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Comments on song "Yeh Khamoshiya Yeh Tanhaayiya"
suman hunjan on April 29, 2010
simple and plain beauty of leela [heroin]
adrimayo on June 03, 2010
Mona Kar on June 05, 2010
My god this is my fav, song thanks
1955shashi on July 02, 2010
Top class duet by Rafi & Asha from the classical 60s. Lovely lyrics & Ravi's melodious music make this song such a memorable experience. The romantic mood pervades right thro this beautiful song. Thanks yuan, for uploading this rare gem, which is one of my fav.
June G on July 02, 2010
I love this song thank you so much for posting
RealMusicKing on July 09, 2010
Hello Yuan. TY. The song from this film "Yeh Raaste Hain Pyar Ke" was copied from a western song "The Breeze and I".
yuanyuanyuanyin on July 10, 2010
- One thing is for sure. Even if they copy, they pick the best ones.
OUR people are also the same. That is how WE came to know about all these beauties!
Thank you.
crazyoldsongs on July 17, 2010
what a beautiful romantic and soothing melody ! rafi and asha have done
wonders with the singing ! thanks yuan.
MrBilal2009 on July 19, 2010
What a beautiful...slow tone & musical song with unique & purity of
nature... mixture of love & nature..thanks for upload..a
soothing music.
mughaleazam0 on October 10, 2010
@RealMusicKing Hi Mate, Listened to The Breeze and I and I must say there
is no comparison. There are definitely some compositions that are copied or
RealMusicKing on October 17, 2010
"The" song "yeh raaste hain pyar ke" not "this" song was taken from "the breeze and I". Time to pull out from the pouch..Mayate.
snehal doshi on October 24, 2010
the lyrics are out of this world. and the music makes time stop ..
romance of the 60's was soooooo cool as much as the surroundings here.
KS SIVARAMAKRISHNAN on October 29, 2010
So simple yet so melodious. Great singer was Rafi sahab. He is immortal.Can
we get such songs these days? Sivaramakrishnan Hyderabad
sam7748 on November 23, 2010
They don't and can't make songs like this anymore. Thanks for posting!
fantastic014 on December 20, 2010
Thanks again .
fantastic014 on December 20, 2010
Thanks a lot .
Shaf on January 19, 2011
My God can't believe that i finally found this songs ...all
thanks to u ...great work ..thanks for uploading
Lalit Sharma on January 29, 2011
Masterpiece, Rafi Saab's voice is very soothing.
thehardstone7 on February 07, 2011
what a romance in rafi sahab voice...
Javed Shohrat on February 25, 2011
never forgetablf song.
Javed Shohrat on February 25, 2011
never forgetable song.
MRafisahabgems on March 15, 2011
the amazing legendary voice of Rafi sahab n asha!!
Nirantar Singh on May 16, 2011
nashila ,shandaar,adwitiy,adbhut parantu uploading sahi nahin hai
snehal doshi on June 02, 2011
jannat of snow - aur kya kehna. so enticing and a feel of the other world.
MRASK on June 08, 2011
1.20 to 1.34 Waw Rafi Saheb kya Meethi Aawaz Hai Khuda ne farishta apne
paas bula liya
Sidharth Bhatia on June 28, 2011
Yuan, great find.
jasbongy on July 23, 2011
Beautiful song ,sung brilliantly by Asha Ji & Rafi Ji. Leela Naydu looks
gorgeous. Thanks Yuan Ji. You ALWAYS have great selection for Golden Era
gems. Thumbs Up.W.R. Sarla. Thanks @KHAN1561 Ji. Khan Bhai for sharing &
dedicating this beautiful Song/Video to your Didi. Thanks for your
affection.I love this song. Leela Naydu once was guest in my college. She
looked awesome. Bless you. Didi.
namalkhan100 on September 29, 2011
very nice n romantic song
dkvns on January 09, 2012
Words defy expression of my elation to find this fav song of mine. Kudos.
Mani Menon on February 19, 2012
Sunil Dutt looked so dashing and debonair! As did Rehman. Leela Naidu and
Shashikala were so beautiful in this movie. By today's standard this is
hardly a controversial, adult theme. But, believe it or not, the censors
gave it an 'A' certificate!
perrajusharma on February 26, 2012
people may come and go but their memorable works always remain and ghase
zainulprocess on March 02, 2012
wow what a romantic nogs what a great voice two legend ashaji and rafi sahab
Guru Singh on April 15, 2012
timeless classic
Kanak Kishore on April 24, 2012
very nice song ..
Jay Trivedi on May 27, 2012
Evergreen romantic Ravi & Rafi
Suresh Tulsiani on June 14, 2012
Everything is perfect in this song :)
Saqib Qayyum on June 24, 2012
what a song, lajawab,rafi ge aur asha gee ne kamaal kiya hai
vng61 on June 29, 2012
what a lovely song u hav uploaded my friend Yuan!
jampot2000 on July 02, 2012
Ravi Saab has been one the most underrated music director. He has produced such musical gems as Waqt, Gumraah, Hamraaz. This song is just perfect with beautiful poetry from Rajinder Krishan though I personally think his numbers with Sahir Ludhianvi Saab are unparalleled.
Vijaya Babu Kudaravalli on July 31, 2012
today is 31st july,Rafi ji ki punya tidhi ke auvsarpar,i would like to pray
for the great soul along with other music lovers and no words to describe
about his voice other than"ULTIMATE".. thanks for the you tube and all the
uploaders for their great efforts. KVijay.
Arun Kumar Sinha on November 12, 2012
nice &beautiul song
Arun Kumar Sinha on November 12, 2012
nice &beautiful song
Chitta Ranjan Deka on November 21, 2012
Rafi & Ravi ... great combination for some of the most beautiful songs ,
that have been created for Hindi films . This duet is one of the best
romantic songs from great '60s.
sunil kumar sharma on January 08, 2013
nice song rafi & asha ji
sunil kumar sharma on January 08, 2013
nice song rafi & asha ji
Jagjit Singh Ishar on February 22, 2013
Wonderful yuan what a nice & melodious upload.
Jagjit Singh Ishar on February 22, 2013
Ravi Rafi Asha venture, one of the best from that golden era. Nice Leela
Naidu Sunil Dutt coupling in the frame.
ecoz incan on March 19, 2013
I am in late 50's song takes me back to me back to my younger days & want
to live that life all over again...Yuanyuanyuanin you made me feel young &
flutter my heart again like a teenager, ...thanks you dear for the upload
ecoz incan on March 19, 2013
another information about the movie, the general public liked Kawas
Manekshaw Nanavati & thought he was the wronged man & also the jury was on
his side, he was acquitted in higher court result trial by jury was
abolished in India in 1960 or 61.Nanavati a Parsi came to Canada with
family & lived in Toronto till he passed away few yrs ago...
ecoz incan on March 19, 2013
if any information is wrong pl. correct me
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