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Comments on song "Teraa Hijr Meraa Nasib Hai, Teraa Gam Hi Meri Hayaat Hai"
suhailmshah on June 28, 2008
superb music ,pulls the strings of your heart & draws u deep into the memory lane.i doubt if anybody in the music industry can create such a masterpiece today.
fijianz1 on July 09, 2008
kya kahen.. if only someone who would listen to this..all the memories
and what has been lost ...tu jaha bhi hai mere paas hai
ragnarerous on August 05, 2008
i think there r v rare songs like this...its a master peice.and sung by extremely talented singer...wonderful
mysterycloud85 on August 06, 2008
thanks a lotz aruna for posting this rare and hard 2 find gem ...even on
youtube this is the only post for this song...thanks a the
song.just touches me deep somewhere...
aksh1260 on August 10, 2008
superb!!!!!!!!!!!thank so very very much for this gem...has been my favorite poignant song for long but never could lay my hands on this,...thanks
Dheeraj Thandwal on August 25, 2008
dear friends ...we have formed a community on orkut for this beloved singer
kabbanji All likeminded people who are a fan of his ...please find
community "kabban mirza" and join.thanks
Toni MOntana on September 04, 2008
super duper song. kindly post lyrics if you have them.
amgfsd on September 09, 2008
Tera Hijr Mera Naseeb Hay Tera Ghum Hi Meri Hiyat Hay
Mujhay Teri Doori Ka Ghum Ho Koun Tu Kaheen Bhi Ho Meray Saath Hay
amgfsd on September 09, 2008
Meray Wastay Teray Naam Par Koi Harf Aaiay Nahien Nahien
Mujhay khouf e Dunia Nahien Magar Meray Robaroo Teri Zaat Hay
amgfsd on September 09, 2008
Tera Wasl Ae Meri Dilruba Nahien Meri Qismat to Kia Hua
Meri Meh Jabeen Yahi Kam Hay Kia Teri Hasratoon KA to Saath hay
amgfsd on September 09, 2008
Parting you is my destiny; longing for you is my existence
Why should I despair for you are with me even in absence
For my sake, you get debased? No way, no way
Not afraid of this world, I fear for your standing
It does not matter, o my darling that we were not united
For me, o my moon face, is enough to have your desire ignited
amgfsd on September 09, 2008
Somewhere in wonderland; that's where I always end up with this song
masroor786 on September 15, 2008
One of my favourites..The song was sung by Kabban Mirza for Movie Razia
Sultan; Lyricist : Nida Fazli. teraa hijr meraa nasiib hai teraa Gham
hii merii hayaat hai mujhe terii duurii kaa Gham ho kyo.n tuu kahii.n bhii
ho mere saath hai mere vaaste tere naam par koii harf aae nahii.n nahii.n
mujhe Kauf duniyaa nahii.n magar mere ruu-ba-ruu terii zaat
masroor786 on September 15, 2008
.teraa vasl ai merii dilarubaa nahii.n merii kismat to kyaa huaa merii
mahajuubii yahii kam hai kyaa terii hasarato.n kaa to saath hai teraa ishq
mujh pe hai maharbaa.n mere dil ko haasil hai do jahaa.n merii jaan-e-jaa.n
isii baat par merii jaan jaae to baat hai
masroor786 on September 15, 2008
teraa vasl ai merii dilarubaa nahii.n merii kismat to kyaa huaa merii
mahajuubii yahii kam hai kyaa terii hasarato.n kaa to saath hai
masroor786 on September 15, 2008
teraa vasl ai merii dilarubaa nahii.n merii kismat to kyaa huaa merii
mahajuubii yahii kam hai kyaa terii hasarato.n kaa to saath hai
masroor786 on September 15, 2008
Does anybody know the whereabouts of Kabban Mirza ? I have heard that he
was living in Mumbai and was suffering from Throat cancer.His voice
really touches our heart...
Manoj Kureel on September 17, 2008
i know that Qabban saheb was a Muazzim at a mosque,,he have no formal
traing of music..kamaal Amrohi (director) wanted a uniqe voice of
Dharmendra's hubsi character.after looking many artist Khaiyaam sab choos
him(after issisting Jagjeet Kaur,his wife)and he sung 2 great and evergreen
song(aayi janjeer..written by JaanNisaar Akhtar) and Tera Nida sah
masroor786 on September 21, 2008
Thanks dear. I am interested in his present state ? Can anybody throw light
on this subject.
