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Comments on song "Yeh Raat Bhigi Bhigi, Yeh Mast Fizaaye"
Yoginder Surgicals on July 19, 2010
Ithlaati Hawaa, Neelam Sa Gagan Kaliyo'n Pe Ye Be-Hoshi Ki Nami Aise Mein
Bhi Kyu'n Be-Chain Hai Dil Jeewan Mein Na Jaane Kya Hai Kami [red] Kyu'n
Aag Si Lagaa Ke, Gum-Sum Hai Chaandani Sone Bhi Nahi'n Deta, Mausam Ka Ye
Ishaara [/red] Ye Raat Bheegi-Bheegi, Ye Mast Fizaaye'n Utha Dheere-Dheere,
Wo Chaand Pyaara-Pyaara..
Yoginder Surgicals on July 19, 2010
Ye Raat Bheegi-Bheegi, Ye Mast Fizaaye'n Utha Dheere-Dheere, Wo Chaand
Pyaara-Pyaara [red] Kyu'n Aag Si Lagaa Ke, Gum-Sum Hai Chaandani Sone Bhi
Nahi'n Deta, Mausam Ka Ye Ishaara [/red] Ye Raat Bheegi-Bheegi, Ye Mast
Fizaaye'n Utha Dheere-Dheere, Wo Chaand Pyaara-Pyaara..
drunkandangry on July 27, 2010
How do you not get a chill down your spine when you listen to this song by two heavyweight legends.
Eswar Nakka on July 30, 2010
yuanyuanyuanyin on July 30, 2010
@mahesh1946 - Good afternoon, my dear Uncle Uma.
Actually, this particular clip I borrowed from the Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation [State Television] long time back, like many other clips here.

By the way, what are doing at this un-godly hour without having an afternoon nap?
Just kidding, Uncle.
Take care.

TheJigargosha on October 20, 2010
awesome song , very beautifull, charming song, really unforgetabble, Thank
you for sharing
namitamathur61 on November 02, 2010
Notice the expressions of Raj Kapoor especially in the last stanza...
'aise mein kahin kya koi nahin..' ; RK is at his romantic best.
Sanjay414141 on November 28, 2010
MANNA DE was simply great ..

