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Comments on song "Tera Didar Hua Pehla Sa Pyar Hua"
Waseem RUSH on April 05, 2012
Hahaha,kya dance kiya hai emraan,zuberdast.
Chahat Patel on April 05, 2012
good watch this style of emran..
ManiTariq34 on April 05, 2012
super hit song emraan k saray song hit hotay hai or ye bhi superhhhhhh hai
sunlight12345ful on April 19, 2012
loooooooooool !!! ab abndar nach ne bhi laga :D
Sanjana pk on April 22, 2012
I dont get why he always ends up with actresses that cant act other than kangana and vidya balan
rahul sharma on April 23, 2012
Bilkul sahi 101% agree with u.
AFLATOON619 on April 23, 2012
singer izz javed ali but in other virsion izz rehat fateh! the other virsion izz much better! rehat izz the best!
bemyown007 on April 27, 2012
What a horrible way to butcher an Amazing song, had high hopes for the video. This was the best song of the movie but it was poorly choreographed.
nazoo25 on April 28, 2012
totally agree with bemyown007 lovely song but they've picturized it wrong...someone get that actress some decent clothes!
Moon Dhot on April 30, 2012
Em i the only one who enjoyed his little dance!?
istillrememberthat on April 30, 2012
from 0:32 music change there ruined the whole song ..
aishatul on April 30, 2012
One more good song from Ustad rahat Fateh ali kahan...Ustad u rock
Freakulicious on May 03, 2012
that change is the best part...
shailamin1 on May 08, 2012
Like this comment if you think the starting tune of this song is just a similar tune of the song "Summer of 69" by Bryan Adams.
kakajanug on May 10, 2012
kia bkwaaas songs hane.!!sb k sb film bhe bkwas hoge
mkonodybas on May 10, 2012

Greetings from Poland
hozzy2 on May 11, 2012
he is drunk n thinkin about her ..its not her
heersaletti on May 12, 2012
haha yeah... seems like she's going for some ramp walk...
abhishek4758 on May 12, 2012
one of the soothing song from bollywood.. it gives a plesant relief to everyone heart... mind blowing song and fantastically sung by JAVED ALI..his voice gives a perfect match to the mood of the song..
ashadeol on May 13, 2012
she is PERFECT looking!! :)
ashadeol on May 14, 2012
how do u know? are u a fashion icon?
MNUSful on May 16, 2012
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ashadeol on May 17, 2012
lol okkkkk? well my opinion is your opinion is dumb because she looks drop dead stunning and her sari is too.
ashadeol on May 18, 2012
yea and ur changing things u should have said she looks goods so people like me dont misunderstand what u are really trying to say..sooo yea its dumb but end of story ok?
ashadeol on May 18, 2012
and what outfit would u consider "appropiate to the situation the song is depicting"? Huh?? describe it? u want her to wear a jump suit? lmaoo
Zoya Khan on May 18, 2012
superbbbbbbbbbbbbb song n vry nyc movie i just love emmi
ashadeol on May 23, 2012
thats retarded how thehell is she gonna wear the same type clothes in every song and its ur dumb self that wrote a comment with any thinking what so ever LOLLOLOLOIL!
ashadeol on May 26, 2012
Ok now u have gone to her acting? You will be seeing her in alot of movies in the future chick is in DEMAND! next watch out for her RAAZ
krishid8 on May 27, 2012
EVEN IF I DO NOT U , THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Abbasmakda on May 29, 2012
I like this song nd superb song.
meow d'souza on May 29, 2012
no way she's way preety than lara dutta
meow d'souza on May 29, 2012
esha gupta is just fab but only thing she couldnt do is deglam her, she looks nothing more than a model to walk the ramp
Siddhartha Khanna on May 29, 2012
jus love the way that sikh boy dances in the video (brings a smile to me)
esha is so pretty <3 :)
tera (hoye) deedar hua, pehla (hoye) sa pyar hua :p
sawara khan on May 30, 2012 this osng..two thumns up for the sikh boy:)
40parag on June 02, 2012
i also like this song... mohnish
frothycoffee100 on June 03, 2012
the girl is there as a show piece to flaunt her body
globalcitizenn on June 07, 2012
she looks like a swimsuit model or victoria's secret angel...and she looks so similar to nathalia kaur...nowadays the girls look like clones of each other...there is not one ounce of indian ada in her...girls take notes from sonakshi in chhail chabeeli in rowdy rathore... a bollywood heroine should have that indian grace, essence and magic i feel...
dil pabla on June 08, 2012
yuun tera muskurana aur aage chale jana, kismat ka hai khul jana...tera deedar hua,,,pehla sa pyar huya...pehli hi baar hua is dil ko... ;) <3
sheetumirgal on June 10, 2012
suberb song ... i miss someone.
Mdshoaibuddin Uddin on June 12, 2012
zohaib baber on June 12, 2012
the girl is there as a show piece to flaunt her body thumb up if u agree
WebGuy67 on June 14, 2012
this song is amazing! love it.. please upload the FULL SONG in 720p just like what tseries does..
haris manan on July 05, 2012
in the move it sounds diffrent but it is still good
Hitagi Senjoghara on July 09, 2012
1:10 doesn't she look like the indian angelina jolie. <3
stevenjlawson on August 01, 2012
SPOILER that I know how it ends I guess I don't need to see it.thanks :)
GirlAfghan1998 on August 02, 2012
Yes :} You're welcome brother
dr xaka on August 05, 2012
1:54 freemasons Hidden hand act
suleman tariq on August 20, 2012
tujh se mila to jagi duayein woooooooooooooooooooooowowowowowowoowowow
umang jain on August 22, 2012
OMG. <3 <3 What an lovely song... !! !!! !!
Davidcameroon1 on September 11, 2012
First i use to hate this song. but now i loved it...
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