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Comments on song "Tumhe Apna Sathi Banane Se Pahle"
desilyrics on July 03, 2008
lata lyrics at the end of this song are so powerefull. wicked song
howitzers777 on August 18, 2008
song ifrom the film 'Pyar Jhukta Nahi'. It was a hit movie of its time.
smrtncool76 on September 16, 2008
I absolutely love this song.
Amber Khan on December 22, 2008
wow... the reply of the girl is SUPERB... MIND BLOWING. i love this
Zora Husen on April 16, 2009
doesnt matter what age you are, everyone who has fallen in love ever loves
this song... thanks for posting it
rafnay1 on October 17, 2009
What A song, What Beautiful Poetry, the reply is simply beautiful.long live FIRST LOVE for all the listeners.I pray that whoever falls in Love should have his/her partner as the reply is this song.
84minkey on October 20, 2009
lucky guy but seldom happens in real life love this song
84minkey on October 20, 2009
girl's part even better
Aissshwarya on March 21, 2010
Mr cud u write anything without knowing .. u dnt even know who
sang this song .. n u wrote Mohd Aziz ka jawab nahi... this song ws sang by
Shabbir Kumar not Mohd aziz . Mohd aziz has a nasal voice n sounds weird..
Shabbir kumar is melodious un like Others..
Jas Meen on July 07, 2010
plz plz plz send me this song
TheKalimata on August 04, 2010
YEH INSAN KYA HAIN KHUDA KE AGE..wah wahh..lajawab...1st of all thks for
the upload...what a beautiful song...and can we please stop this nonsense
about aziz and shabbir? both of them were awesome personally i loved them
both-i guess we tend to loose the beauty of the misic when we start to
compare singers...i'm a kishore da fan but if i start comparing him rafi
saab then its going to be a nuisance..l will be the most happiest person if
either shabbir or aziz comes back and sing some songs
Aissshwarya on August 17, 2010
@sudhirrafi I think you need to work hard on 80s era, aziz was actually
copying shabbir and thats the reason he was in lime lite coz people still
think "Mard tangewala" has been sung by shabbir which was a hit, thats the
reason aziz got a chance. Shabbir was first preference of every MD in 80's
i know this coz this is wat ive seen, my father was a producer and i know
lot of things that u cant even imagine. So keep ur mouth shut and enjoy the
sheshnarayan2009 on September 18, 2010
tujhe apna sathi banaene se pehle mere jaan mujhe bahut sochna hai
maro ahmadi on October 11, 2010
@Aissshwarya in order to appreciate music and know music, your father
doesn't need to be a producer my friend lol... I grew up in this era (80's)
although i was very young back then but all i remember that Mohd. Aziz was
a hit and i didn't even know about Shabbir up until later because EVERY hit
song was sung by Mohd Aziz. Anyways, i think they're both pretty good.
Sanjeev Sharma on March 07, 2011
strange first few lines are sung by Anuradha and rest female voice LATA
rupesh503299 on April 16, 2011
this is my all time favourate song,i hv gn thru almost daily atonce
thanks to you tube
2004harsh on May 04, 2011
this song one of my favorite list
Umar Mir on July 04, 2011
Best Lyrics
swarnimpandey15 on July 31, 2011
wah beautiful lines do dis song contains
manoj khemai on August 06, 2011
Mithunda.Really Handsome in those days and a terrific actor...who has
bagged 3 times NATIONAL AWARD...koi shaque!
howitzers777 on September 07, 2011
PYAR JHUKTA NAHIN...Mithun Chakravorty and Padmini Kolhapure
Abid Wasay on October 05, 2011
Actually in the early 80's,there was huge rush to fillup the vaccum created
by Mohd. Rafi's death. Initially Shabbir Kumar was used succesfuly to
fillup this vaccum. later on the Music directors used Mohd. Aziz
extensively. Both of them were quiet good & rendererd great hit numbers.
Once Kumar sanu & Udit Narayan arrived they gradually went in to back
Sanjeev Sharma on November 07, 2011
i failed to understand why this male voice for such melody and then Music
directors chose two females for same actress in one song..beginning with
anuradha podval and then lata.
tushar tere on December 14, 2011
Shabbir Kumar, who sang this song, is from my hometown Baroda. He sung
really well ! n his is a story of rags to riches - from nothing to
everything ! :)
Faisal Said on January 05, 2012
@LarkiHasToPhasi u r rite he is awesom i love him.
aliraja123451 on February 05, 2012
this song is just awesome .
Anil Patel on February 08, 2012
Where is SHABBIR KUMAR to day?
