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Divya Bharti, Avinash Wadhavan

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Comments on song "Tujh Se Mujhe Pyar Tha"
Sophia Q on October 12, 2011
I LOVE this video and this song. =D So cute.
david benley on January 11, 2012
sridevi looks cute
l0veudivya on January 20, 2012
@Pitvp2 That's not Sridevi...
david benley on January 20, 2012
@l0veudivya lookslike sridevi, sorry if i was wrong.
l0veudivya on January 20, 2012
@Pitvp2 Well, I think she's doesn't look like Sridevi at but it's
Divya Bharti, as the title of the video says :)
david benley on January 20, 2012
@l0veudivya ok but i saw sridevi video's before she came to bollywood,
similar look
david benley on January 20, 2012
@l0veudivya my mistake but i don't know who is diviya, i only started
watching bollywood films 6 years ago and sridevi got me into movie. i just
asked one of sridevi fans who divya is and they say divya became popular
because she was sridevi duplicate. and sridevi does not need tons of
makeup, she has beautiful skin, most beautiful eyes i have ever seen and
perhap the best ever hindi actress. she did plenty films without makeup and
she looks the same.
l0veudivya on January 20, 2012
@Pitvp2 She was definitely not a Sridevi duplicate. Sridevi has a very
small face, a very small nose (thanks to surgery), dark black hair, dark
black huge eyes. Divya has brown hair, brown big eyes, a very round face,
chubby cheeks and a bigger nose. Some people do say that the resemble, but
that's again what I said. During the early 90s (when Divya was popular),
she did resemble Sridevi who was wearing tons of make up at that time. I'll
send you a picture.
david benley on January 21, 2012
@l0veudivya i told u sridevi does not need to wear makeup, she didn't wear
makeup in chaalbaaz other character or in sadma.
l0veudivya on January 21, 2012
@Pitvp2 I didn't say she NEEDS it, I said she WORE it which is a FACT.
david benley on January 21, 2012
@l0veudivya every actress has to wear makeup, madhuri had a bad face
condition with acne and scars, so wearing makeup covers it, sridevi look
beautiful naturally without make as those eyes makes her look exceptionally
goddess durga. Sorry i didn't know much about divya, but i don't see ur
probs with sridevi, sridevi is favourite actor to many well known
personalities, she was a legend who made a huge impact and 1st female
l0veudivya on January 21, 2012
@Pitvp2 I didn't say no other actress wears it. Could you please stop
pretending that I said something which I didn't? I like Sridevi myself, I
don't have a problem with anyone. I was just saying that Sridevi looked
similar to Divya in the early 90s when she wore A LOT of make up. I didn't
judge it, I just said the fact. Without make up, Sridevi does not look like
Divya, period - end of this discussion.
l0veudivya on January 21, 2012
@Pitvp2 I was saying they resemble with make up. I am really not in the
mood to recite myself again and again. If you didn't understand something
then just read my previous comments.
Don Gargon on May 31, 2013
Have you seen Sridevi lately ,her nose is falling off LOL!
Juhi Cruise on December 15, 2014
Lovely song! So romantic! Miss you Divya
Cruizeriz on June 02, 2015
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