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Comments on song "Tum Bin Jeevan Kaisa Jeevan"
soph6ia on October 23, 2009
Beautiful Manna Dey song but I'm undecided as to whether RK has the gravitas to pull it off.
Love his light pink safa though--so handsome!
Adnan Ghafoor on November 11, 2009
excellent song
pspattu on February 05, 2010
Iam the greatest fan of Rafi saab.
But, there are some songs that only dear Mannada can sing & bring out the emotions.
This is one of them.
Long live your voice Mannada.
simplicitykitty on May 08, 2010
somethig about this song - so melancholy, nice tune..
Navin Singh on May 23, 2010
@puneripanta is it raag hemant rather than kaushikdhwani.
abhijitnath2008 on March 24, 2011
Will we ever get back those good old days of Hindi Film Music?
naseemjo1 on June 26, 2011
Lovely compostion and astonishing performance by Mana Dey sahib. I love to
hear it over and over again.
Arup Bhanja on August 24, 2011
Yes this along with "Kaun Aya mere man ke dware " and "har taraf ab yehi
afsana hai, hum tere ankhon ke diwane hai" are some of the gems that we do
not get to hear these days. Thanks for this upload in YT.
Dhrubajyoti Das on December 24, 2011
O My God!What a song!Yug Yug Jiyo Mannada.
rajmeen91 on February 19, 2012
Awesome lyrics, music and voice - rare gem
Gourang Ambulkar on March 18, 2012
Raag Bhinna Shadja!!!! Jiyo Manna da!!!!
Hiran Desai on March 31, 2012
beautiful song. Burt not very popular but a real treat to music lover
Dhrubajyoti Das on May 07, 2012
I'd like to know the names of the guys who disliked this immortal song.
kamyogi on May 14, 2012
वाह मन्नादा और मदनजी| जितनी ही बार यह गाना सुनता हूँ, हर बार मेरे रौटें खड़े
हो जाते है| ..just inimitable!!
luminous787 on June 30, 2012
perfection at its best
Mike Agate on December 06, 2012
I know exactly what you mean, all I say they are sad individuals
Naseem Joseph on January 31, 2013
Could this be in Hemant raag? I will appreciate if you can expalin with
Arohi and Avrohi, thanks.
Gourang Ambulkar on January 31, 2013
Well, Naseem, you bring up a good point and I don't have a conclusive
argument, but from the character of the song, it did seem like Bhinna
Shadja to me. Hemant, I believe has Pancham in it, right? The way I hear
the song, I didn't spot one in there, but I can't claim perfection in my
ear picking up the notes, also could be that the song is in a different
scale and does use P. Do let me know your thoughts, am curious now. For
Bhinna Shadja --> Ascent: S G M D N S’ Descent: S’ N D M G S
Naseem Joseph on January 31, 2013
Thank you Gaurang gee for your very valuable input. I am at very early
stage of Indian music and hence my knowledge is shallow. Your Ar.and Av.are
perfect for Bhinna Shadaj but Hemant has little twist in the Av, it drops
from N to G with a meend and thats what I think makes the difference. Exp:
notice the word "Kasisa Jeevan", is very promonant in Hemant. Thanks again.
Gourang Ambulkar on February 01, 2013
Hi Naseem - Thanks to you my friend. After your comment I started reading
about Hemant. Realized that both raags are pretty close and maybe I stand
corrected or maybe Madan Mohan saahab did dabble in both raagas. Especially
the aalap at the beginning to my ears did sound very 'Bhinna Shadja'. Would
you mind listening to Lata's 'Ud jaa re kaaga' and opine if you see a
peculiar similarity in the aalaps. Ud jaa re kaaga is definitely Bhinna
Kuldeep Dongre on March 23, 2013
Complies to Bhinna Shadaj in aalap and mukhda - strays to a different
territory post that - has a little shades of Lalit in the first antara Raag
Hemant has a Pancham in it in descent with a rishab as well -
Ronakk Patel on October 24, 2013
rest in peace manna dey.
Kedar Kavekar on October 24, 2013
RIP Manna Dey :(
rajib das on October 24, 2013
Tum bin jeevan..kaisa jeevan. Will miss your melodious voice !!
Sabyasachi Mukherjee on October 24, 2013
Awesome song by Manna Dey...
priyadarshini chatterjeetinni on October 25, 2013
RIP. thanks for my fev song
y2worry1 on October 29, 2013
Last of the pillars of golden era of hindi film music!! The voice and the
music will linger on!! RIP.
Narayan Madhav Damle on April 25, 2014
i am told it is a very sweet and sad raag BHINN SHADAJj
Shivaram Magadi on May 30, 2014
manoj kansal on August 20, 2014
gopal sinha on September 22, 2014
बहुत सुंदर !
namita mohanty on November 05, 2014
manadey is uchallanged and only one , no second one to sing so sweet 
Rajesh m r on July 11, 2015
outstanding melody from madan modan sahab...sung by one and only manndey
Surendrasinhji Rathore on July 11, 2015
Is it Raga "HEMANT" ?
Anurag Sharma on July 17, 2015
King of gazals Madan ji and king of classical Manna Da , Both are
GURURAJ KULKARNI on July 22, 2015
great composition and mannada... you are super
Sabyasachi Mukherjee on August 06, 2015
God gifted voice of Manna Dey!
prabhu shankar Purohit on August 31, 2015
A beautiful classical sad song voiced by Manna dey da heart touching,lyrics
penned by Kaifi Azmi sb,Music Composed on rag Bhinnasadajkaushik by Madan
Mohan sb popularin year 1972.
kirti kumar Khanna on September 27, 2015
Shivaji Shukla on November 06, 2015
ek dum such hai
apane hi aansu apana hi daman
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