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Comments on song "Yeh Kaun Aaj Aaya Savere Savere"
Jayanthi Nadig on February 20, 2010
Awesome Bharat bhai... Wonderful voice and style. Thanks for this beautiful
motandas1 on February 20, 2010
Pankaj Mullick's evergreen song. Thanks for reviving the glorous past of Indian film music.
Bharat Desai on February 20, 2010
You must have heard this Gem, Jayanthi..but we like to hear again &
again is the real beauty of this immortal Gem, 71 yrs old. Best Wishes.
Bharat Desai on February 20, 2010
Thank you Sharmaji for nice must haye seen it/heard it all
since day one. Best Wishes.
Ramesh Rawat on February 20, 2010
Today I could not attend to the mails in the morning but now though
afternoon, I am enjoying this very old gem of much before I was born. Nice
bhai. rr
Bharat Desai on February 20, 2010
humare Liye Har Pal Savera Hai...Yeh Geet Gane Ke Liye. This Gem was born
10 yrs before our birth & is still fresh, Ramesh Bhai. Thanks for response.
Cactus6692 on February 20, 2010
Sorry for late comment, This is an evergreen song.Lajawab.
Bharat Desai on February 20, 2010
Absolutely no issue for being late..thanks for Lajawab response.
S Qasim Hasan Zaidi on February 20, 2010
This is an unparalleled song of its times when Nartaki and Doctor were hit
musical films. Kia achhay din yaad dilaa diye. Shukriya Bharat Bhai.
Regards, Qasim Zaidi
jasbongy on February 20, 2010
Bharat ji i really salute you for uploading beautiful songs after songs on
your ''Possitive Viberations.'' channel. ''Ye kuan aaj aaya sawere,
sawere.'' Beautiful singig by legend singer Pankaj Mullik ji.
10***********Om Shanti. With respect. Sarla.
Bharat Desai on February 21, 2010
Thank you Sarla ji for all your praise & stars. Pl read description &
connect this song with Shiv Pita. Om Shanti.
Bharat Desai on February 21, 2010
You are absolutely right Qasim Bhai...Pl read is
interesting...then connect this song's mukhda. Best Wishes.
S Qasim Hasan Zaidi on February 21, 2010
Appreciate that. Thanks.
Bharat Desai on February 21, 2010
Thanks for acknowledging & appreciating, Qasim ji.
anupamadixit72 on February 26, 2010
sir, this is my favorite song . thanks for uploading full song .
Bharat Desai on February 27, 2010
Nice to know & Very nice to hear from you. Drop the title please. Remember
Only ONE SIR of All Sirs, Shiv. best Wishes.
Bharat Desai on March 19, 2012
@docreshma Nice to know.
Bharat Desai on May 31, 2012
Music is the Language of Loveful Souls. Just Enjoy.
Bharat Desai on August 18, 2012
Thanks with Eid Greetings.
Devendra Purushe on September 08, 2012
This is truly the descent of Sacche Badshah to bless the day!! Nay not the
day, but the days and days to come!!! So my friends, greet the new day
early in the morning, and see the Lords descent into this world!!
Bharat Desai on September 08, 2012
Well said, you are absolutely right. Badshahon Ke Badshah, our Supreme
Father has already descended. Thanks.
patel usha on September 20, 2012
Yes Omshanti Bharatji... Our Baba has come Once in a each and every the early morning..that is AMRUTVELA KNOWN AS SANGAMYUG. OMSHANTI
Bharat Desai on September 20, 2012
Yes, this is that TIME in this Kalp. Om Shanti, Ushaben.
Vasantha Ramanathan on October 05, 2012
The song depicts when Shiv Baba taking Brahma Baba as His medium to change
this Tamo Guni World into Satopradhan by giving daily morning the Nectar of
Gyan drop by drop and preparing the Souls to absolve their past Vikarmas
done in Body Consciousness and start Su-Karmas by doing Raj Yog in this
Sangam Yug. Those who understand the knew Knowledge of Self, Supreme Self &
the Akarma, Vikarma, Sukarma of this Drama which takes place every 5000
years, are the luckiest in this World Drama. Om Shanti.
Bharat Desai on October 05, 2012
You are one of those lucky souls :):) OM Shanti.
Bharat Desai on February 23, 2013
We all are lucky. Thanks.
varadhi satyarao on March 21, 2013
madhur geet hai.
Bharat Desai on March 21, 2013
Bahut Madhur...
Priyanka Karki on January 09, 2015
Best baba murli song... thanks baba... Om shanti all divine family..
Amarjit Madan on March 05, 2015
Simple music but soul touching voice ofPANKAJ MULLICK .Thank you
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