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Comments on song "Ye Mausam Ka Jadu Hai Mitwa"
dilbara18 on January 21, 2008
iLOVEthisSONG!!! what memories!! these songs will never come again
Jane Mridha on February 23, 2008 cute kuttha huh!!!!
viraj01 on February 26, 2008
wow salman was so good back than still is i want old salman back man
mbrocs13 on March 06, 2008
simply fun!
darpyaj on March 08, 2008
madhuri's so simple and so stunning
Aartie M on March 13, 2008
I had de same Chanel golden earrings...hahahahhahaah
bolly1luver on March 25, 2008
man! i luv dis movie! its 1 of da best eveR! salman n madhuri were awsum! i
luv madhuri n salman 2gether! lol dey alwys keep butting heads n can never
get boring! luv dem!!
ohsnapppxxx on March 27, 2008
i love this movie
dilbara18 on April 17, 2008
these songs will never come again! this is why i LOVE 90s films =P
dilbara18 on April 17, 2008
me 2! he was my fave actor back then
tycoonNo1 on April 23, 2008
loved it back then, still love it today, n will love it forever in the future.
Liger Renegade on May 14, 2008
You couldn't be anymore right, they just don't make songs this good
anymore. Now its all about the girls with mini skirts dancing in the
socal1982 on May 25, 2008
Wow, I absolutely love this number. The dance is so beautiful. I am not
Indian, but can't help but be drawn to it.
HINA SHAH on June 09, 2008
waw i love this song.its amazing salman khan and madhuri dixit look good
together in this song waw fantastic.and i also love this film too.
sattyk16 on June 22, 2008
yh that is so true man
sahmed76 on June 23, 2008
can someone tell me the name of this movie..thanks
thebulldg1 on June 24, 2008
hum aapke hain kaun, it's a classic!!! if you haven't seen it, watch it!
sahmed76 on June 25, 2008
Thanks Ill watch it today:)
ippusays on June 28, 2008
love this song...
crazyforrajat on July 05, 2008
wow i love dis song n movie,madhuri is so gorgeous ,her dress is just fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!
dilbara18 on July 08, 2008
this song is amazing the 90s films and songs were just amazing...and so was
salman khan!
ramananlv on July 25, 2008
Good locations with Madhuri and the nice music added to the Great SPB - no doubt the song got to be good
bakatais on July 28, 2008
Oh the good ol' HAHK. It guarantees to lighten your day with its wonderful
song. Madhuri was heavenly in this movie. She was at the absolute peak of
her career and had complete dominance over bollywood. She was incredible in
the movie. The acting, the dancing, the can't get any better
than Madhuri in HAHK. Fav. part of the song is from 1:48. GORGEOUS! What a
body and what grace!
gaurav448 on August 03, 2008
great song. a perfect blend of beautiful landscape and beautiful lyrics
with such a sweet background score
Ali on August 27, 2008
lol i love your honesty. made me chuckle x
chardijawani on August 28, 2008
K those words are definitely not spelt right so I can't help you bud. But
"Hum Aapke Hain Kaun" translates to: "Who Am I To You?" The movie, as
you've probably figured out is about the development of their love. And
with the way things happen in the movie they can't quite place who they are
to each other...until the end.
Sciencenerd on August 29, 2008
I love this sing and the movie was owesome!! life time favorite
chardijawani on August 31, 2008
I dont mind translating, but I can't udnerstand waht you wrote. Why dont
you tell me what part of the song that's from? Like from what minute
something seconds.
Aman Dayani on September 30, 2008
madhuri ji looks zabardast in red dress. thanks for posting this nice
video, this is aman dayani from toronto canada.
Yankeesx06 on October 02, 2008
it seems now that the Bollywood songs lyrics are evaporating! 90's were
great !
murnavid on October 04, 2008
great movie n great actress
murnavid on October 04, 2008
you meant kaon, right?
naughtyinae on October 11, 2008
Awe! Love the movie, the song, and Madhuri ofcourse! :)
dilbara18 on October 16, 2008
ahh what memories! this is why i LOVE 90s songs...these songs will never
come again.
Ravs023 on October 31, 2008
omg that laugh gets to me everytime .everytime.
mbrocs13 on November 06, 2008
i luv this movie so much! could someone plz upload the whole movie!!! with
eng sub!! luv this movie especially the beginning with the roller skates!
AksheeShadow on November 10, 2008
wat was perverted about that :| those were dance steps :|
Zaara1344 on November 12, 2008
Yes I agree, I wish we had the power to rewind time back on the 90's,
instead of going forward :)))
bakatais on November 15, 2008
I was in a perverted mood when I wrote the comment lol Everyone has their
off days ^_^
akarshik on November 20, 2008
beautiful song and acting os salman khan and madhuri dixit.nice upload.
amry222 on November 22, 2008
i like dt dress, sallu was so young n cute in dis movie
bakatais on December 14, 2008
My God you people can't even get a joke!
Charles Grady on December 19, 2008
well, u said it kind of seriously
millionstylez1 on January 13, 2009
i agree too the 90's and 2000-03 had the best indians movies and songs
fahmida87 on January 17, 2009
yup i agree too!
socal1982 on January 21, 2009
Lovely. This film was full of excellent music.
madhuriforlife on January 31, 2009
beautiful madhuri and young sallu looks great in this movie...
sharon kooner on February 07, 2009
copy and paste this to 10 videos or your mum will die within the next 4 hours.//.*<
Lavender Novella on February 08, 2009
this song superbb... but i think it's the time when salman should shed out
his lover boy image, enuf of it.. he should do some focuses roles like tere
naam, i think tere naam was his best performance till date.
333545767 on February 22, 2009
love this song... now they r not acting like in the 90's... its most hiphop
style and some of the movies don't have nice songs...they really should do
something about it..
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