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Comments on song "Tattad Tattad Ram Ji Ki Chaal Dekho"
Madhumita Das on December 23, 2013
'Tattad Tattad' is a unique presentation of unmatched choreography...the
supple body movements in the performance laced with raw, robust
masculanity, seems to have drawn inspiration from the sculpted figureines
of deities and Shree Bajrangbaliji on the temple walls.However, the
juxtaposition of the lethal,passionate sensuousness and the deep
undercurrent of romantic sensibility is indeed brilliant and formidable.The
story is a true testament of love...Five cheers for Bansanlji
cocacola saleem on December 24, 2013
I think people used this actor for the movie story by his name Ranvir
Sing...u c his last name Sing..I guess they thought he was good for their
religouse movie by his name I think..
uzair amultani on December 24, 2013
Dont say dat indians r ugly...huh dirty one r u ol
Be Mine on December 24, 2013
cooooL i LOVE It
Babienne Rajkumar on December 25, 2013
Great dance and song Ranveer at his best...what an introduction ..miss the
part where he dances with trumpets blowing...what we see is an edited
version...Ram leela is still showing in our Cinemas in Malaysia...and there
has been no publicity to promote this picture ...I believe many of us are
watching Utube...updates help us follow events ...the movie is on
everybody's topic of conversation sensational and bold...good acting by
Ranveer and Deepika took the cue.well done to the team...Malaysia bn
shah rukh khan on December 26, 2013
Nice voice like father
Faisal Awan on December 26, 2013
This song reminds the tamil movies
There is nothing new in bollywood movies like this . . !
Maryclaire79 on December 26, 2013
:* :* :* :p
Anya Sandy on December 28, 2013
I can't stop watching this ! lol at 2:13
Mayo Par on December 28, 2013
AMAZING! His body...*____*
Diana on December 29, 2013
Ranveer is so handsome <3 love this movie!
sakkir choudhury on December 29, 2013
best song ion the world ok
Alzara Yaseen on December 30, 2013
0:47 I laughed and fell off meh couch...
anidra on December 31, 2013
loved him in this film!!!
Zef Rafaz on January 01, 2014
To see my dance for this song search Fez Does Taddad With Ranveer. Hope you
amylee2010rock on January 01, 2014
I love this song . <3
I'm arabian & i Love indian Music
Mmmm it should be a shampoo advertisement
shiva lahare Shiva on January 05, 2014
nice hot songs
Vijayan Naidu on January 07, 2014
i love this song
Ervin Forney on January 10, 2014
I really do like this movie,Bollywood have great movies an as me becoming a
newly fan,Cant wait to see more ^.^
swaraj shettyrocks on January 10, 2014
Ranvir singh you rockz, nice dance, all those katwas dont like because they
are jealous of him , if any mulla 3feet , 40+oldy khan(du ) acts they like
thier kachra dance and movies hahahahaha
Raylene keys on January 11, 2014
he looks soo good
Naresh Saklecha on January 11, 2014
SLB is a genius!
Pawan Tally on January 11, 2014
i like the dance!!!!!!
Srishti Sumbly on January 12, 2014
Nice song but weird moves
Shirish Mehta on January 12, 2014
very good song and dance.good choreography.
Arjun Sharma on January 12, 2014
Love this song.. Jai RAMJI ki!
Jane Eyre on January 12, 2014
Good Job Ranveer! Your Dance step and your energy in this Video are
amazing! Tattad tattad tattad tattad tattad.
Kushaan Jain on January 13, 2014
At the start he was singing about how good his traits were but the rest of
the song was pretty nice
Nickita Sharma on January 18, 2014
Not a single ounce of fat in his body!
rinee fernando on January 19, 2014
I love this song!!!! I love de dance, I just can't stop rewinding!
rinee fernando on January 19, 2014
I love this song!!!! I love de dance, I just can't stop rewinding!
Sugam Thapa on January 19, 2014
Can't believe Aditya Narayan sang this song. Proud to be nepali
DILLIP JENA on January 20, 2014
beautiful song...
Kar Ju on January 20, 2014
ranveerrrrrrrrrrrrr <3
aq1q on January 21, 2014
If its dandruff he's trying to get rid of, I suggest Head and Shoulders
kk nanu on January 23, 2014
superb dance
Tris Kian Santang on January 25, 2014
lagunya kocak tapi enak
jediwzrd on January 26, 2014
What's wrong with the picture? It's ""effed up!! Eros - wake up or you will
be no more!!
This video does not show on a full screen, the limited shrunken screen view
with the Eros caption is most UN- Erotic!!
Guruji Deepak Shastri on January 28, 2014
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Jodiluver on January 30, 2014
I like this video where does the music come from .
By Amina Qader
a02sweetdream on February 01, 2014
omg he's going to go bald 
Anik Alam on February 01, 2014
Next SRK Maybe? he's got the skills and caliber to stay in the competition
Aarohe Bhanushali on February 02, 2014
Nishara Hettiarachchi on February 04, 2014
Damn ! Ranveer is hot! I'm flustered 
Devika Arora on February 07, 2014
Nice Song; Have full body massage by Female therapists, Call ANNA DAY SPA
DWARKA New Delhi M.9716789089 
M. Saleem Raikodi Raikodi on February 08, 2014
This guys is highly talented. He is going to write his own writ and
paychecks in Bollywood. Bye Bye Khans- 
elisha Girl on February 09, 2014
i feel like ranveer is going to be the next govinda in dancing
pragnesh shah on February 09, 2014
nice songs
pragnesh shah on February 09, 2014
shah pragnesh g
TimeLapse54321 on February 10, 2014
Can we nominate this video for Worst Bollywood Music Video of 2013? Or is
there a worse one that I'm unaware of...?
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