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Mohnish Behl

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Comments on song "Woh Bite Din Yaad Hai"
nadeem hussain on July 15, 2009
My first horror movie that even now scares me somewhat. And this amazing
song! Go Purana mandir!
salim ahmed on October 19, 2009
fantastic song all time favorite
WilliamShakespere on October 20, 2009
I also love this song.
WilliamShakespere on October 21, 2009
welcome dear.
dadul1969 on November 07, 2009
The song is very nice and sentimantal !!! No comment on video. The song ...remindes me about my past !!!
WilliamShakespere on November 07, 2009
thanks for your comment frnd. I also have lots of fond memories of the 80s.
so many years gone by, all the great days we had back then.
qanbari1 on November 21, 2009
best song for past this song back me 10 year
WilliamShakespere on December 06, 2009
thanks for your great comment dear.
underworld786 on January 13, 2010
man it brings my childhood memories back i think it was 1986.1st indian horor movie... :)
MyLalinea on January 16, 2010
pradeep kumar plays in this movie , pradeep plays also in te mahabharata ,
how do i know wich actor pradeep is? this movie is perhaps never shown in
WilliamShakespere on January 17, 2010
pradeep kumar is the father of the main actress (art gupta) in this movie.
WilliamShakespere on January 17, 2010
it surely takes me back to 1984 or 1985 when i saw this movie (also my
first horror movie) in a theatre.those were the days..
zaqwsx611 on May 30, 2010
very beautifullsong and as well as very beautiful actress
IluvKenji on May 31, 2010
aaah! Mohnish looks so young! i have to see this movie!
Vijay Krishnan on July 09, 2010
fantastic song, fantastic movie! still remember I was about 9 years old
when I saw this movie in my neighbor's VCR set. Man! those were the days of
video cassettes and renting them. Of course, this movie still gives me the
creeps! Thanks Shakespeare for giving us back those memories :)
vurns on August 11, 2010
Great song, Great movie, one of the ealiest memory i recall. Gost i must have been 4 yrs old and i still remember it. I was so scared that wouldnt even go in the next room alone..
vurns on August 12, 2010
Great song, Great movie, Brought back Memories. Gost i must have been 4 yrs old and i still remember it. I was so scared that wouldnt even go in the next room alone..

Thank you W.S
MyLalinea on September 09, 2010
william shakespear do you know were i can see movies of saamri?
jayesh choudhari on October 09, 2010
Wiki article on Purana Mandir says that the background score for this movie
was scored by A.R.Rahman! is it true guys??
missponies21 on October 18, 2010
good song not bad!! but the movie was awesome!!!!!!
kay bala on November 13, 2010
the music director and singer of this song was ajit singh, way ahead of
this era. if you have adoubt tune into songs of hindi film 'aakarashan'.
some people are born ahead of their times and he was such a person
adityavpratap on January 13, 2011
My favourite song! I didn't realise it was from Purana Mandir.
kashananjum on March 07, 2011
Nostalgic Song beautiful days of past gr8
Rasi5t on April 09, 2011
Nice song... tnx for upload
microsoftchairman on April 14, 2011
1 person is deaf who dislike it.
Rasi5t on May 03, 2011
Nav71 on May 06, 2011
The singer Ajit Singh is the guy who sang EK HANS KA JODA!!!!India's most
under rated singer!!!!
Javed Shah Afridi on May 10, 2011
December Ka Samma Woh Bheegi Bheegi Sardiyan Woh Mousam Kya Hua Najane
Kahan Kho Gaya Bas Yaadein Baki
pallav verma on June 10, 2011
the starting of the song is absolutely brilliant and song continued from
their on,great song
Muhammad Imran on August 08, 2011
i love this song...
luvmjht1 on August 20, 2011
Monish looking soo young...
ash72able on September 03, 2011
NO doubts...its gvng flash backs...of horror movies like
alfinesam on September 10, 2011
ohhh when i saw this movie when i was a kid,, now this dude is llooking kid
to me =) . time is running so fast . love the song
ahmed rushdi on October 27, 2011
@underworld786 I've grown up listening to this song and I was amazed with
this timeless wonder Ajith has created. But not anymore... Sad to say that
this is a rip off from a 70s Australian artist called Ted Mulry.
ahmed rushdi on October 27, 2011
@tekkonkinkreet78 Just search for 'Ted Mulry' 'Memories'
abhishekp81 on November 13, 2011
who is the actress?
jamal khattak on November 19, 2011
this song is "THEE MASTERPIECE"...creations like this are made only in
jamal khattak on November 19, 2011
@abhishekp81 Arti Gupta
neerajdab1 on January 11, 2012
Hi, It's pretty amazing you found it's from Ted Mulry's memories song. Good
work.. But doesnt take anything away from this Hindi song..Still love
it..feel like listening to it all the time. It's kinda timeless.
Vijay Krishnan on February 02, 2012
absolutely a top notch song from one of the best Indian horror movies of
all times. Thanks a bunch for the upload :)
tithiize on February 14, 2012
i nvr knew it was a song from some movie..i thot it was the song from the album dhadkan..
livelaughlove on February 21, 2012
mohnish behl is soo young here...OMG!! I always thot he lukd cute only in
HAHK... he luks suuper cute here also <3
moon75866 on June 25, 2012
This song will always be awesome!
kashananjum on July 02, 2012
''awesome'' just out of this world.
scenestealer85 on July 21, 2012
This song is really phenomenal..:)
cbrcoder on August 01, 2012
I wish someone remakes this awesome song as I found the male voice to be
not good.
cbrcoder on August 06, 2012
Aarti Gupta was original Sunny Leone from India back in 80s! Check her
movies like Garam Mirchi for hardcore action!
Pradeep Pawar on August 09, 2012
The song ...remindes me about my past !!!
sachin gurav on October 03, 2012
TIME CHANGE EVERY THING ! it means Arti gupta was very beautiful that time
in 1984,85 but now she is like old Ambassador car model. today's she remain
young she will rule bollywood she is enough to beat all actress like karina
kapoor ,deepika padukone,isha devol,etc.
Jayzzy4HD on October 20, 2012
Thumbs up if u listening in 2012
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