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Comments on song "Yeh Ishq Ishq Hai Ishq Ishq"
kidcaper007 on March 08, 2008
This is truly fantastic stuff!
GolaS on May 02, 2008
its divine. thanks loads
realshiznit on May 12, 2008
Heh, they don't sing lyrics like this anymore.
Hiral Parekh on June 24, 2008
the most amazing qawwali, nothing can beat this beautiful! :-)
SangeetGuruJi on July 13, 2008
Easily the best Qawwali creation in history of Bollywood... I don't think
future will every reacch this great hieghts in Qawwali
nangamujra on August 29, 2008
The music was composed by Hritik Roshan's grand Father.
phoenixb3 on August 30, 2008
d mother of all qawwalis, one of d best songs in indian movie history by none other than d gr8est mohd. rafi, whose voice is d best mankind can ever hear
studer3500 on September 27, 2008
don't gorget the part played by the rest of the singers like Manna Dey,
Asha etc
Kmahabir on January 01, 2009
This ia awesome. Excellent indeed
Pawan Batra on January 02, 2009
very good quawali
princessashi3 on March 14, 2009
who is the actor at 1:30...he sings for the girl side???
GameCardGenerator200 on March 14, 2009
you mean Bharat Bhushan?
GameCardGenerator200 on March 14, 2009
वाह! कितना सुंदर है! मैं मुसल्मान नहीं हूँ, पर ये गाना मुझ को बहुत अच्छा
लगता है. शुक्रीयां
seekisforme5 on April 14, 2009
Beautiful...Simply Beautiful...Thank you so much for uploading this beautiful song...
CattleBruiser2008 on May 07, 2009
You have to install Hindi font from Windows XP.
CattleBruiser2008 on May 07, 2009
You have to install Hindi font from Windows XP.
justaname5 on May 07, 2009
I have vista, but which font is it? there are a bunch of fonts, but all
have the same icon, hard to say which one is Hindi. Thanks for your help.
CattleBruiser2008 on May 20, 2009
See my video on how to install Hindi keyboard set. it is for XP but it is probably the same procedure on vista.
dubbooman on June 04, 2009
friend , i believe the singers are rafi sahib and manna dey,( who was also
a great singer)
gengarjetty on June 18, 2009
you're right. the singers are manna dey and rafi saahab.

as far as i am concerned, the most valuable gems are:

Mohammed Rafi


Mohammed Rafi
kchopra4080 on June 25, 2009
Standout performance of Rafi. Others contributed well too but its Rafi who
made the overall impact so beautiful. Qawalli of awesome proportion, lyrics
of out of this world standard, so purposeful too. This kind of work is
badly missed now a days. Kanwal
Ajay on August 27, 2009
Years from now, music from this movie will still be remembered. Roshan's
contribution to the inidan music scene is immeasurable. The singers are
Rafi, Manna Dey and Baatish
improbabletruth on September 29, 2009
From 6:06 onwards, this qawwali is uplifted beyond the level of human romance and into something divine - into truly one of the most beautiful musical (and lyrical) sequences ever devised. I felt carried upwards on a spiral of bliss! THIS is what Sufi music is about!

