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Comments on song "Thandi Hawa Kali Ghata Aa Hi Gai Jhum Ke"
John Woo on February 21, 2007
What a beautiful song! Thankyou so much for posting this video.
stormvixen on July 14, 2007
nice, made me smile : )
Bruggewasi on August 16, 2007
Simply playful...Brings childhood back to my mom
02pki on September 23, 2007
By My Point of View i think that 50 years Back was better cause atleast al the cusans and familys were together but nw there Gbe into peices i wish i was born in them days man!
snarwal9 on April 24, 2008
awesome..too..good...relaxes your soul and mind
seenshoo on June 19, 2008
agree with u. wish the same myself.
mtmraj on July 30, 2008
Wonderful movie Mrs&mr.55.Recenty bought the dvd at ozone park,NY.Extroardinary woman.Could have been living now.What a mass of scum now in bollywood.Love to contact anybody related to her.
st471438 on September 09, 2008
jak68, that proves that "Old is Gold" :)
chwaqas on November 04, 2008
super hit, such sweet song and awesome performance by madhubala .
nacapula1 on November 25, 2008
This was a happy Madhubala, real nice...
Devesh Das on June 03, 2009
Beautiful song, thank u so very much for the download.
pionyt on June 21, 2009
Wow ! I never heard this song before ! this is so nice and happy !!
Madhubala is a beautiful and great actress .
srtambe on August 23, 2009
Actually I would like to apply the term Bollywood to movies made in last 25 years or so. Before that it was all gold as you can see here
oyehoyehoye on November 02, 2009
wouldn't even BEGIN to compare with today's JUNK.
and it's just AWESOME, REALLY awesome, anyway ...!
SPChitale on February 02, 2010
whom should we salute Madhubala, Geeta, O.P. GuruDutt?
tuffuptube on February 25, 2010
Thanks for keeping Madhubala alive !!!
Karen12345able on April 18, 2010
These timeless classics can be listened to a thousand times or more and still have a refreshing effect,that is true talent and genius.
Kay Cee on April 30, 2010
Difficult to join up all the dots like here: Lovely face, lovelier singing
and loveliest background music! Mesmerizing effect it does create, so
enchanting, it creates jovial environment in a matter of minutes! One of
the most fav songs of all time.
MrGpratap on July 15, 2010
hi comrade one thing i could understand that you are one of best music
lovers by uploading this classical music. thanks dear...
krishnbimanagar on September 02, 2010
what I love the most is the interlude in this song...Love that Flute-harmonium combo
sam7748 on September 28, 2010
Agree. It's gone downhill since these wonderful movies and songs.
Abhishek Dubey on December 09, 2010
madhubala was, is n will be forever the most beautiful woman ever
tripti2705 on May 01, 2011
Can we have the Golden Era of Hindi Films, again !!!
amashaize amavasya on November 20, 2011
Seetha gagule seetha hime seethala me nil diye.I watched
the sinhala song tuned to this beautiful melody in the film 'Deiyange
Rate', starring Punya Hindeniya..Thanks for uploading this
evergreen song by evergreen Geeta Dutt
Bipul Roy on December 17, 2011
Cool Breeze.. Dark Cloud.. Weather going to be Crazy.. Beauty is
dancing being Freezy.. Yes I love it..
Pratik Joshi on July 10, 2012
i meant meaningless flick!lol!!
vadiraja rao on October 21, 2012
we have to beg you tube for such beautiful song
aruclassic on October 25, 2012
Beutifully picturised and sung
Rajeev Mathur on March 18, 2013
The smooth, buttery voice of Geeta Dutt, filmed on the eternal beauty -
Madhubala wah wah...
Arun Kaul on March 31, 2013
madhubala my darling..what else...
Mubassher Husain on May 21, 2013
I just love you madhubala very nice song
gurpreet somal on August 17, 2013 this song...
gopal sinha on September 11, 2013
..mauz-masti se bhara madhubala ke liye geeta ki awaz men ek mashhur
Raj T on September 22, 2013
Fab music of 50-s-fun and fun
NUSRAT HUQ on October 20, 2013
My God, Madhubala! What a beauty! I love Geeta Dutt's voice. A very nice
song. Madhubala should have lived forever.
RAISA JAHAN on October 30, 2013
Very good and i really like madhubala
Chandru Dembla on June 15, 2014
beautiful song
NUSRAT HUQ on July 28, 2014
A beautiful song by Geeta Dutt. Madhu Bala was so feminine and pretty.
DR ARTI SAHAI on February 14, 2015
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