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Comments on song "Tu Pagal Premi Awara"
Unknown090981999 on May 10, 2009
Thank very much dear Hali for uploading this song. Finally in good quality
on good Youtube. I really love this song. Also I'm addicted to Divya's
lovely dance during the '' Hoye '' part :) Very memorable and beautiful
song. Thanks again! 5 stars and added to my favs.
SRKajol090 on May 10, 2009
divya is the best i love the song and i love the movie 5* and fav. :)
Halimali on May 10, 2009
Dear Fullmoon this was dedicated to you and all Divya fans
Halimali on May 10, 2009
Faina, She is so gorgeous. very very beautiful . Thank u for liking my video
Bebekgibikiz on May 10, 2009
hello halimali please can u upload the pagal premi song from the movie aisa pyar kahan it swid mithun and padmini its like pagal premi kaise hote hain im searching th ewhole net for this song but cnt find it
Halimali on May 10, 2009
bebkgibikz, sure I will do . the dvd is not with me right now. once I get
it back I promise to upload the song
seemam9 on May 10, 2009
R.I.P divya...
Bebekgibikiz on May 10, 2009
cool tnx cnt wait hvnt seen it for ages ur doing a good job tnx again
chof0319 on May 12, 2009
divya looks pretty here, i like govinda's expressiveness in every scenes or songs.
dragon on May 12, 2009
Dear hali, thanks for uploading this video! RIP Angel!
Halimali on May 12, 2009
Divya, your welcome :)
NandiniMukerji on June 08, 2009
Divya is better than Sridevi!
sakuntala123 on October 01, 2009
If we take sridevis face and just give it to a sculpture, he will make it same like divyas...all the curves, nose, make it perfect like divyas..then the mouth, lips and the teeth level and shaped like flower has no replacement if we try to find the entire world...miss her alot..
malihawkeye on October 03, 2009
I love Divya, but its unfair to say that she is better than Sridevi,
Sridevi is amazing and been around for time. I believe if Divya had been
around she would have been number 1 for sure, outshining both Kajol and
Karisma, but unfortunately she isn't. RIP.
Elif Sweety on November 01, 2009
TheAeroStar Nithin on December 27, 2009
malihawkeye-"I believe if Divya had been around she would have been number
1 for sure, outshining both Kajol and Karisma,".Divya was & is the best
looking among the above,but her acting was not as good as karishma &
certainly Kajol.If she was around,am not so sure she would have been no.1.
ranisweet2008 on January 27, 2010
@preityzinta009 helo she cant coz she is died ...R.I.P She was Amazing
faisal anwar on February 01, 2010
my mom told me she died i never new that i feel bad she was preety kinda
vijay kulkarni on February 09, 2010
her acting was 100% better than kajol and karisma. just compare her dance
with that of karisma kapoor and kajol
TheAeroStar Nithin on February 09, 2010
I am a crazy fan of divya even 17 years after her death,but i don't want 2
b diplomatic about her.Divya with just a year after her debut lost intrest
2wards her career & was being unprofessional.Articals 4rom stardust &
filmfare 1992 discribes her being a maneater,a ziddi brat etc.Success had
gone over her head that she just could not handle d pressure.Why do u think
an 18 yrs bollywood star want 2 marry & spoil a promising career.Clearly
she wasn't happy with her life,hence tragically ended it.
TheAeroStar Nithin on February 09, 2010
I agree divya's dancing was way better than Kajol,but Kajol is not in d
same league as Divya,karishma,raveena etc.Kajol is actress,not a glamour
singing & dancing girl.She is popular purely 4 her acting skills.She is d
only surviving actress who's married & a mother who can still gives younger
actresses a tough time.Filmfare best actress awards 4 K3G & Fanaa a feat
which even madhuri & sridevi could not accomplish.Divya was brilliant,but
no match 2 Kajol atleast in terms of acting .
Madhu Bastola on February 14, 2010
whatever u heard and read and made ur opinion about her that doesnt matter
we dont like her or love her, i have met lots of people who are close to
her, everyone got tears in there eyes when they talk about her, people cry
for good and nice people, if she was rude brat, then people must have hated
Madhu Bastola on February 14, 2010
.. and about the comparision with 2days leading ladies or that time
leading ladies, in her 1 n half year career she still remembered after 17
years, it is magical, its not u n me who likes her, but those who have seen
her days,people got time and chance to learn, she dint
dagotiger on March 07, 2010
She accepted Islam as her religion so she was killed, dont know who?
luvUSk on March 16, 2010
Hear Shabbir kumar singing "I dont know what to do" for Akshay kumar in the upcoming movie "Housefull"..
Aissshwarya on March 28, 2010
Great song by Shabbir kumar and kavita krishnamurthy.
sujeetkumargupt on May 02, 2010
you tube isa best song tracker
this is realy good
Shah Jahan on May 05, 2010
Nice Song! Miss you sooo much Divya! My favourite actress!
malihawkeye on June 12, 2010
@fatima12265 I was about to type exactly what you typed, how strange. And
how ironic she is called Divya in this film, Govinda shouting "Divya!" miss
her though.
HiHaHaHi on June 13, 2010
wooow I just get emotional listening to this song knowing that Divya is no
more.. :-(
MultiEmily11 on July 06, 2010
"tu rootha tu rooth k itni door chale jaonge, sare omer pukare phir bhe
lout k na aonge" ..
AinZ Bro on July 20, 2010
Very Heart Touching Dialogue at 5:01 to 5:16
Renu Santhaliya on December 06, 2010
nice movie nice song
TheBlackbeuty on December 07, 2010
thats so gud song n movei also
I like it so much

05jango on December 23, 2010
I love this song!!!!! very much
05jango on December 23, 2010
I love this song!!!!! very much "tu rootha tu rooth k itni door chale jaonge, sare omer pukare phir bhe lout k na aonge" ..
KhoodHafiz on March 16, 2011
kitna haseen chehra ♥
kitni pyaari aankhen ♥
duniya mein haseen aur bhi hain ... - hoga na koi tere jaisa haseen ♥
jo kuch soccha tha main ne wo sab kuch tujh mein paya.. ♥
MultiTofique on March 26, 2011
we miss u lot divya..god bless you..

syed hussain on October 01, 2011
i love you have a cute face.
bnm088 on October 17, 2011
Hate Sajid muderer
lesliesequeira on January 09, 2012
gr8 job halimali nice video she is alive thru her films and songs
lesliesequeira on January 09, 2012
tum ruto toh rut ke itni duur chali jaongi saari umar pukaare fhir bhi laot
ke na aaongi yeah guyz she has really gone away she wudnt even come if we
call her too bad i miss her
randm2012 on March 13, 2012
"tu ruta, toh meh rout ke chali jawunge, ke sari umar pukar, toh lote ke nah awungi", which actually does happen since she dies, it so sadd, she so young and so pretty, i am her age now when she is in this video, and so sad to die this young. THUMBS FOR WATCHING THIS IN 2012!
mfks11 on May 06, 2012
Kitni pyari thi Divya. Itna natural pyara chehra mai ne kam hi dekha hai.
Noregrets281 on March 02, 2013
Divya and Sridevi looked quite similar.
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md yousuf on May 19, 2013
thank you for dedicating us but she is no more today
md yousuf on May 19, 2013
she is not a angel she a beauty of world
tina millard on June 11, 2013
Tu rootha toh ruth ke itni dur chali jaungi..shaari umar pukaare phir.. bhi
laut ke aaungi. Sweet songs leaves a good feeling.
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