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Comments on song "Tumhaare Pyaar Men Ham, Shikaar Karane Ko Aae"
ramboo75 on August 27, 2010
Romantic lovely song from the legend of India Mohd Rafi ! Dharam and Asha Parekh looking so cute couple.
johnsandrabaitali on August 27, 2010
VERY very swweeetttttt song Dear Jemal. Heard this song after a very long
time. Great upload. 100*************. Thanks so much to upload this
wonderful song act by the great Star Dharmendra and beautiful Asha Parekh.
Regards from Sandra & John.
jasbongy on August 28, 2010
Awesome song with excellent lyrics and music. Rafi ji sings very
melodiously in his romantic voice. My one the favorite actors Dharmender
looks very impressive and lucky star Asha Parekh very stylish and charming.
Jemal ji thanks for this enchanting video. Thumbs Up. Love. Sis. Sarla.
44prad on August 28, 2010
I still can recall the smell of air way back in the 70s when I first heard this song .What a wonderful memory this song give me !!! Thanks a ton.
roshni65 on August 28, 2010
The song is beautiful but here is the bollywood Icon Asha Parekh ! She was by far the most versatile actress and always managed to steal the limelight from the men in her all films.
mohabbat6 on August 28, 2010
Love this song. .. it brings back so many memories ! Thanks for the upload.
70safeer on August 28, 2010
One of the best Rafi song of all time ! Dharam with asha parekh gave us so beautiful movies.
Ravi Gokhale on August 28, 2010
Sweet Rafi. Many thanks.
MOHAN DOSHI on August 28, 2010
Aartib40 on August 28, 2010
Shikar karne ko aaye..silence..that pause..and then shikar ho ke chale..the way Rafi Sahab sings Wah it just takes my breath away, Great Rafi Sahab lovely song. Nice acting by Dharmendra and Asha Parekh. Nice Upload. thanks.
Aartib40 on August 28, 2010
like also his laugh in the song :)
Aartib40 on August 28, 2010
@Shaam44 No thank you and thanks to Rafi sahaab, the lyrics writer and the musician. It is such a beautiful song, each line is that nice and his way of singing is so marvelous. His voice the words the music, it is as if he is just singing this song only for me ;) And thinking like that I feel like am in heaven. A very beautiful song.
marker390 on August 28, 2010
What a great song ! Rafi saheb We cannot forget you !Rest in Peace.
gabbar48 on August 29, 2010
Mohd Rafi the greatest singer in the world ever.What a voice, what a control, what a skill , what range ! Inimitable even today.Beautiful lovely old song and it was the best one in this film.
gypsy933 on August 29, 2010
OH MY GOD !! What a beautiful song !! I Really mean it .. Amazing ..Cannot find enough words .. amazing.
kieth79 on August 29, 2010
Thank you so much for entertain us with the most romantic voice of Rafi .. There was only one Rafi and another one has not been born yet.
Kay Cee on August 30, 2010
Can't stop listening again and again, and yet...again! Rafi's rendition
takes you years back when we first saw this movie... the same awe and jaw
dropping result... so beautiful. Thanks for this wonderful upload.
richmond389 on August 30, 2010
What a song!! Voice and voice !! Even today Mohd Rafi`s soul resides in the hearts of lovers of his voice ... UNFORGETTABLE SINGER.
pyar64 on August 30, 2010
Adorable song and singer !! Handsome dharmendra and so sweet asha Parekh !! Shankar Jaikishan Music is rocking.
maaya108 on August 30, 2010
agree, one of the most wonderful n romantic songs by rafi saheb.. dharmendra has been a fav.. asha parekh is my dad's fav lol.
Saanwarii on August 30, 2010
Wow what a lovely song !!! like it so much's been ages since i've
heard this one ..awsome upload :)
tylor747 on August 31, 2010
This one is the most romantic in the movie ! The legend of India Mohd Rafi Had Sung it perfectly on the handsome dharmendra.Asha Parekh Looking so sweet with that Sari !! Her Smile is just Oh My God.
native277 on September 01, 2010
Too romantic from the Legend of India Mohammad Rafi ! Simply awesome.
Sinaan K on September 01, 2010
@kchopra4080able Same here !! I love listen to this one . It just give you
a fantastic feeling.
Zulo7 on September 03, 2010
Superb song and Voice !! Romantic ever !! we are not seeing like this one in these days anymore !!! What a shame.
conaan71 on September 03, 2010
What an impeccable quality voice ! Brings joy... Rest in Peace ...
sartana31 on September 03, 2010
Gr8 song ! Sung in very romantic way . Rafi voice will always be remembered ..
khaiyyam1 on September 03, 2010
Rafi`s one of the masterpieces !! Shankar Jaikishan music is superb.
sozan3 on September 03, 2010
I love Dharmendra .. The gentleman of Bollywood Indian Cinema - Very romantic actor with the voice of Rafi can make a difference.
ramboo75 on September 03, 2010
Mohammad Rafi the man who had a magical voice .. untouchable as a singer !! His songs remains forever.
zorba286 on September 03, 2010
Mohd Rafi voice with Shankar Jaikishan music !! Magical work.
amorboy1 on September 03, 2010
Oh My God !!! What a song . The legendary Mohammad rafi voice is too
romantic and touchy !!
Ferdus7 on September 03, 2010
This is so magical voice .. It is the legend Mohd Rafi .. Rest in peace.
June G on September 15, 2010
Great song thanks for posting
Jamie Kaur on January 22, 2011
Asha Parekh looks so sweet. Thanks dear shaam44 for this amazing upload.
reliyoquik on February 15, 2011
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Soubhik Ghosh on March 10, 2011
where do you find such beautyful songs these days?
59coolangel on January 03, 2012
such a melodious song by rafiji.
sarlata20 on November 14, 2012
Another beautiful,cheerful song with very sweet lyrics. RAFI JI wins heart
of listener with his melodious,romantic melody. DHARMENDRA looks handsome &
ASHA ..very very impressive in her UNIQUE style of
hairdo,jewelery,sari,& that enchanting smile. Thanks Dear JEMAL Bhai.Thumbs
Up. I am ALWAYS very happy to visit your beautiful channel to find brightly
, shining gems of my choice.Bless you.Sis.Sarla.
Shaam44 on November 14, 2012
Thanks dear Sarlaji for your so kind support to my channel ! Much
Liaqat Ali on December 10, 2012
dhramen mera dost from bilal ail
Vishnu Ramdass on March 29, 2013
they simply have none. no singers to do it.
Yogesh Rajani on May 07, 2013
very romantic song also beautiful..
Md Irfan on September 02, 2013
wah kya kashish hai rafi saheb apki awaaz main
Mahesh Pandey on September 19, 2013
beautiful winding roads of Ranikeht my home town
M Ridza on April 17, 2014
Mohamed Rafie's only song in this movie..and he sang excellently..
Sushama.Narayan. Somji on May 10, 2014
Hari Sharma on November 24, 2014
Golden voice of India Rafi beautifully sung for Dharmendra and well
composed by ShankerJaikishen 
Mrpkv1006 .pkv on November 25, 2014
Ajay Bhuta on December 29, 2014
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