"Bande ko Khuda karta hai ishq," indeed. Thank you, thank you, Sahir Ludhianvi. I only hope that one day, my verse may even begin to approach the divinity that yours so effortlessly possesses.
Ragnesh Rathod on October 16, 2009
this is the song frm barsaat ki raat which is written by Bharat Bhushan who
is hero in this film and in this song the girl b/s Actress Shyama is Bharat
Bhushan's wife Ratna Bhushan they married after this film.
immaverick09 on November 10, 2009
it was the atmosphere, the social and ethical values and the life style of those times when emotions were more important for prople.but today ppl have become so materiliastic that they have forgotten these values.
rishabh72003 on November 20, 2009
This is one of the best i have ever heard, thank u Sahir, you possessed something divine.
Peshawar2010 on December 02, 2009
simply the super and perfect qawalli of all times,poetry,music,singers acting ,all are perfect. Now a days no such gem we will watch, how the poet described the ISHAQ,really yeh Ishaq,Ishaq hai
Aman Swami on December 05, 2009
Sahar Tak Sabakaa Hai A.Njaam Jal Kar Khaak Ho Jaanaa, Bharii Mahafil Me.N
Koi Shammaa Yaa Paravaanaa Ho Jae Kyo.Nki Ye Ishq Ishq Hai Ishq Ishq, Ye
Ishq Ishq Hai Ishq Ishq Vahashat\-E\-Dil Rasm\-O\-Diidaar Se Rokii Naa Gai
Kisii Kha.Njar, Kisii Talavaar Se Rokii Naa Gai Ishq Majanuu Kii Vo Aavaaz
Hai Jisake Aage Koi Lailaa Kisii Diivaar Se Rokii Naa Gai, Kyo.Nki Ye Ishq
Ishq Hai Ishq Ishq, Ye Ishq Ishq Hai Ishq Ishq
Aman Swami on December 05, 2009
Vo Ha.Nsake Agar Maa.Nge.N To Ham Jaan Bhii Dede.N, Haa.N Ye Jaan To Kyaa
Chiiz Hai Imaan Bhii Dede.N Kyo.Nki Ye Ishq Ishq Hai Ishq Ishq, Ye Ishq
Ishq Hai Ishq Ishq Naaz\-O\-A.Ndaaz Se Kahate Hai.N Ki Jiinaa Hogaa, Zahar
Bhii Dete Hai.N To Kahate Hai.N Ki Piinaa Hogaa Jab Mai.N Piitaa Huu.N To
Kahate.N Hai Ki Marataa Bhii Nahii.N, Jab Mai.N Marataa Huu.N To Kahate
Hai.N Ki Jiinaa Hogaa Ye Ishq Ishq Hai Ishq Ishq, Ye Ishq Ishq Hai Ishq
Ishq Mazahab\-E\-Ishq Kii Har Rasm Ka.Dii Hotii Hai,
Aman Swami on December 05, 2009
Mazahab\-E\-Ishq Kii Har Rasm Ka.Dii Hotii Hai, Har Kadam Par Koi Diivaar
Kha.Dii Hotii Hai Ishq Aazaad Hai, Hi.Nduu Naa Musalamaan Hai Ishq, Aap Hii
Dhama.R Hai Aur Aap Hii Imaan Hai Ishq Jisase Aagaah Nahii
Shekh\-O\-Barahaaman Dono, Us Haqiiqat Kaa Garajataa Hua Ailaan Hai Ishq
Ishq Naa Puchchhe Diin Dharam Nuu, Ishq Naa Puchchhe Jaataa.N Ishq De
Haatho.N Garam Lahuu Vich, Dubiyaa.N Lakh Baraataa.N Ke ... De Ishq Ye Ishq
Ishq Hai Ishq Ishq, Ye Ishq Ishq Hai Ishq Ishq Raah Ulfat ..
Murtuza H on May 05, 2010
@ragnesh7881 Thanks so much for the interesting piece of information by way
of identifying the co-artist with Shyama in the clip as the lady whom
Bharat Bhushan Saheb married after this film (i.e. Barsaat Ki Raat).
shonalovesongs on June 03, 2010
wonderfull kyi ki ye ishq ishq hai wahi jane jo kare.
saud khan on June 03, 2010
@SangeetGuruJi Dude the quality will go down only there is no chance to get
better than this , this is the top .
Arun Kumar Sinha on June 10, 2010
one of the best qawwali-this is called team work!
KhalidAsgharRadioPak on June 26, 2010
This is a superb piece of music in the realm of Qawwali. Khalid Asghar
(26th June 2010)
TheAmitagr on July 22, 2010
bahut badhiya song hai. this is the best qawwali
tiktam51 on September 06, 2010
Beauty of RAFI'S golden voice
Murtuza H on September 16, 2010
I very humbly request the uploader (materialworlds) to remove the English
subtitles forthwith. Translation is of poor quality and incorrect almost
completely and thus belittling the great work of Sahir Saheb.
khayyamkhayyam khayyam on March 26, 2011
mathurprashant on May 17, 2011
agree!! but urdu har kisi ke bas ki baat nahi :-(
786maq on July 01, 2011
wah Rafi saab wah . hay awaaz hai thumaria
humtum788hai on July 24, 2011
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Niranjan Deo on August 26, 2011
@improbabletruth loved your response/post here
rforrose01 on March 31, 2012
Did anyone notice, Lord of music entered at 0:53 ?
lakshami17 on May 15, 2012
This site has a full English translation of this beautiful song:
Indu Puri on April 16, 2013
wahsate dil rashno dar se roki na gayi kisi khanjar kisi talwar se roki na
gayi ishk majnu ki wo aawaz hai jiske aage koi laila kisi diwar se roki na
gayi. nazo andaz se kahte hai ke jina hoga jahar bhi dete hai
to kahte hai ke pina hoga jab mai pita hu to kahte hai marta bhi nahi jab
mai marta hu to kahte hai ke jina hoga...uff bavli bna deta hai iska hr
lfz mujhe.meri sbse pyari sbse jyada psndida qawwaliyon me ek hai yh
AppaRao Venkata Vinjamuri on May 12, 2013
sahar tak sabka hai anzam jal kar khak ho jana sahar tak sabka hai anzam
jal kar khak ho jana jale mahfil me koi shama ya koi parwana ho jaye kyonki
ye ishk ishk hai ishk ishk ye ishk ishk hai ishk
anoopsEars on June 06, 2013
so many arguments kishor is the best rafi is the best here is a proof that
manna dey is the undisputed god of male voice :)
Qawwali songs are exciting when you are going on picnics or when relaxing
at home on a monsoon evening!They elevate the mood.Genuine Sufi style.
Shambhu Joshi on December 17, 2013
can some one write this qawwali in Hindi?
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