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Comments on song "Tumhara Pyaar Chaahiye Mujhe Jine Ke Liye"
goodnatur on February 28, 2008
looking 4 dis song!its a beautifull song!thanx 4 uploading!!!!!!!!
RedHimJoy on February 28, 2008
Which movie is this? Never heard this song before ?
Dee Thakore on February 28, 2008
Movie: Manokamnaa Featuring: Raj Kiran, Kalpana Iyer Lyrics: Indeevar
Composer & singer: Bappi Lahiri Year of Release: 1979
chotariju on March 07, 2008
when ever i listen to this song ..i miss my girlfriend
jaylankesh on March 31, 2008
thanks a lot for put it on
jugnoo123123 on April 29, 2008
how can you not have heard of this song before - this was one of the greatest hits when it was released... I have been hearing it ever since
babbibaba on May 02, 2008
My ages gone to find de actual footage ov dis song..Thanx to rajshri
now..memorable era ov bappi Lehiri..
Tariq Khan on June 09, 2008
i'm hearing this song after 25 years God i miss those days i used to fall
in love with any girl..miss my house back home...thanx for posting
znkp on June 16, 2008
Funny but true. We all (guys) have an age, a romantic phase of infinite
illusion, when we fall in love with every girl we see (and then F---ing
reality hits us).
doctormadix on June 30, 2008
hai brought back the memeories
farah malik on July 12, 2008
I was searching for this song al long time.I like it very much.Thanks for
meetlonebird on August 15, 2008
This song was my favorite I had told my late wife (died this year at age of 34), and she recorded this from radio and could not wait for me till evening to make me listen..sob..It is making me cry like anything.
lovehumanity on September 18, 2008
and thanx to u too Babbibaba :) Now let me find another one plz. A Duet of
Anuradha Podwal Film Munno the Great.. song is Baharon ne khushi ke phool
barsayay jab se tum meri zindagi mein aayay. Lovely song.
gbolagun on October 03, 2008
beautiful song. great to see the wonderful actor, Raj Kiran & the beautiful
Kalpana Iyer in this classic. thanks for uploading, Rajshri.
sudhisira on October 14, 2008
One hot afternoon 25 years ago. I had come home from college, had my lunch
and turned the radio on, listening to Vividh Bharati. As this song was
playing, I gradually drifted off to sleep. Amazing what memories music
from yesteryears can bring! This is a simple and yet a highly melodious
UAK666 on October 24, 2008
one of my best fav songs ever... not a day goes by without this song...
it's part of my life... thanks for uploading x
UAK666 on October 24, 2008
sorry to hear that bro she died at young age. oh well jus pray for her.
she's in better place now. good luck with your life see if you can meet
someone else and restart from this song.
nuzzy84 on November 10, 2008
beautiful song!
yes uak 666 its certainly part of ur life, thanx for making me listen to it.
RoZar Far on November 11, 2008
Very good old song but always new.
Blendersprides on December 29, 2008
Great song! Thanks a ton for this. Very soulful comments as well.
rk10101 on January 02, 2009
Wonderful song! Please post - "Kabhi hoti nahin hai jiski haar" by Kishore
Kumar, from Khara Khota, 1979 (Raj Kiran & Saarika)! Thanks.
kpunjani on January 09, 2009
cant find it anywhere if someone have song of rajkiran song from movie kagaz ki nao her janam mein hamara milan sung by manhar and aarti mukheje please post it
wonderkid55 on February 11, 2009
Who is singing this song? Is it Bappi Lahiri himself? Sounds like it. Dunno...
rahilanaz on February 16, 2009
bohat hi khobbsurat song ..wah wah
svenkat2006 on February 28, 2009
The singer is Yesudas
kanind2004 on March 13, 2009
wonderkid55 you are right, singer is bappi lahiri. :)
shakti2n7 on March 24, 2009
Yes that is Bappida's voice, very nice voice too, I wish he sang more
songs. Thanks for posting Rajshri, also happy to find Kalpana Iyer here.
victorbhatt on March 28, 2009
The most beautiful song sung by Bappida and love since my childhood
Subhash Chandel on April 18, 2009
he is bappi lehiri himself
Rajeev Kumar on May 01, 2009
the singer is bappi da
Ahsan Mughal on May 14, 2009
amazing...bappi is amazing here well done
kameena1981 on May 18, 2009
one of the most romantic songs sung by bappida with burning passion of love.Its really romantic.
Devesh Das on May 20, 2009
You don't get to listen these songs now - a -days. Thanks for making
vishvnath on June 08, 2009
media misquote and gave so many wrong name to bappi da "copycat" etc...but
nobody can see the composition like soothing and sweet
evadoentoo on June 17, 2009
i never listened to this original song.. i heard the one sung by sajjad ali. never thought this was Bappi's ..great one
bilasahib on July 16, 2009
@AumGotamParamSanatan this is from film Manokaamnaa (1980 ) and singer is
Bappi Lahiri (Alokesh Lahiri) some will say it is Indeevar but not so and
he is the composer of this song as well
rizwan9090 on October 13, 2009
awesome another hit of bappi da rizwan .KARACHI
kalp11 on October 22, 2009
Bappi Lahiri is not only a great singer, but a great music composer as
well. He is ALL ROUNDER. Listen the songs of movie NAMAK HALAL, SHARAABI
and DISCO DANCER. Bappi da is A.R Rehman of 1980s
Sheraz Ahmed on November 02, 2009
Film: Manokaamana Singer: Bappi Lahiri Music Director: Bappi Lahiri
Lyricist: Indeevar
ravigoud08 on November 12, 2009
Every time I search and hit this song on youtube..I make a comment...lovely
song..just love it...I guess youtube/google...need to do some
homework...same no show in multiple posts...point to one common this superb and so romatic song
znkp on December 10, 2009
@AumGotamParamSanatan: I agree. Some of Yesudas's great songs, for example,
were composed by our Bappi-da.
Florence Nadiadra on February 05, 2010
So so so beautiful words and songs, and definitely voice. Ver beautifully
sung by Bhappida.
Bharat Tiwari on April 16, 2010
awesome song.
Farzana Naina on July 07, 2010
Kahan hai wo jo in geeton ke har manzar mein hota hai Meri aankhon mein
barish ke sabhi moti piroota hai...Naina
Sukhdeep Kamboh on November 08, 2010
i like this song very much
Jyotishka Ray on December 09, 2010
I like the modulation of the melody in this song. It goes up and then
softly modulates to a lower pitch..awsome..whenever you hear this, it
transforms to a world of love and pleasure. thimbs up..
chutia2 on December 12, 2010
Best thing about Bappi Lahiri's singing is that you can use him as a female singer as well.
chutia2 on December 12, 2010
Kalpana Iyer looks very beautiful and charming. I cannot believe she is the same Kalpana who used to take off all her clothes in item songs of 80s.
znkp on February 18, 2011
Is the first part of location Jawahar Gulab Vatikam and the garden in front
of the Central Science Library (CSL), Delhi University? Does Anyone know?
fiza ahmed on March 09, 2011
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