Safdar Hossain on February 14, 2012
@n29bishnoi : My dear sir. The singer is Shabbir Kumar not Kishore kumar.
channelms on March 05, 2012
love it. can't stop replaying it
sheesabidi on March 28, 2012
I am wondering the same..any one knows why starting is sung by Anuradha
Paudwal and rest part by Lata ji..i saw the soundtrack too and all songs
are sung by Lata ji
sheesabidi on March 28, 2012
I am wondering the same..any one knows why starting is sung by Anuradha Paudwal and rest part by Lata ji..i saw the soundtrack too and all songs are sung by Lata ji
Abhilash Nair on April 04, 2012
जैसे लक्ष्मीकांत प्यारेलाल, शब्बीर कुमार भी पता नहीं कहाँ गायब हो गए .
मोहम्मद अज़ीज़ से पहले ही शब्बीर कुमार गया करते थे . येहाँ कुछ फिल्मी हुकूमत
द्वारा संगीत बदल जाता है, गायक कलाकार बदल जाते है ,उसके बाद इन संगीत का और
मधुर आवाजों का मृत्यु होजाता है विकीपीडिया में भी शब्बीर जी का एक फोटो नहीं
दे रेखा है . जब हम जहां होंगे... तेरी मेहरबानियाँ जैसे अनेक गीत उन्होंने
जाए है और आज भी वोह गीत ज़िंदा है.
bapina70 on April 21, 2012
I am a music lover and hate to see regionalism/politics ruining talents.
The Lata-Asha monopoly of bollywood music industry of the yesteryears had
many scapegoats, Sulakhhana Pandit, Anuradha, to name a few. The latter
survived due to a parallel universe created by T-series which had its own
nuances. If I remember Asha complained about Shabbir being besura and
several lead singers refused to sing with him. Shabbir has recently sung a
duet "I don't know what to do" in the movie Housefull.
Satyendra Singh on May 28, 2012
bhai mujhe bhi koi shaq nahi hai ;)
arifsharjeel sadam on July 01, 2012
i like this song
axefactor1 on October 11, 2012
it was shabbir i think who nearly killed the song, 'tum yaad na aayaa karo...yaad aane se pehle tum aa jaya karo.' from eene Nahin Doonga . Lata was there at other end but I think if this is his song than he was not so bad. he failed to give stress on bahot (as he pronounces) in ...mujhe bahot sochna he. But forget it..mithun, padmini and daini, bindu in this film had done commendable job with LP's tuning this song revolving arnd 'roti' kapda' 'makan' and love...alwys loved it and lovng it...
Amit Sinha on October 16, 2012
lovely song
soma5april on November 06, 2012
I really love shabbir kumar's
I really feel bad for what the
Did with him
jabbar ali on December 08, 2012
but achcha hia
Mushtaq Qureshi on December 28, 2012
I am also a big music fan but I would like to correct you,Mohd Aziz never
copied Shabbir kumar as he was a hardcore follower of Rafi
Saheb,fortunately he got the chance to sing for Amitabh Bachchan and tha t
song made him a house hold name,after few songs he was a favorite of Laxmi
Pyare and sung 100's of hits, honestly speaking is Mohd Aziz is par from
Shabbir Kumar.As S K often miss the Sur.I would like to share that In
Binaca Geet Mala March1986 there was 13 songs out of 16 of Mohd Aziz.
sayyed ijaz on February 12, 2013
ohhh thisssss song word touch to my heart
Mansoor Khan on February 19, 2013
This is the First song of Mithun Da's movies which is vry close to my life.
shayan ahmad on March 03, 2013
nice song meaning dil may utar jata hai kaas is song ko rafi sb gaye hote
to or emotional ho jata wase acha gaya hai aapne bhi
kumar amit nandan on March 13, 2013
always judge your partner before tag
Arshia Shakil on March 18, 2013
nice song . dont get to hear such melody nowadays.
Shaikh asgar ali on April 05, 2013
mithun bhai my fav.
Akila Khan on May 13, 2013
Awesome song. One of my favorite...Mithun looking great
sonam wangmo on May 22, 2013
So unstable and hopeless man,is that a male or she-male?
sonam wangmo on May 25, 2013
These days you hardly find Kyipa pho,all man looking for ready made,so they
get buy one get two free.
aalok dutta on June 16, 2013
In those days lyrics were superb, which still touch heart. Also the music
arrangement of LP was worldclass. Sabbir kumar was the finest singer among
Md. Rafi followers. But unfortunately he was the victim of bollywood
politics. However this song is timeless. One can hear and enjoy even after
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