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Comments on song "Tum Meri Jindagi Mein Kuchh Iss Tarah Se Aaye"
SangeetGuruJi on January 30, 2011
@indianweera :)) So you too have handle here! ! Great! thanks!!!
SangeetGuruJi on January 30, 2011
@indianweera haha!!
MrRajkoemar on January 30, 2011
@SangeetGuruJi Sooo Beautiful melodious song in the great voices of The
Great Lata ji and Kishore ji. Very nice. bye Raj
SangeetGuruJi on January 30, 2011
@MrRajkoemar Thanks Raj!
jasbongy on January 30, 2011
@MrRajkoemar Very beautiful song with sweet lyrics and slow, soothing
music. Lata ji sings very very sweetly in her extraordinary melodious
,sweet voice. Even though song is happy, listening to her brings tears in
eyes. Kishore Kumar ji is as usual very very natural and impressive in his
awesome rendition. Thanks @SangeetGuruJi for such beautiful duet.Thumbs Up.
Thanks Raj Bhaiya for sharing. W.R. Didi.
SangeetGuruJi on January 31, 2011
@jasbongy Thanks so much Jasbongy! I am happy that you liked it. LataDi n
Kishore Da are marvellous and Pancham is really genious!
bigvcr on March 25, 2011
Was this song shot or no because I didn't find it in the DVD
SangeetGuruJi on March 26, 2011
@bigvcr No idea about DVD. I dont recall anything on this movie though.
Need to watch it...but I know this was composed by RDB for this film!
dr ashish mahobia on May 04, 2011
Thanks a milliosn. Heard it for the first time. Thanks for taking the pains
to upload it. God bless U.!
sudkai on May 05, 2011
this song was shown in the movie immediately on release; later it was
deleted for reasons best known to the producers.
SangeetGuruJi on June 02, 2011
@sharedivinelove Sure ! You are welcome!!!
SangeetGuruJi on June 02, 2011
@sudkai Oh.. I myself didnt know that!! :)
sanjayd411 on June 11, 2011
wow..what a soft melody. I have heard this song before...many years ago but
never again until now. Another rare one of Pancham's magic.
SangeetGuruJi on June 12, 2011
@sudkai Thanks for dropping by... Enjoy the great music!
Narendra Shah on June 27, 2011
Have decided to listen to only Panchamda's songs today, being his
SangeetGuruJi on June 28, 2011
@narendrahshah :) Thx..
mrzshahzad on July 16, 2011
soft v soft melody wow jessy koi behti nadya dheema dheema koi jherna...
Aruna Kadge on August 14, 2011
Its copied, Theme from Limelight composed by Charlie Chaplin
SangeetGuruJi on August 29, 2011
@aruna862002 If you see the description I had added, you would know I
mentioned it already. This song is based on that Theme of Limelight!
Chiman Jagani on October 10, 2011
Album: Bombay To Goa Year: 1972 Track: Tum Meri Zindagi Mein Kuchh Singer:
Kishore Lata Album Star Cast: AmitabhBachchan ArunaIrani ShatrughanSinha
Mahmood Track Star Cast: AmitabhBachchan ArunaIrani
Srinivasan Channiga on November 11, 2011
@SangeetGuruJi Your comment that Dekhana hai re is composed by S.D.Burman
is wrong. It should be R.D.Burman. This song is excellent but not included
in the film I think.
SangeetGuruJi on January 19, 2012
@ChimanJagani Please check intro that I put there on this song! It says all
about it :) Thanks for dropping by.
SangeetGuruJi on January 19, 2012
@aruna862002 Not copied. it is based on that theme. There is a
difference if u care.
Patiraj Yadav on April 07, 2012
yes, such a beauty of song…& really not included in the movie…can’t
understand the reason…does anyone know?
Patiraj Yadav on April 07, 2012
such a beauty of song…one of my all-time favorites...not included in the
movie…can’t understand the reason…does anyone know?
Srinivasan Channiga on April 07, 2012
It happened with SD Burman and so it happened with RD Burman also. That is
all the reason we have I think.
Srinivasan Channiga on April 07, 2012
It has some strong links with SD Burman's 'Phaili huyi hai' song from House
Number 44.
Raghavendra Ghatey on April 26, 2012
a rare gem from the RD repertoire. not appreciated as much as many lesser
Zahed Hossain on June 17, 2012
I totally agree...the indian surela touch is added by the great RD
ps2421 on September 14, 2012
There is a big difference between this song and Limelight theme! but yeh
hai pyar ka safar song from this film is a total lift off from beach boys
song help me Rhonda! Me too a die hard R.D fan but just sharing info!!
SangeetGuruJi on January 27, 2013
No sir... Dekhana Hai re...was SDB song however, recording was done by
Sabyasachi Mukherjee on May 23, 2013
A beautiful song!
Shobha Nivas on December 31, 2013
such a beautifull track...I love it becoz...its of KK and. a special
moments relatd to this.
Sri N on May 22, 2014
I believe the Kishoreda Panchamda collaboration was one of the greatest the
world has ever seen...sheer magic...
Sri N on May 22, 2014
The tenderness with which Kishoreda has rendered this song is
amazing...this is the same singer who has sung such boisterous
songs.what versatility!
Neeraj Gupta on June 03, 2014
Too Bad such a beautiful song was cut from the movie. Thanks for posting.
Jagjit Singh Ishar on November 27, 2014
Wonderful melodious composition of Pancham inspired from Theme From
Limelight. Love it like it.
Venkatesh Iyer on March 11, 2015
RDB picked up just two lines from Sir Chaplin's exquisite melody , and
transformed it into a superb song , for the Indian audience. sheer
creativity. That's inspiration !! hats off , Panchamda !! 
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