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Comments on song "Urvashi Urvashi Take It Easy, Ungli Jaisi Dubli Ko"
Volcardo on March 28, 2009
yep this is tamil and the original
igotyou62 on June 23, 2009
even though i dont understand a single word.this song is awesome
Jess Mari on July 08, 2009
i love this!!! :) i use to watch this all the time when i was little
yarthing on August 12, 2009
don't know the meaning of this song..but been listening to it for more then 9yrs
dennayeson on October 11, 2009
does anyone know what happened to the transparent bus shown in the video??
It was such a rage back in the days!!
JazzyZenBrotha on May 02, 2010
This is cool
Anthony Niroshan on June 02, 2010
2:08 - 2:28 IZ PRICELESS!!! I LUV IT!!!
mashall saylicky on July 08, 2010
2:42 - 2:44 really cracks me up cuz the guy looks really serious..
archjeasy on September 25, 2010
@MrCheenop lol good one
archjeasy on September 25, 2010
@duke6886 i think u d one who has no taste
archjeasy on September 25, 2010
@duke6886 secondly dis is old so tht explains the dressin thin
Qjamiat on November 14, 2010
dude where can i find the hindi version. this brings a lot of old memories
Rizaro Selamat on November 19, 2010
the solo part very brialliant from a.r.rahman
FrontFootCoverDrive on November 19, 2010
@Outlawstar615 bro search up benny lava 3.0 and watch the video
hogyvagy84 on November 27, 2010
Reminds me of MY MADRAS!!... now Namma Chennai! :-)

hamza habib on December 03, 2010
3:16.. Wow!!!
Tryphaena Manoharan on January 08, 2011
@FrontFootCoverDrive wait are you saying thats wat hes saying? no way!!!
FrontFootCoverDrive on January 08, 2011
@try07 hahaha buffalax my friend :)
Tryphaena Manoharan on January 08, 2011
@FrontFootCoverDrive haha thats what I thought, cuz I actually know the
words so i was super confused lol :)
FrontFootCoverDrive on January 09, 2011
@try07 yeah i know tamil as well :P
Tryphaena Manoharan on January 09, 2011
@FrontFootCoverDrive :)
karolbeatbox on January 15, 2011
He has been my idol (in category of dance) for many years by now. Even
before "Crazy indian music video" beacame known in Poland, he convinced me
to the fact: "Even the most low budget Bollywood is cool. No matter if it
is lame, strange, corny or awkward. Bollywood is cool and funny anyway."
hogyvagy84 on January 29, 2011
This video makes me wanna go home to Chennai NOW!!

abbyroman on February 03, 2011
@karolbeatbox One thing though .. this is not bollywood though .. this is
the tamil film industry .. bollywood is the hindi film industry .. india
has many film industries :)
vickyde13 on February 09, 2011
tamil version song always te best.i like te combination of vadivelu n prabu deva
efsq on February 25, 2011
imma download this movie and watch it tomorrow
god bless the internet
John wilson on April 03, 2011
Vadivel is so funny in this video
hamza habib on April 26, 2011
This is the best version iv heard so far!.. was 7 years old when i first
heard it, and wud go crazy when ever it came on, im 22 now and i still get
a electric current to go crazy again :D
godzeno on May 15, 2011
When i was a kid...i used to buy every single of A.R.Rahman's Cassettes. He
used to be the only music i listened to. So my memories always have an
A.R.Rahman soundtrack. Damn, i'm so lucky to be alive during His Highness
Rahman's Times.
gaivskakashi on May 19, 2011
@benjahben YESSSSS
tripdefect87 on June 02, 2011
I find it extremely strange that there were two completely different
versions of this and BTW, the actual artist is Prabhu Deva
bnaveen on June 03, 2011
ARR I love u da chellam ARR rocks
Rachel R. on June 05, 2011
2:41 whenever i see that certain guy i always crack up. XD
John wilson on June 12, 2011
@Jayfive276 yes
Arvind Bala on June 22, 2011
@tanure, i second that mate
navin rawat on July 30, 2011
mest hi sunoo
babanachiket on November 08, 2011
i like the tamil version better than hindi one
UncleePaulie on January 01, 2012
Prabhu - the Tamil badass...)
UncleePaulie on January 01, 2012
I need to say it again: the moves at 2:48 - 2:58 are the best ones in the
history of movie/video dance moves. Prabhu is a great choreographer as a
matter of fact.
Sathish3Dartist123 on February 14, 2012
Super Dance & Music...!...)))--
lozoft9 on February 17, 2012
So this is where M.I.A. gets her famous swagga from. lol
Rachel R. on March 13, 2012
2:41 i have no idea who that actor is but he has to be my favorite out of
the whole bunch XD him AND prabhu deva too of course lol they're both
pretty beast
the petite on March 17, 2012
ah this reminds me my childhood,
the petite on March 17, 2012
@KorhalKk you're talking to people who don't even know what a good dancer
is. actually we live in a century where artists don't exist anymore, hindi
movies are full with no talented people. i really miss these old movies.
i'm not indian, i really want to know if Prabhu still acts, i respect him a
lot, i rememeber that "mukala, mukabala" was a real success on French TV
and cinemas
KorhalKk on March 23, 2012
Really ? We in Brazil knew about Prabhu in a parody subtitling of Kaluri Vanil. I believe that this trend of forgetting the good artists and give space and glory to the bad ones is worldwide. Good to know that French TV and cinemas exihibited Prabhu Deva.
gaivskakashi on April 09, 2012
M.I.A famous tamil rapper loves Prabhu and this song and even used the
whole see thru vehicle idea in bad girls. Specifically from this movie.
Adriandz271 on April 13, 2012
If I come to India, I want to do just this :) This is freaking brilliant. Amazing Music and that guy dancing is just awesome!!!! Make me wanna come over there and have so much fun! What do you say my Indian friends? help me out?
gaivskakashi on May 01, 2012
basically swag comes from all places but originated somewhere in india. LOL
pavitra koum on May 25, 2012
शिवा यहोवा ब्रह्मांड को पवित्र KUMARYA पवित्रता ब्रह्मचर्य कौमार्य
Priyanka Premkumar on June 12, 2012
1:23 lolzz...
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