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Comments on song "Tu Kahe Agar Jiwan Bhar Main Geet Sunata"
Bajaury on March 28, 2009
This film raised two actors to superstardom. Dilip Kumar and Nargis. But
Dilip eclipsed every other actor in this movie. There was no turning back.
He was the KING after this movie.
greatmaan on April 01, 2009
Dilip Kumar became the KING after Andaz and to date remains the man whose influence, excellence, standard of performance, respect and brilliance is unsurpassed and untouched. Many great actors came after him, and in one movie or another displayed excellence in their respective roles... but after having watched every actor closely, the critics, masses and the actors themselves acknowledged him as being the best there can be.
greatmaan on April 01, 2009
Watch him when camera closes up on his face, I bet if I were singing the song in front of my love in real life, I will have the same expressions
greatmaan on April 01, 2009
"Uttam naheen sarvottam hain Dilip Kumar" - Amitabh Bachchan
"There is noone like Dilip Kumar in India" - Raj Kapoor after watching Shakti
"I could not look into the eyes of Dilip Kumar while shooting Shakti and did retakes all the time as I forgot the dialogues" - Amitabh Bachchan
"Yusuf Khan reached dizzying heights as an actor" - Dev Anand
greatmaan on April 01, 2009
"I want my idol Dilip Kumar to know I consider him the ultimate actor before its too late. Ive sent a poster of Ganga Jamuna to be signed by Dilip Saab" - Kamal Hassan
" Dilip Kumar is my biggest inspiration" - Raaj Kumar
Rajendra Kumar and Manoj Kumar felt proud when people and critics said them as clones of Dilip Kumar.
" I am an actor because of Yusuf Sahab" - Dharmendra
greatmaan on April 01, 2009
" My biggest inspiration is Dilip Kumar" - Aamir Khan
"Dilip Kumar is the greatest of all" - Shahrukh Khan
"Yusuf Khan jaisa dusra kalakar cinema ki screen per kabhi naheen aasakta" - Qadir Khan
"Everybody is inspired by Dilip Kumar" - Naseeruddin Shah
greatmaan on April 01, 2009
People dont watch old movies anymore, ofcourse the stories, technical facilities and everything has changed..but it can be said that if somebody does watch some old films then he/she would certainly agree with all of Dilip Kumar's contemporaries, immediate juniors, juniors and actors coming decades later, many of them legends in their own right, and ofcourse the masses of the subcontinent that he is the best actor ever to grace the screen.
Long Live the Emperor and Pope of acting, DILIP KUMAR
Prem kumar on May 30, 2009
the song for which Mukesh travelled 26 times to perfectionist Naushad's
abkrwd on June 15, 2009
deti jo sahare mujko ... ... avaz me teri hurdum avaz milata jau
Sam Sammy on September 23, 2009
This is so beautiful. Even few years ago, India was alive. Where is it now
? for me India is dead, the place we call India now is so much influenced
by the west. It can also be seen in recent bollywood films.
htgajjar on October 06, 2009
What a Great song. Mukeshji was the BEST
aceji on December 03, 2009
This man wanted MUKESHJI not to sing ye mera deewana pan hey, but SJ
insisted on MUKESHJI. This man threw his weight around to remove
Vijyantimala from Raam Aur Shyam.(SEE VIJ-VIDEO) His acting mostly is
sitting on a bed and singing boring songs. Why should I like him? Futile
attempt to push him down people's throats.
tk yaheya on January 03, 2010
Old is Gold!
Mulakush on January 12, 2010
I have never like Dilip Kumar's acting. He could only act himself and was
never able to project the character he was cast in. He was famous for being
famous, not for any talent that I can see - an abysmal professional. Mukesh
was a true naturally talented singer and lent his wide ranging voice to
numerous songs that live to date.
Hussain Al Sajwani on February 13, 2010
Dilip once was a natural actor. I would advice those who want to learn
about acting to watch him in Mughl-E-Aazam and Devdas, Andaz.He was the
best actor Bollywood has ever produced. Compare "Comparison is insidious"
him with Amitab Bachhan in Shakti. Watch him in Andaaz how natural he is
when Nargis reveals to him that she loves Raj and he remembers what she had
told him. Watch the sadness on his face. It looks real. Watch him in Daag
when he drinks and sings "Ae mere dil kahin aur chal"
Manoj Kureel on February 20, 2010
i still cant understand why Naushad saheb not used Mukesh's voice in his
films after such a wonderful songs of Andaz..why he allways given prefrance
Rafi saheb ahead of Mukesh?why not he given chance to Mukesh again (exept
in movie Saathi) another Question..why Naushad sheb never used Kishore
kumar,s voice in his whole career.?
pind4life on September 18, 2010
@j11994466s he portrayed his character amazing look at his younger movie
not old
Nasir Hashmi on October 22, 2010
very good of mukesh
rajahuja1111 on November 05, 2010
This movie bleonged to Naushad and Mukesh...Great songs...
JawwadQureshi88 on May 11, 2011
beautiful composition by Naushad Sb..
asha1053 on January 13, 2012
loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this song...thanks for posting this gem...Mukesh is great
99farooque on April 08, 2012
what happened to the people in years only 26 people liked this song..?
very surprised...!!!! the beautiful song Andaz released in 1949, but
clearity of music is so nice to hear,each and every instruments can be
listen learly, thanks for uploading Naushaad and Shakil badayoni's great
99farooque on April 08, 2012
very sad that after 3 1/2 years of uploading a beautiful song only 26
people liked it. nice song written by shakil sahab and nice music of nushad
sahab, nice dance of Coccoo, thanks for uploading.
Bajaury on June 01, 2012
Raj was a director, good! I am not sure. The success of his films was some
superb music by Shankar Jaikishon. They produced some outstanding melodies.
As actor RK was very annoying by his antics. Personally I liked him. He was
a good man. Interestingly Raj's family lived not too far from the Yousaf
Khan's in Peshawar. Yousaf Khan family moved to Bombay to sell fruits and
Prithvi Raj to try in the film industry. Both became prominent. Both
contributed immensely to the Indian culture.
monicasb28 on July 19, 2013
that's a lovely song but odd rendition.
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