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Comments on song "Tumse Milke Aisa Laga Tumse Milke"
Ajit Pardeshi on July 01, 2007
This is the most beautiful song I have heard - it is so beautiful and
madhuri looks so pristine and beautiful. Thanks for uploading this video,
you made my day!
AMIT NEGI on July 19, 2007
the chemistry between them is too good..and the song is
awesome...kisne gaaya hai is gaane ko????
sauravrani on August 16, 2007
download realplayer 11
Muneeb Khan on September 27, 2007
Celine Dion's song WHEN I NEED YOU is a copy of this song
anand gupta on September 30, 2007
beautiful song indeed
Steve Austin on November 10, 2007
superb music by RDB good version of When I Need You
Steve Austin on November 10, 2007
Originally Inspired from Leo Sayer's When I Need You
Steve Austin on November 10, 2007
Originally Inspired from Leo Sayer's When I Need You
Muneeb Khan on December 01, 2007
Thanks a lot derocky for the info :) i thought celine copied it.. :D...
though leo Sayer's song was much older than this.. thanks again
prcfantasy on December 03, 2007
one of the most beautiful song ever made:)
Divya Ginna on December 11, 2007
wat movie is this?
Anil Kumar on January 05, 2008
this is one of the song which really makes me remind of my old days
Soumi Ghosh on February 10, 2008
wonderful song.. touches the heart everytime i listen to it.. thanks for
uploading it cheers
afzaal anwar on February 20, 2008
ess song may sari zindagi nazer aa jati ha i love this song supeeeeer
karanpria01 on March 23, 2008
m,indblowing song love this jodi i wanna c madhuri in more films she is the
best actress
Vineet Sharma on March 23, 2008
This is called true love.
iconic08 on April 21, 2008
Stop getting all patriotic, is the music of this song stolen?? The answer
is Yes. Is this the first time India has done that? The answer to that is
NO! I am assuming here you are an Indian with that typical name. Please
don't cheat yourself!! I thought Indians were smart and not so ignorant and
arrogant. I hope this is not marked as spam due to its level of honesty as
Ahmad's. BTW I can't make out whether you are a male or a female and I can
only hope my grammer is not as bad as Ahmad's.
iconic08 on April 24, 2008
you patriotic b!tch (I guess if you are a female[still confused about the
name]) I can say whatever I want its called democracry. Its not about
liking, its about stealing!!! India is becoming like US, it will have two
dipoles. One extremely rich and other extremely poor. From your attitude it
looks like you are from the poor class... pissed at everything and hence
being so nationalistic. And I am not discriminating agaisnt Indians. Go
look it up in dictionary.
iconic08 on April 26, 2008
well I ageee with you, I dont have a lot of money although I got enough
that I can 'chod' your mom three times a day. But than again her rate is
cheap. So I dont know if I am rich or poor.
iconic08 on April 26, 2008
and you need to mind your own business!!
sna004 on May 06, 2008
It's such a cute song. What movie is it in?
AnthonyUK on May 12, 2008
The movie Parinda
AdduJi on May 25, 2008
music is not originial.copy of an english song
nickydear on May 28, 2008
hehe the song u mentioned is very different dude. It seems some one is
drunk and singing dat song.
Nitin Jain on July 01, 2008
yeah the main tune is a copy - so what - its a nice song anyways.these
days even hollywood is copying some indian tunes
EI Abraham on July 30, 2008
gapless of the salvation
salmansgirl on August 07, 2008
Such a beautiful song. Suresh Wadkar at his best, as always!
DeSirEsBurNinGs on September 03, 2008
My alltiMe favOrite sOng..
Kumkum Choudhary on September 21, 2008
who is this?
Kumkum Choudhary on September 21, 2008
may i know your name plz.for whome u have written this.plz tell me ur name.
Kumkum Choudhary on September 23, 2008
plz tell me ur details n for whome u have written this?
Kumkum Choudhary on September 24, 2008
what went wrong then?we r in the same boat?God is great.just hope on
HIM.True love never dies.
Primus Gabreil on October 04, 2008
oh deeeba..I finally know what you wanted to tell you too...
rakeshcsw on October 13, 2008
love this song
rakeshcsw on October 13, 2008
love this song sooooooooooooooo sweeeeeeeeeeet!
EI Abraham on October 15, 2008
sound and meaning which beyond understanding
akarshik on October 17, 2008
Another beautiful song sung by Suresh wadekar jee. Nice lyrics,good
composition and also very good acting of Anil Kapoor and madhuri
Dixit.Thanks for wonderful upload,
Sanjay Pawde on November 07, 2008
Wonderful lyrics by Javed Akthar and music composition by RD Burman. Asha
and Suresh Wadkar, finest as usual. Parinda - wonderful movie !
geminizoni on November 17, 2008
Just amazing .Beautiful Lyrics
Katie Cunnigham on November 19, 2008
just beautifull.everything in it is lovely.
aley812 on November 22, 2008
Madhuri Dixit was the best actress ever. Really. All the others are just so
lame and graceless compared to her.
peruamesh on November 30, 2008
Thats a wonderful song.I love it
Anees Khan on December 02, 2008
One of my favorite...
m2sbsahib on December 24, 2008
I think Madhri looks her prettiest in this song.
anshumanjakhmola on March 16, 2009
that disturbing emotionless (kids) dialog ruined this great song
nitudhaliwal11 on April 13, 2009
u seem to have been hurt by someone special.
nitudhaliwal11 on April 13, 2009
i love this song hope i never get seperated from my janu n liv with him all
my life .n in the morning while we are getting ready for work should
play these songs to create positive memories whole day ...these songs are
so soothing..
SAURABH SRIVASTAVA on April 13, 2009
film ka naam 'PARINDA' hai..
hemantmehndi on May 30, 2009
keep your BS comments away man. Search for micheal jackson copied songs and
see the list. And phulezz, name a composer who has not been inspired.
Rukesh Waikar on June 20, 2009
ask me the meaning of the song and call me at 9665790001
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