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Comments on song "Ye Dil Aur Unaki, Nigaahon Ke Saaye"
Raghu Chakravarthy on November 08, 2011
wow beautiful track dear i love it.
malikzafarawan1 on November 11, 2011
what a beautiful song of lata ji.
jindnaresh on December 05, 2011
its more dangerous than micheal dangerous // jabardast // koi jawan hone ki
dawayee hoti to mian lata jee ko pila deta
shazi153 on December 07, 2011
haseen gana.i ever like it...
Ketan Dhadphale on December 30, 2011
the genius of the most underrated music director in my memory- jaidev
sahab. he was sd burman's assistant and unfortunately never got his due.
long live jaidev sahab.!!
akshay8885 on January 06, 2012
listening that in 2012!!!!!!
Vivek Raja on January 07, 2012
i have always found this song very soothing. Even without video imagery one
can imagine mountains and streams .. perhaps it is the flute and the
Zephoratube on February 04, 2012
Beautiful song. Which movie is the clip from that you used?
Dinesh Dwarka on February 04, 2012
@Zephoratube Thanks, Audio from movie 'Prem Parbat' and video from movie
"aaye din bahar ke"
Zephoratube on February 04, 2012
@oldsongshindi Thanks!
neelubird on February 17, 2012
Wow. Amazing. Beautiful beautiful song.
farooq1667 on February 24, 2012
Not only voice but also background music thrills hearts. Gives new taste everytime. Ever fresh music.
radonpq99 on March 16, 2012
This powerful song with melodious voice of Lata reverbrating in valleys
does not need any visuals at all.Your heart and soul ride on an ecstatic
journey and all you feel is happiness and joy.
farooq1667 on March 25, 2012
Its not just a song but a message to be united with Nature. Music takes us to world of imagination and poetry is exotic that each word is aptly woven as petals of a flower. I feel the song's fragfrance through objects of Nature reflected by a film maker. Its truely a piece of art.
Mukesh Sharma on March 28, 2012
melodious lata ji, cool breazeeeee from iceeee mountains, pure spring
water...sooo beautiful.
sadaf abdulmalik on March 28, 2012
i m agreed with u i have listen this song when my father brought this
cassette from QATAr in 1990 when i was just nine yrs old but today i
listened this song my old memories become fresh thanks ji
vijay singh on March 29, 2012
bahut khoobsurat song hai,thanx uploader
avsdhesh on March 30, 2012
Goodddddddddd ... Sooooooooooong
Amal Dixit on April 09, 2012
Best of Lata ji will be remember in next 1000 years at least. Lot of thanks
for such song viewing in video
Dinesh Dwarka on May 18, 2012
Ghislain ने dutch में लिखा है मेरा मतलब है कि यह एक खूबसूरत गीत एक महान
आवाज और सुंदर विचार है =10 से 10; धन्यवाद, Ghislain;
pamya on May 21, 2012
Superb song... this song used to be played every day or alternate days
on Vividh Bharthi and while listening to this i used to imagine about the
casts and the scene of this song.. till date i have not seen the video of
this, but heard that there is not even one copy of the film. Lukcy are
those who have seen this movie..!! truly a scintillating song !!.
Lataji. you are just Osum !!!
karimunna on June 20, 2012
The shair is Jaan nIsaara akhtar, the father of javed Akhtar and the music
darector is Jaidev and t is said that senior akhtar composed this lyric in
just 15 minutes.
karimunna on June 20, 2012
music is by Jaidev lyric is by Jaan Nisaar Akhtar, father of Jaaved akhtar
it is said that the senior akhtar composed this song in 15 minutes.
Dinesh Dwarka on June 24, 2012
have you original video?
Binod Dutt on June 28, 2012
hope v can c da original video...lovely song...
oldiesfavor on July 03, 2012
superb ,one of the best,lyrics,music n voice at its best ,my most favorite
song ,thanx,jaanisaar akhtar,lata n most credit to jaidev for musical
oldiesfavor on July 03, 2012
same with me,on vividh bharti,i once saw the song on doorshan ,rehana
sultana in the hills ,in role of some hilly village belle with hero
pamya on July 04, 2012
if you have seen this song on Doordarshan then there may be video in the
film archives.But i have read somewhere the only copy of this film was
burnt down.Since childhood i have been hearing this song and now i,am in
the early 40's. .As Mr Vivek 1 Raja commented i used to imagine about
mountains and streams when ever i used to hear this lovely song.I,am just
longing to see the original video and it has been a long time wish.God help
me. and bless all those who made this song immortal.
sumita bhagat on July 28, 2012
God please forgive those people who dislike this heavenly song.
Vikram Maurya on August 01, 2012
You mixed it really well buddy! Great Job! I know the actual video of this
song is probably extinct.
jayz2812 on August 01, 2012
Beautiful song...
dikki561 on August 17, 2012
the movie is about an old man getting married to a young lady. He is unable to consumate and the young wife imagines- and falls in love with some one her age. In fact she dreams of sleeping with him and there are some controversial scenes(in those times).Ultimately the old man dies and the heroine gets married to the hero.
This song is very well picturised in the original.Barring this the movie is very slow and sometimess we wish it ends fast.
Bhavna Prasad on August 18, 2012
plz agar kisi pas original movie clip ho to upload karen.
saajan sajni on August 26, 2012
superb.. My favst song and mixing is so nice .. congrate for nice work..
love ur efforts..
peucort1 on September 03, 2012
Brilliant ! Melodious gem. we know that there at least
21 who are tone deaf.
sweetmelody40 on September 16, 2012
my dad recorded this song in our tape recorder from a radio programme. it
must have been in the 70's.
Mohammad abdul samad on September 19, 2012
the clips are showing in this song is from film "AYE DIN BAHAR KE " that
film has beautiful songs .this clips are title song of "aye din bahar ke"
Alina k.c. on October 02, 2012
aha!!!kasto mitho geet
Imran M. on October 08, 2012
Ja, het is een mooie melodie:)
angad raj on October 21, 2012
lot heard on radio those geetmala prog's aired on on youtube..always fresh as if
listening first time.
27weiser on November 20, 2012
bahut hi khoobsurat Geet! ein schoenes Lied, moechte wieder und wieder
Dinesh Dwarka on November 21, 2012
Thanks – meaning of 27weiser wrote in German - a nice song, would like
listen again and again!
Dinesh Dwarka on December 01, 2012
घन्यवाद अभय
deepa yogesh on December 21, 2012
truely old is gold
Anil Pant on January 17, 2013
Good romantic song
SCH SHUB on February 03, 2013
Fantastic, simply
rakesh bohra on February 19, 2013
ye dil or hamari nigahoa ke saye rakesh bohra barmer rajjsthan
rakesh bohra on February 19, 2013
la l la lallla la la la aaaa
zeminder1 on March 01, 2013
Yeah gna mein karibon bees sal se dhoond raha tha. Poddar bhai bahut bahut
sukriya yeah eedhar lane ke liye...
Mina kaz on March 16, 2013
very romantic song .
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