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Total Vote(s) : 8
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Comments on song "Tera Naam Liya Toh Yaad Aayee Kahaanee"
rose4u320 on June 02, 2007
Her Name is Sonia Khan n Yeah It's nice songs
rose4u320 on June 02, 2007
Her Name is Sonia Khan n Yeah It's nice songs
shahanAWAN on July 03, 2007
excellent songs
araibakhan on July 11, 2007
very cute..
hansijam on July 19, 2007
after a long search i finaly found this song a very big thanks
done a great job to post it in youtube..thanks a millon.. 5 stars.if there
was 100 stars.i would give you that..!!
rythem4ryan on July 29, 2007
OOoo dildar sunle OOoo mere yar tu sunle.
Sandeep Talreja on August 29, 2007
i love ali haider's music & songs since ages , he is a versatile singer ,
what a great voice , unmatched really,
voicecheck1212 on September 21, 2007
actress is cute...a little too much nakhra but cute and none-the-less
gulabjaman on October 12, 2007
ali haider is the cutest... who cares about the
Elmoro4Eva on November 23, 2007
really good song! the best song from him!
sheenstargey on December 23, 2007
i hope u eaten one bullet by now,
kash205 on January 14, 2008
whats wrong with the video spinnersdomain? i think its nice, sweet and romantic and best of all clean unlike some videos nowadays. song is nice too.
juttsharabi on February 01, 2008
what the great song . ho my god . its really nice song . I love it . and oether thing that i really like Ali Haider
bUtTeR3fLy on February 02, 2008
omg!!!!! i have been lookin for this song everywhere!!! i forgot the
singer's name n the song, all i cud remember was the vid, i finally found
it thanks to help from sum1 on youtube!! yay!!!!!!!!!!!
aziqbal on February 13, 2008
whats the name of the model in the video? ali haider rocks!
bUtTeR3fLy on February 15, 2008
omg im soo happy. wen i finally fwn it i was buzzing for ages lol.
sukh5252 on February 22, 2008
had this on a cd about 5 years ago and forgot about till yesterday when i
heard it on the radio. glad i found it- one of my all time faves
animalgiant on March 22, 2008
oh bringz memories..!
mahsankhan9 on March 28, 2008
Do you understand this song?
Well!! if you do than this is really a good song
sapna678 on April 24, 2008
any1 with info about how2 download dis in mp3 mode plz? luuuv da song.
hitmanhussain1 on May 01, 2008
nice song gorgeous babe should be in movies
goodybarbieya on May 01, 2008
very well said dear. it surely brings the old memories. we could say happy golden moments.
arzookabul on May 22, 2008
(Jaza allahu anna muhammadan ma huwa ahluh.) This durud sharif is a very
rewarding one. by reciting it only once,the angels go on writing good deeds
in account sheet of the reciter for full one thousand days. what a great
reward and what a great return.
pakmusicaddict on May 24, 2008
the girl is HOT!!!
tom20052005 on June 01, 2008 on google
lydie18 on June 08, 2008
the girl is so ugly
mrwahe on July 07, 2008
So y ru listening to it... I think hypocrites r worst people ever!
tom20052005 on July 09, 2008
alrite i wont listen to songs again in my life...does that stop u from listening to songs..ofcourse it doesnot matter i listen to songs or not...the thing is that songs are haraam and one shudnt listen to songs
Zara366 on July 29, 2008
i luv dis song
how cn songz b haram
b coz in islam we hav islamic songz called
buh ovas cl dem islamic songz so da sme thing
nisar519 on August 05, 2008
This is my favourit song. I m a big fan of Ali Haider.He has got a good voice.
jaysteal786 on August 12, 2008
listen songs are haram if you listen to them then fine but dont justify by saying songs aint, reason being is that the satan gets into your thoughts through the music he plays on emotions if you think im wrong den its up to u i listen to music but i own up to it that its a grave mistake.
Salaha Fatima on August 13, 2008
ali haider rocks..i love him=)
zainaliniazi on September 13, 2008
nice song there are few songs which really disturb the feelings and one can get out of control this thing is haram well and i dont know about soft songs are haram or not because one just feels a little bit smily and just to feel better but may be i am wrong because if islam says one is wrong than its wrong its sure
waleed khan on September 19, 2008
insturments we cant listen to are woodwind as it was associated with haram
acts.The same logic is applied when they say we are not allowed to put up
pictures around the house or have them in the same room you read namaaz!
Probably because idolatry was rife during the prophets time and any
depictions were often associated with idolatry! However in my opinion Islam
is about intention and if your intention is to only listen to this song,
nothing in Islam says that is haram!
waleed khan on September 19, 2008
well you should practice what you preach!
canceriancharisma on October 05, 2008
can sum one plz tel me da name of ali haider video which has models NOMI n
Leon King Presents - The Sims on October 10, 2008
is it lollywood?
loveukhanjee on October 22, 2008
I also listen and like music.. but let me tel u honestly... this is my weakness.. music is haram in each and every case according to Islam. I appeal to the people.. if u listen music and like it.. please dont say that it is halal in Islam. humaray chahne ya na chahne se kuch nahin hota/////
Allah ka hukam kabi change nahin ho sakta... aur iss ko change karne ki koshish bhi nahin karna
loveukhanjee on November 02, 2008
thanks 1ethargy.
Infact haram ko halal qarar denay ka matlib shariat ko change karna hai.aur yeh gunah na qabil-e-moafi hai.agar koi shakhs sharab ko pasand karta hai aor peeta uss ke pasand karny ya peenay se sharab halal nahin ho jati.another thing is that if some person is drinking sharab he will get sin for this...but if some person drinks and also says that it is not haram then he is committing bigger sin than what he already has done.
Tanzbeauty1010 on November 16, 2008
<3 this song
Rizwan Hussain on February 16, 2009
I love the guitar at 1.12!!! heavyyy!
001758 on April 06, 2009
Love this track xx
hafsa1212 on April 10, 2009
thnk u so much yaar
its so awesome
Adeel Hafeez on April 19, 2009
i like it too much.
beenishk on April 24, 2009
The girl is Sonia Khan
tanuja00 on June 07, 2009
fantastic song
786maq on June 16, 2009
Superb lyrics ..superb song.
Rizwan Hussain on June 23, 2009
the music from 1.12 guitar is AMAZZZZZZZZZZING!
TheSoni83 on August 18, 2009
i love this song and the music composition is fabulous especially the
strings. i love it such a romantric track and well sung by the fabulous ali
BoyBangla on September 10, 2009
brilliant, awesome ... (which year was it again, anyone?)
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