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Comments on song "Tere Chehre Pe Mujhe Pyar Najar Aata Hain"
sonijaan4u on October 25, 2008
its nyc song
Deewana Khan on November 04, 2008
Love this tune!!! I cant believe they cut it from the film, theres another
song in Bazighar called Samajh Kar Chand which is brilliant to.
sonijaan4u on November 14, 2008
i jst luv dis song
saimaforever100 on November 15, 2008
i luv u n dis song :P:D:P
sonijaan4u on November 15, 2008
luv u 2 sis
AznSlick786 on December 08, 2008
one of the good songs from the movie but wasn't actually in it lol
ajayvardhan on December 14, 2008
kumar sanu and sonali vajyapee the singers and the musk director was
anumalik the legend
lostsoul324 on January 16, 2009
lostsoul324 on February 08, 2009
i love it...
hathway2006 on February 15, 2009
Yea.. they did not played it in the movie...only audio got relased..nice song though...
hathway2006 on February 15, 2009
It was just the audio... no video done... that was a mistake
hathway2006 on February 15, 2009
Exactly... Samajh kar chand jisko is also an ultimate song... they did not play in the movie :(
ini ali on March 13, 2009
Good song, imagine where they would have put this song in the film lol, all
the songs in the movie are wicked.
sam4lyfe786 on March 14, 2009
which movie is that song from
mvsprsd on April 10, 2009
Good song- too bad it wasnt in baazigar loL :)
monchn1 on April 18, 2009
This song and Samajh Kar Chand were not put in the film, maybe because it's
unneccsary, remember it's adark film. But this song is beautiful. Oh, I
miss 90's Bollywood music. It was different to all the other music in the
LUQY4LYF on April 26, 2009
true is dat a gud song 2?
LUQY4LYF on April 26, 2009
yh bt still cud of fitted in da movie lol n true 90's music jus gt dat
touch dat touches ur heart nowadys music lasts fr 1 day only or maybe a
weke bt 90's are unforgettable!
hathway2006 on April 26, 2009
well, this song was sung by Vinod Rathod :) (lady singer my fav Alka Yagnik)
waseema12 on May 01, 2009
No your wrong bro! This song sung by kumar sanu tho.
LUQY4LYF on May 04, 2009
kumar sanu sung it !
monchn1 on May 05, 2009
This song is sung by Kumar Sanu, "Samajh Kar Chand" is sung by Vinod Rathod.
hathway2006 on May 09, 2009
yep. i put the singers for Samajh kar chand jisko :)
sheenstargey on June 06, 2009
yes thats right. fem singer isnt alka.
mizanahmed on June 08, 2009
Lovely song, brings back memories.
majidbondi on June 09, 2009
hey dude yeh kumar sanu ...vinod .rathoor nhi
kidullam on July 18, 2009
ANU MALIK at his best.great compostion...he is still the king og melody. I love 90s songs...
Adileen Reddy on July 29, 2009
i had no idea this song was in bazzigar i think they cut it but its a very
lovly song, i love it.
axsa1984 on September 15, 2009
Love this song, my favourite ever!!! best music, singers, lyrics all fab!!
PyarMuhabbat on October 18, 2009
great song they should have included it in the film..
jaansoni4u on December 29, 2009
love it n so true
am lovin it
collegegirl22pk on February 25, 2010
This song wouldnt have suited Srk n kaj. Probably more on Akshay n Shilpa
farah malik on March 13, 2010
Very very nice and beautiful song. Thanks for sharing.
HMTHBBF on March 13, 2010
reminds me of school days thanks yaar
QuettaKing on March 14, 2010
wow this is one of the most beautiful melodies released in 1993 KS just put
his soul in this melody, nice upload yaar i really love it. ((( Azmeer )))
meenasalluforever on March 14, 2010
nice song 4rm very nice movie thnx 4 sharing
dboy0189 on March 14, 2010
Beautiful and lovely upload .. nice selection my dear
Kamran Jazi on March 14, 2010
it was lovely song thanks 4 sharing
Anjum Naseer on March 15, 2010
thanks .. please subscribe to my channel. regards anjum
sattar52 on September 19, 2010
nice lolely song
Shubin Alam on October 17, 2010
@wizman009 No it wasn't
wizman009 on October 17, 2010
But was it in the CD? I mean like probably they didn't include it in the movie?
Shubin Alam on October 17, 2010
@wizman009 No it wasn't included in the movie
wizman009 on October 17, 2010
Thank god then it wasn't in the movie...It would deviate the move from its theme...Honestly as someone has mentioend before, it suits Shilpa and Sunil/Akshay...
Shubin Alam on October 18, 2010
@wizman009 Well, Shilpa Shetty was the only newcomer of this movie
wizman009 on October 20, 2010
Ya, what I mean is that this song sounds a lot like the flicks of Shilpa and Akhshay from Mid 90s...Remember? Chura ke dil mera, etc? :)
K. Muhammad Shah on February 18, 2011
sonali vajyapee - wow didn't know it was her...
MrCassanova08 on February 19, 2011
srk lookin good back in the days
banginpride on April 13, 2011
can some tell me the female singers name in this song pleeeeeeeeeeease!!!!!
angelbaby3003 on April 13, 2011
very cute song !!
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