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Comments on song "Teri Bindiyaa Re, Aaye Haaye Teri Bindiyaa Re"
movaniac on January 11, 2008
gr8 song..dese songs neva bore...
Shaik Mohammed Ishaq Ahmed on March 12, 2008
again one of my fav tunes..
Appreciationsociety on March 23, 2008
Breathtakingly brilliant. After so many years these songs have the power to evoke emotion. Thank you for posting.
angel4life215 on March 27, 2008
all i have to say is OLD IS COLD
1newmoon5 on March 31, 2008
What movie is this song from? anyone..
i heard this years ago i've been tring to find it ever since.
pUnJaBiKuDi08 on April 01, 2008
abhimaan (1973)
jssnoida on April 02, 2008
Such a beautiful song ,and amazing lyrics.
How they capture the feelings of a newly wed couple, and make the listener feel the same emotions.I mean the lyrics are so much kinda mental conversation rather than verbal..if u understand
sunilg70 on April 03, 2008
oh sweet amitabh and jaya i love it
vixco on April 16, 2008
What a sweet song. Love it. Thanks. Rinks from calgary
shamimb on April 24, 2008
Jaya Bhaduri was so beautiful in this shot - a brilliant actress - a true classic!
dreamydeb on April 26, 2008
Jaya Bhaduri looks so very pretty. A lovely song, embodying matchless
maestoso47 on May 06, 2008
Such a sweet song!
saira binns on May 17, 2008
Mohd Rafi & Lata absolute perfection.
boiragirules on May 31, 2008
Humm no doubt that Rafiji, Lataji are great singers and Amitabh and Jaya
are great actor...but what about the poor music director who composed the
song and had the guts to put a film song in Rupak taal..SD Burman - lets
hail him too. should not we?
someyakhan on June 06, 2008
This Song Reminds Me of Someone!
dipannitachakrabarty on June 15, 2008
I love this couple i always appriciate them they are the example for new generation I want that a person makes mistake can't repent it
ananthram12 on June 29, 2008
what a pleasant song which has been missing in present music !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chuekhang99 on July 11, 2008
Jaya Bahaburi was hot when she was young.
Omid on July 13, 2008
she was hot, now cool. what is life, when you are young you are hot and
when old... some people talk about u..Uff Life
Chuekhang99 on July 20, 2008
she was skinny with she was young.
Umesh Pandit on August 11, 2008
its very good!
nashsyan on August 18, 2008
very romantic song full of unspoken 'isharey' for that deep internal
effection and love for each others. Many thanks for sharing. Nash from UK
misstrinidad08 on August 29, 2008
Wow they look so young! I love this song!
d351d1v491 on September 04, 2008
this is so cute bless them Rab tuhadi jodi nu hamesha salamat rakhe sau janma da saath bandha raveh.the chemistry and expressions between Amitabh and Jaya Ji are so affectionate

That Asrani dude is funny...
bsahmad on September 27, 2008
I'd just like to say that no one can make films like Hrishikesh Mukherjee
did. Its sad hes passed away by classics like abhiman, milli, namak haram
will reamin with us forever...
shamimb on October 12, 2008
Jaya looks so beautiful in this song - great movie - one of my all time favorites
bsahmad on October 12, 2008
how sweet... :-)
tayybaahmad on October 15, 2008
love this song,i think this song portrayed the real indian culture, nowadays they r showing too much off. its very innocent and romantic.
sanjay dhokia on October 19, 2008
one of the best songs ever!!
neeraj balli on October 21, 2008
music,words,singers are all perfect here,nice.
ramadevig on October 22, 2008
wow!! i loved it.My one @ only favorite couple in bollywood. hats off to them giving such a brilliant performance.I hope god will take us back to that golden era.
Aman Tyagi on October 27, 2008
Man sitting in the background is a legendary actor David and not many know
that he is a Jew. Thanks Sir for giving Indian cinema such memorable
performances and specially in Angoor & Golmaal and the superhit Nanhe munne
man from philly on October 28, 2008
I thought he was Christian since his name is David Abraham. In any case, I
don't remember him in Angoor. I did love him in Golmaal & Chupke Chupke -
two great comedies.
1234bhai on October 31, 2008
these katrina kaifs and kareenas is nothing in front of these
mkapoor22 on November 04, 2008
Ya u r right. I toally agree with you.
abc on November 07, 2008
Abraham, can be Jew, pshh. Abraham can be Jew, Christian and Islam, cos
these religions have sources in Abraham.
triniluv on November 08, 2008
what the name of the movie? plez n thnk anyone
meinkaunhun on November 08, 2008
Film is called Abhiman.
Sivaram Pochiraju on November 09, 2008
VenomousxLips on November 19, 2008
It's so, so weird in a real cool way, that my mom looked EXACTLY like Jaya Bachan and my dad like Amitabh Bachan in their newly married days (early days) and they have like nearly the same height difference. Dad is 5"11 and mom is 4"9, mashAllah, aww..may Allah bless them they look SO cute together.
meinkaunhun on November 22, 2008
Soo... does that mean you look like Abhishek?That would be weird! :-)
jay8831 on November 26, 2008
So if your dad looks like Amitabh and your mom looks like Jaya, then how come you have no pictures in your profile of them?
VenomousxLips on November 27, 2008
Hey..I said when they were really young, (newly married)..
I wasn't even born then..
And why would I post pictures of them on here even if they did look like them? I mean, sure they resemble but not exactly the same. Also, I don't want people to know who I am so my this YouTube account is kind of a fake identity =)
shamimb on November 29, 2008
She looks so beautiful in this song = would love to know what line of makeup they use that made her skin glow like that!
judhvir on December 04, 2008
she is beautiful

notorious jatt
srikolla on December 07, 2008
LOL . anyway nice song
Dipti Barman on December 15, 2008
bengali girls are beautiful
Omid on December 21, 2008
a very nice song with so a meaningful lyrics, not like today's Indian song,
fill with rap and pop music, but you hardly listen to such lyrics
mandalsabansie on December 21, 2008
Very nice song, thanks for the upload.
settok33 on December 25, 2008
0:50 - Touching the lip was supposed to be a sign of kissing in the movie. So erotic, but not vulgar at all.
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