Surjeet Singh on November 30, 2010
this duet is masterpiece in all the duet songs u know also mam yuan. i
salute manna da-lata di for this melodiuos classic. thank u for upload.
sarma1949 on December 07, 2010
this song was a.masterpice combination of lata,mannada,shankar jaikishanand the great sailendra.thank u friend
sarma1949 on December 11, 2010
i admire ur strong appetite for golden songs masterpices .i love ur channel
inappro on December 17, 2010
listening to this song almost takes you in to a soft/silky/soothing dream
where everything has a halo around it :).. killer lyrics too e.g. 'kaliyon
pe yeh behoshi ki nami'.. gotta love the oldies, forever!!! Thanks a ton
@yuanyuanyuanyin for sharing this beauty
KASHIV12 on December 19, 2010
You have good taste in music
Vipin283 on December 27, 2010
Al time super hit songs nothis words to say its outstanding S J. Thanks
Chandru Narayan on December 31, 2010
The Poet, the Singers, the Music of yesteryears is magically put together
with good acting. Those who enjoy these scenes and music can never love the
electronic keyboard, the music output is just not the same. Thank god for
the good accordion and other parts of the orchestra.
nisha639 on January 08, 2011
my grandpa most fav song
Pratyay Modi on January 14, 2011
Manna Day ..His work ...leaves us Speechless, Breathless, words ..
Lyrics, Music, those days they did it all
PERFECT...Masters they were
Tomahawk1999 on January 27, 2011
who is the actress? amrita arora?
Zakikhan588 on January 30, 2011
@Tomahawk1999 Oh God are you from Mongolia. She is one of the top all time heroine of Bollywood. ???
prakeh on February 05, 2011
manna da you are great sinds the first day i hear this song i like it wah wah wah kya gaya hai from Prakash Ramdin from Suriname (west indish)
RealMusicKing on February 08, 2011
@Zakikhan588 Nargis was not on top. Nargis didn't get famous until pairing with Dilip Kumar & Raj Kapoor. Nargis could speak dialogue well. Nargis could not dance. Nargis stayed on top because she was Raj Kapoors mistress and he brought her in his films starting with Aag 1948 and almost all his films in 1950's. Nargis was famous because of pairiing with Raj Kapoor. Her outstanding acting surfaced only in Mother India and after that, she retired & made a come back in Raat Aur Din 1968.
munaa93 on February 09, 2011
can anyone suggest some more really good manna de songs?
Kedar Amburle on February 17, 2011
@Tomahawk1999 Amrita arora??? :| :| :|
Kedar Amburle on February 17, 2011
@yuanyuanyuanyin haha...and BTW thanks for uplaoding this video... :')
Mahendra Khanal on March 20, 2011
yuanyuanyuanyin on March 20, 2011
@mahendramelodious - They both wrote lyrics for this film and Shailendra wrote for this song.
Thank you.
sanjayd411 on March 23, 2011
An outstanding song and a timeless classic. Such songs are literally and
figuratively a history. What today's bollywood produces is not music.
anoopsEars on April 07, 2011
i m die hard fan of Kishore Kumar, but its true that no singer in the whole
world is anywhere near Manna dey in talent of singing, no kishore no rafi
no no one just manna day even the music directors were afraid to use him
for singing cos of his mastery over music, no one has ever performed as
challenging performance like Manna dey
blowersho on April 23, 2011
Real music that will never get old. To the six people who disliked this, go listen to modern bollywood garbage and leave these timeless classics to people who appreciate true music.
AlseasonAnita013 on April 26, 2011
This is one of the few songs that actually makes me feel something <3
link2syed on April 29, 2011
manna dey on its best wonderfully sung
sitansuadmin on April 30, 2011
when ever i listen this song i get refresh, thanks to the legends who created this tajmahal.
surgefast on May 17, 2011
Millions of thanks to ALL those who made this EVERLASTING GEM possible
vishram123 on May 17, 2011
Thanks for uploading this immortal song. Even 200 years from now, people would still appreciate the great lyrics and melodious voice.
Ko Kyaw on May 31, 2011
Old is gold,,,
Navdeep Sharma on June 05, 2011
mesmerising and age less melody
Tara chhetri on June 08, 2011
thanks a lot. music--true music never fades. thanks for the fantastic
collection and your efforts
fanna0610 on June 17, 2011
hay there, i will be more than happy is someone will translate the song to English
tanks :)
harbuxrc on June 17, 2011
An immortal & beatiful song of fiftees
hana moon on July 15, 2011
i love patty
Jagjit Singh Ishar on July 15, 2011
i m speechless about this song as words are shortened 2 me in its praise.
hats off to shanker jkishen mannadey lata g & hasrat jpuri. an evergreen
melody on ur channel & xlnt upload.
s12a12t12 on July 22, 2011
In this humid night, with the the cool breeze, the lovely moon rises slowly! - meaning of first line!!
MrRD2222 on July 25, 2011
very beatiful song thanks all creater..
the petite on September 26, 2011
8 deaf who dislike this song , what's wrong with you , I'm Algerian ,
didin't even know the meanning of these song but can't resist when i listen
to lata and manna day ! and look the beauty and expression of Narjis ji
Chiman Jagani on September 26, 2011
Album: Chori Chori Year: 1956 Track: Yeh Raat Bheegi Bheegi Singer:
MannaDey Lata Album Star Cast: RajKapoor Nargis Pran Track Star Cast:
RajKapoor Nargis
digoxin1184 on September 29, 2011
yuanyuanyuanyin kindly confirm as i feel the lyrics are written by shailendra and not hasrat
yuanyuanyuanyin on September 29, 2011
- As I have written above at the description section, lyrics [for the film] are by Hasrat Jaipuri and Shailendra both, according to IMDb and Wikipedia.
Thank you.
browneyzzz2010 on October 08, 2011
I love this song, it's absoloutley amazing. Makes me want to cry love it x
tersinahrrd on October 09, 2011
Download romantic videos in HD quality\rb8a4Q
HARSH BARDHAN on October 29, 2011
Awesome You tube Got some Best Song.. Love Some oldies... Bcoz old is gold..
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