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Comments on song "Sunojee Dulhan Ek Bat Sunojee"
insyir on July 31, 2009
saif ali khan is so cute and karisma dances very well~very bad that she is no longer acting~where is she?
Dr1871 on August 18, 2009
she had a baby couple years ago... now her baby is getting big enough shes considering a comeback
dmgrcks on September 01, 2009
lovely song and movie! jst luv it..:) and yes karishma does dances very
beautifully nd awesomely..:)
vaishnavi krishna on September 04, 2009
this part is amazing
mimojani on September 11, 2009
i love this song very very much!! saif is really cute in this movie and
specially in this song!!
khorgush on November 16, 2009
karishma kapoor is sooooooooo preity and can dance so great
smnbrhndn on November 22, 2009
I luvd d part from 7:52-9:31 Salman is just adorable. And Sonali is really
beautiful. They made gud a gud pair.
ayesha903 on November 28, 2009
i like sonali n karishma.. both r pretty.
bollyaddict786 on December 22, 2009
omg i luv da music dat starts from 8:07!
nyterydr1 on January 27, 2010
Neelam is sooooo cute and so is every one else
Latti Jawadi on January 28, 2010
can anybody, tell me what the movies all about? Saw it like 100 years ago,
and I don't rembember anything. Just that the three sisters were evil or
something :P
faduma ahmed on March 06, 2010
They are not evel and sisters they are friends and the guys are brothers
and they will fall in love its beautiful family film
Ceibhfhionn on March 15, 2010
@bollyaddict786 That's a parody of Ankhiyan Milau from the movie Raja with
Madhuri Dixit. You can find the original on YouTube.
ailyabajo on April 17, 2010
i like this sone and i now this song
TsukiyoTenshi on May 08, 2010
I absolutely love this movie! This song is really funny and I always have
fun while watching this! Especially, since my little brother sometimes does
weird dancing while the song is going on!
GTCENA93 on May 10, 2010
cherryrockz12 on May 17, 2010
@insyir: she used 2 act buht afta she had i think her daughter or son she
stoped idk y. we all want karisha bak:)
sxcaryan on June 24, 2010
wt's da name of song from 4:12 any tell me plzz?
TheYazzy1555 on August 29, 2010
whats the name of the song on 8:08?
Rani Mehlan Di on October 11, 2010
@sxcaryan its didi tera devar dewaana from Hum Aapke Hain Kaun
Rani Mehlan Di on October 11, 2010
@TheYazzy1555 its akhiyan milaon from Raja
marble2688 on October 16, 2010
whats the song at 8:47?!?!?!
WinniaXimena on November 04, 2010
knock me I am from Asian # #
herisee on November 05, 2010
bbw are along waiting for a date
dimplequilleiu on November 19, 2010
Marry a beautiful Russian lady
assa sasa on November 23, 2010
whats a lovely song
tarin638 on November 27, 2010
awwwwh the good old days love this film and all the songs, they just dont like them any more.
MadbutBad07 on November 30, 2010
wow sonali you know never everyone says aishwarya is the most beautiful but sonali is mesmerising, she takes my breath away.
alyssa6477 on December 21, 2010
what song is at 8:05
alyssa6477 on December 21, 2010
To me Sonali Benjri has better looks then Aishawariya Rai
Afreen Xec on March 26, 2011
this song is just amazing.lovely movie
babbyfreez on May 02, 2011
Like if you cried both happy and sad tears!
Apeksha S on June 09, 2011
Karishma needs to come back into the industry. She is 1000% better than
Ravi Singh on July 03, 2011
what's the song at 6:18?
superkelly2210 on July 14, 2011
This Movie has a very good meaning...And I love It
xHaniffax on July 25, 2011
Words can't actually describe how nostalgic this made me feel. I haven't
cried this much in a long time. Why aren't films like this anymore?! I want
the old days back! :'(
Fatima Khanam on September 10, 2011
i loooooove this soong. i can't believe they don't mak emovies like this
the petite on October 23, 2011
@bbollie You're so true , i agree, i'm not indian and i still miss watching
old movies because today what bollywood offers to the industry is just
americanised movies with zero sized actresses , not really desi girls,
movies wich represent indian values and great culture , we really miss
those kinds of movies , they made us dream !
Afreen Xec on December 01, 2011
saif was the cutest in this movie.
Afreen Xec on December 01, 2011
salman's part was the best..
MsYasmin786 on December 07, 2011
saif ali khan was sooo cute in this movie ! loved this movie
hpatel0 on December 23, 2011
@insyir shes pretty old now. maybe 45
Semira Chan on January 04, 2012
6:40-7:40 8:07-8:40 8:41-9:26 does anyone know the original song names
cp01td1998 on February 04, 2012
@semiichan the song from 8:41-9:29 is mere piya ghar aaja. the others I
don't know either
liverpoolisbest1001 on February 08, 2012
@semiichan 6:40 - 7:40: Bholi Surat Bate Hai Khote from Albela (1951).
8:07-8:40: Akhiyan Milaon Kabhi from Raja (1995) 8:41-9:29: Mere Piya Ghar
Aaya from Yaraana (1995)
cutegirllovesyou on May 04, 2012
Missing such kind of movies these days.. :(
RAHAT327 on June 12, 2012
salman looking soo cute...he is realy cute
Jameela Bai on August 05, 2012
radpad90 on November 03, 2012
Saif Ali Khan is so good! He's not my fav, but he's good.
Adlina Ina on December 27, 2012
Salman cute
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