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Comments on song "Tauba Tauba Karta"
indecoler on September 12, 2013
Catchy song!
Gyan Gautam on September 12, 2013
Rocking. ... papon da folktronic mesttrooo... Hatss off...
laxman gyawali on September 12, 2013
cool compo. benny is awesome
Manas Boro on September 12, 2013
Superb as usual!
Iftikar Hussain on September 12, 2013
Tammam..Nice lyrics...
Arpita Sen on September 12, 2013
great music Papon...just too good.and Dayal Saab.aap to matlab
awesome hai.very catchy.dil jo bhi ho.khush zarur hua aaj.:D
Mudit Karwa on September 12, 2013
Dhuniya.. bohut dhuniya..!!
Sujit Routray on September 12, 2013
No matter how talented u are,once u enter Bollywood - u r a dead duck.Papon
is no exception.His other teasers look promising though.
rongcup on September 12, 2013
that guitar tone is superb!
Bhaskar kalita on September 12, 2013
iphale jai tamam
DeepJyoti Bora on September 12, 2013
Papon da superb. there is no word to explain about this... love you
guys.. you rocked
tonmoy kaushik on September 12, 2013
very nice and awesome song
Isha Priya Singh on September 12, 2013
Can u also translate it please?
Jitender Rawat on September 12, 2013
Lyrics are good but music not perfect.
Debanga Gogoi on September 12, 2013
Papon da, great! You are pride of Assam. আইজ্জৌ চেনিমাই বুলি ক'লোং আউ দেই!
Debanga Gogoi on September 12, 2013
ঠিক কথা।
Nihar Borgohain on September 12, 2013
eiphale jaai , xeiphale jaai -It goes one way and then another xokoluke sun
morom bilaai -shares love with everyone kaaloinu paai, aase baat saai
-Don't know whom it's waiting for xokolu bujiu buji nepaai -Understands
everything but still ignorant
Chitta R Singha on September 12, 2013
no comment!!! cos no words...
Hitesh Das on September 12, 2013
Lets hope for better ones ...
Alertismify on September 12, 2013
❥ Benny Benny...what u do to me with that music and voice of urs...❥ yeh
kamina to bech khaye ga mujhe ekdin...nalayek dil yeh mera :(
Alertismify on September 12, 2013
And Papon, My brother from Assam...❥ ❥ hooked...
deepesh biswal on September 12, 2013
best of CS season3!!
Sudip Basu on September 12, 2013
Lilting stuff smoothly blending the Indian Folk with Reggae feel and
Rockish guitar work..and the Accodian chap Chiplunkar has super
punctuations..Kalyan on Guitar is a rocker (I am jealous)...Papon has
done good work. Looking forward to have more from you.
debabrata das on September 12, 2013
awesome waiting for more to come.
Mridul baruah on September 12, 2013
Would love to see Papon working with Shillong chamber choir.
Saurav Kalita on September 12, 2013
Awsm Papon Da
Anjanjyoti Chakravarty on September 12, 2013
Nice song...papon da tamam ru :)Benny Dayal...rock
Anjanjyoti Chakravarty on September 12, 2013
Jeenti da, kalayan da tamam...
Ajay Purohit on September 12, 2013
Foot-tapping, Accordian, Drums, BeniiD & Masti !
Nirupama Singh on September 12, 2013
What a fun song! :)
Navneet Kash on September 12, 2013
Thumbs Up if u think this one is More Fresh Assamese folk than anything
African as the description says. Papon da apuni Mohaan!
Deepak Singh on September 12, 2013
OMG... After listening this song can't wait for the entire episode.
Waiting... This entire session is going so awesome. I'm lovin it.
rushabh sanghvi on September 12, 2013
Beautiful Melody! Hats off Papon and Benny Dayal!! :D
ronak shah on September 13, 2013
I am loving Benny Dayal's voice more after hearing this..
vikram sumer on September 13, 2013
we need more of such easy listing songs. Good job guys
varun baruah on September 13, 2013
moja papon da... mur mon o ifale jai khifale jai :)
Debanga Gogoi on September 13, 2013
মস্তি নিহাৰ বৰগোহাঁই।
Einston Johnson.. on September 13, 2013
benny kaliki saima
BHASKAR JYOTI BORA on September 13, 2013
papon da,an international you so much..thanks Mr Benny DAYAL
SAHID HUSSAIN on September 13, 2013
when Papon is there// than always a good kind of music comes out.. hats off are amazing
manjit das on September 13, 2013
what a catching number..its good that papon always stick to his folky
Kamal Dutta on September 13, 2013
ultimate folktronica.proud to be an axomiya...
lakshya protim Saikia on September 13, 2013
Papon da rockz. awsome songs. ইফালে যায়়,সিফালে যায়.
bonnya phukan on September 13, 2013
bor xundor gaan dei! gutei gaan2 papon dai gua hole besi lagilheten!
Pori Saikia on September 13, 2013
proud to be fan of papon da..gr8 composing papon da...keep going
kajalji on September 13, 2013
catchy and super awesome
vishwas virani on September 13, 2013
Thumbs up to coke studio - a boon to Music lovers.
siddartha varma on September 13, 2013
lively lovely awsome composition ang singing
satyajit kalita on September 13, 2013
wow.watng fr d episode..
Poragmoni Borah on September 13, 2013
a superb combo of Benny and Papon
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