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Comments on song "Tu Kaun Hai, Tu Kaun Hai"
aawarapaagaldeewana on August 31, 2010
This is my most fav. Lucky Ali song!!
bhojiji on April 23, 2011
...I didn't get the video...but nice song!
arun553 on April 30, 2011
The video is about the Bhopal Gas Disaster. The man was trying to stop the train with this lover from entering Bhopal
Arun S on June 06, 2011
what movie is this with kk menon nd naseerudin ?? any1 got any clue?
Viveknmhatre on June 12, 2011
one of the best from Lucky Ali.
friendsnviedos on July 02, 2011
THIS IS THE MOST FAV sng my fav artist everything MAX BEST most most most loved song
Mayur Mayank on August 11, 2011
just lov dis song...!!!!!!!!!!

mayuagrawal on September 26, 2011
which movie is this??
TheSmile2live on November 06, 2011
Lucky Ali...Gr8 guy...his lyrics n videos hav such great meaning...
TheSmile2live on November 06, 2011
This video speaks alot.true lucky ali fans can FEEEL IT!!!!!!!!
nilesh kamble on November 12, 2011
what a song!!!!!!!!!! what a singer!!!!!!!!!!
SuperActofGod on December 05, 2011
Lucky Ali = Russell Crowe...:)
sudhi2981 on December 07, 2011
he is a cult classic singer with a unique voice
ryan andrews on January 10, 2012
came back from the states and listened to this guys music, now i m hooked. good music!!!
rputnala on January 17, 2012
Station shown @ 1:31 is actually Hyderabad (Nampally) railway station.
Laatu Ji on March 06, 2012
:) pop song
The singer is quite a birleant composer.
sach,... mujhe to lagta he A.R rehman ke takkar ka he
Sachin Purohit on March 09, 2012
Of course this song is awesome. But even this movie was too good. Both actors KK Menon as well as Naseeruddin Shah have acted very well. The scene in the movie is when KK Menon tries to stop the train in which his wife is returning back to Bhopal. The train has to stop much before it arrives at the station else she along with all the passengers in the train are gonna die. The guy expresses his joy when he thinks that he has stopped the train. ..
Sachin Purohit on March 09, 2012
The very next instant he sees the other train pass by. The one carrying his wife.
virren11 on March 20, 2012
is this a movie or just a music vid?
virren11 on March 20, 2012
R.I.P ppl who died in Bhopal Gas Disaster
Moiz Shaikh on March 23, 2012
i have never seen such has 0 dislike and it you lucky sir..
10rohi10 on March 30, 2012
i want to go back to tht music era
TheSeventDoor on April 02, 2012
i've watched the movie and it was a great movie
TheSeventDoor on April 02, 2012
salut to K K menon and naseerudin shah. great actors
Srijan Dutta on May 17, 2012
the ultimate pop star of hindi music... great1...
virren11 on May 21, 2012
can any1 tell me the name of this movie?
tannslams on July 19, 2012
Lucky Ali is probably is the only great Indian singer of this generation(this is just my opinion, I am not trolling). Its a pity he stopped singing.
abhinitb1 on August 18, 2012
Ohh man how much I miss Bhopal.
siddhart v on August 22, 2012
Beautiful song , these songs ( the pop songs of those times) used to air on all the music channels back in the early 2000's , i mean whats music now ? some promo for a new movie . i mean that's cool and all ..but we need pop music like this too ...singers like KK , lucky ali, Shehzad roy, Bands like Euphoria , Jal , Silk Route , Junoon , at least show more of them , because we are fedup of the teenage hip music , the masala 2 minute promos , ..we are men , and we need Old school back
Faltu Admi on August 25, 2012
For all those who are seeking for the meaning of the song
Even though the video is from Bhopal Express depicting the Bhopal Gas Tragedy, the song is essentially about "Air - a source of life and energy". Listen to the parts when he mentions
1) kahan se tu aati, kahan ko tu jaati hai
2) Bagon mein jab behti hai, kano mein kuch kehti hai, aati hai nazar nahi par saason mein rehti hai
3) Vayu hai pawan hai, JEEVAN hai JAAN hai ya parchai hai
I can go on, but each verse is about the mysterious AIR.
Aman Alam on September 15, 2012
He's very much here..
Just a little out of reach from mainstream media..
Search for him, you'll find him.
Latest album: Rastaman
pradeepalexo on October 01, 2012
search for lucky ali - dil gaye jaa... its from his latest album 2011/2012 .. the album name is Raasta Man. Ive heard the entire album and he has taken music to another level !! BELIEVE ME !!
also type "lucky ali sayyah" on soundcloud, another new song.. and yes join his fan page on facebook where he is very active
bmarjun on October 15, 2012
Wow dude.. I know this song for ages.. But could never relate it to air.
Nandita Chopra on December 10, 2012
i juz luv his voice .. <3 <3
hauntedloverboy175 on January 22, 2013
@pratik20-Bhopal Express 1999
rikay91 on April 03, 2013
indeed very well written !! thnx fr reminding us!!
JAYANT RAGHAV on April 11, 2013
Hey is that sukhi sevani station where movie was shot ???
varun siddharth on April 17, 2013
Lucky Ali..perhaps the most underrated singer in the country :/
drouvo on April 26, 2013
Most beautiful song ever
Rohan Sequeira on May 25, 2013
Lucky Ali is beyond fascinating!!!! Wish he would make more beautiful songs... Always a die hard fan and lucky to catch him live a few days ago... Saw my idol live up front! Wow..
kiran kumar on June 30, 2013
who wrote this song...was it lucky ali himself?
Swapnil Narendra on July 04, 2013
This version is different from the album one. The vocals in this version are bit rustic, as if he is really lamenting. Which is Lucky's actual style. Wonderful !!! :)
rahulks20 on July 20, 2013
its from movie bhopal express!! :D
Vinod Kumar on July 25, 2013
its kinda unfortunate that Lucky Ali doesnt produce music anymore...he had one of the biggest influence of pop music of 90s.
Arjun Mishra on October 14, 2014
This song always gives me the chills
naveeni dubey on November 16, 2014
ya really done a good deed and full justice with song and entire industry
must award him for such talent and lets see wat i do when i gonna to meet
Deepti Shrestha on December 11, 2014
Ohhhh loving this song. Love lucky but hadnt heard this song.
sumeet kapil on January 29, 2015
One of the best of Lucky ali why he is not singing anymore his songs are so
soothing so perfect so relaxing oh GOD bless him
sumeet kapil on January 29, 2015
well I have listened to it several times in the past but forgot to say,
Thanks Saba for this 
Avinash Kharche on March 08, 2015
tu kaun hai. lucky ali */\*
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