Toni MOntana on September 29, 2008
thank you so very much.. innit lovely and heartfelt song..
Gurinder on December 04, 2008
Kabban Mirza Passed away a little time after singing these songs. I beleive
he had throat cancer
ishratsiddiqui on December 21, 2008
Unique but sweetest voice. May Allah give peace to Kabban Saheb. A melodious voice that integrated and united people all over world as fan of him. Peace and love, what v need and our children, live and let happy others and share happiness. IshratSiddiqui
sindhnir on January 26, 2009
wat nice lyric music n voice great combination
Gur37 on March 19, 2009
Ah!!!!!! Gabban Mirza has sung few songs but what a command he had on singing. What a poetary, I would appreciate if some one tell me that what other songs he had sung apart from two songs for Razia Sultan.
troublejeopardy on March 26, 2009
simply endearing song
Biren Vakil on May 09, 2009
U r absolute correct, A R Rehman do have talent but people like KHayyam or
Naushad or Shankar Jaikisan Gulam haider and C Ramchandra to name a few
were true mastroes.
Biren Vakil on May 09, 2009
U have done a great job.
Biren Vakil on May 09, 2009
I have hear 2 gem - tera hijr or khuda khair kare, cud u pls suggest me the
third song he sang? Really a great voice & great singer. Thnaks for posting
this info.
sindhnir on June 07, 2009
a r rahmann naushad ,khayam ke saamne jhant ka baal hai,
freevideoes on June 09, 2009
love this song ... so touching. I wish i could find some better sond quality
Shweta Srivastava on June 12, 2009
i simply admire the grace that lurks in its lyrics.esp the line "muje teri
doorie ka gam ho kyu tu kahi b ho mere saath hai"
zfk110 on June 29, 2009
He also sang a song, entitled "Is Pyar Ki Basti Mein" for the movie,
Sheeba, though he was not given credit for it.
PYASAA743 on July 06, 2009
tera vasl,aye meri dilruba,nahin meri qismat to kya hua,meri meh jabeen,meri meh jabeen,yehi kam hai kya?teri hasraton ka to saath hai..
sindhnir on July 25, 2009
naushad n khayyam are the true musician,like rehman they r jhant ka baal
PYASAA743 on August 16, 2009
bilkul sach farmaya khan sahab.
madmax1316 on November 21, 2009
the depth can be felt only when someone steps in the shoes of the PROTAGINIST
nileshdotme on December 03, 2009
Parting from you, my fate it may be
Longing for you, the only life I see
Why should I despair of farness though,
wherever you are, you are always near to me

For my sake your name is clouded,
I will never allow this to be
I may not be afraid of this world,
but your virtue is at the heart of me

I am not sad, o my darling,
being with you was not to be
It is no less for me, my love,
that yearning for you... is my destiny...
kingofgoodtimes014 on January 18, 2010
Beyond compare . Complete in all respects .
angeleyes92000 on February 10, 2010
gr8 song man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
fantastic014 on February 18, 2010
Bemisaal awaaz Bemisaal lyrics Bemisaal music thanks a lot .
Siva Narayana Reddy Koppula on March 23, 2010
Thank you for the translation.
lovealarab on April 09, 2010
@nileshdotme gr8 work bro!!
zafarsikandar on April 10, 2010
one of the most beautiful song i have ever heard. She made me listen to this song and i was straight away hooked to it. I knew even than that this song is the voice of my heart and now tonight when i am sitting in the loneliness of my room and kabban mirza is making me cry i am thinking how can a song be sung so beautifully and how a song can depict ones feelings so truely lovely sir kabban mirza may you rest in peace
zafarsikandar on April 12, 2010
Kabban Mirza used to say Marsiyas. His voice is so unique
arunachalesha on April 12, 2010
@zafarsikandar - thank you all for your wonderful comments to this great
song. Remember that we may win or lose the love of human beings, but we
never lose the love of God. It is for all, always.
arunachalesha on May 09, 2010
@nileshdotme thanks you so much for translation. And a beautiful
1oo8bhati on May 13, 2010
thanks for sharing !
heartful expression of truth - blisslovelight !
simpledesk on May 14, 2010
Are there words in any language to describe the beauty of this song ? Phani KV
Jaya Sapkota on August 01, 2010
Kan any1 tell me where I can watch this movie though I kno the story frm
history! Razia sultan a Turkic Seljuk dynesty princess who ruled Delhi in
mid 13th century
love1976100 on August 01, 2010
thanks for uploading this beautiful song..thanks a ton
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