to share that is melodious.
kessaven on September 12, 2008
great song Dilip Kumar the Thespian looks so handsome here
anupamsircar on December 31, 2008
Thanks for sharing.
prateeksaurabh on January 21, 2009
suhana safar aur yeh mausam hasin - (2)
humein darr hai ham kho na jaye kahee
suhana safar.

(yeh kaun hansta hai phulo me chhupkar
bahar bechain hai jiski dhun par) - (2)
kahee gungun kahee runjhun, kee jaise nache jamin
suhana safar..
nandu1f on March 14, 2009
One of the two best songs of Mukesh on Dilip; the second one being "Ye'
mera Deewanapan hein".
Nalini Bhat on March 17, 2009
Beautiful song
chetansingh2006 on May 23, 2009
It about naturalist like us my national anthem this song
Digitalcritic! on June 13, 2009
These Good Old Days Will Never Come Again...
amitesh99 on August 22, 2009
you making me sad by saying that
waqasanees on August 31, 2009
What a sweet song. I miss you O old days...
shilpa88888 on September 03, 2009
Dilip Kumar is so, handsome.
prasad natarajan on September 30, 2009
this is what life should be, simply beautiful...
Bad0Boy0Speaks on February 16, 2010
Oooppppsss..this ancient actor looks so much alike Shah Rukh Khan the biggest superstar of this planet , from India!!

Is he really SRK `s dad ??
MrBeybladechamp on June 02, 2010
the song is awesom, but the singer isnt( democracy)
swatibaba on June 09, 2010
old is Gold great song
chandrashekharjain on September 30, 2010
Great song. Pl keep in mind it is a shamrroo video and they may object.
rumahale on September 30, 2010
@chandrashekharjain Thanks for the information.
chandrashekharjain on September 30, 2010
Please don't take it lightly. yuanyuanyuanyin Ajit45555 channels completely
ruined by shameroo people already. Most other channels busy removing
shameroo videos from their channels, like shaam44,Mahagedhara2 etc
rumahale on October 01, 2010
@chandrashekharjain Thanks for the suggestion.
Aishwer Ji on November 08, 2010
beautifully rendered
zameensas on November 23, 2010
i love this song since i was a of the best...thanks:)!!!
WiseBlackheart on November 06, 2011
please make this song color so that we also enjoy the climate called mausam
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