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Comments on song "You And Me Me And You"
Fahima Begum on January 18, 2010
i wanna wach the movie the songs are great
Zulfiqaar Baksh on January 19, 2010
this movie is like my life story (Y) lol
ilk3babygirl on January 19, 2010
I haven't watched the movie yet, but I want to.
Priyanka Chopra is absolutely Beautiful & a great actress.
TibOu786 on January 20, 2010
i love this song! HaHaHiiHii Priyanka is so beauty but i don't love with
short hair! i love her dress U & Me Me & U Kabhi Hoga Nahi! Pyaaar
Impossible Impossible hai pyaar Yeah realy a beauty like a monkey!!! but is
Vino sitas on January 22, 2010
that dumm thing is just Priyanka :P
katoucha0 on January 22, 2010
the beat of this song is like a french song called au soleil of jenifer
MovieLuver111 on January 23, 2010
@ Zulfi95: This movie seems really interesting so if its like you life
story, not to be rude or anything, but which one are you. Nerd or Beauty?
iraqiprincess7 on January 23, 2010
the acting and singing is soo fake and doesnt look real these people can not act
lizii24 on January 23, 2010
Ho Sakta Hai! It's possible hey yaar! ^-^
xl0ve1 on January 23, 2010
youu and mee
me and youu
kabhi hoh na yakin
but you can only wish its truee
xl0ve1 on January 23, 2010
ii love priyanka's clothes and herr haiirr
kayy i love her style
myy most fav actress (:
cagla21 on January 24, 2010
go for it udaaay
justRekha on January 27, 2010
love love love this song! :):)
tnbatton on February 09, 2010
how do they make her hair long and then short again???
QueenAnnie18 on February 09, 2010
they use hair extensions that can removed and put on.
annabella1211 on February 09, 2010
extentions =p
tnbatton on February 10, 2010
i get that but in kuch kuch hota hai, kajol's hair was naturally long, but
they made it short in the begginning of the movie...was it a wig?
lamb230 on February 11, 2010
its such nice song ruined it with the vidoe
QueenAnnie18 on February 13, 2010
Yeah it was a wig, the real hair was under it.
Vino sitas on February 14, 2010
akshay would suite more >>?
life6391 on February 20, 2010
ya extensions!1
321345829 on February 21, 2010
omg love tjis song and movie i warched it yesterday
aun384 on March 03, 2010
Really amzing song priyanka looks are just amazing she is the best..
sahme7 on March 08, 2010
Hot babes!!!!, but they can't beat Priyanka.
gagagalo lolo on March 13, 2010
love this song!
Rawi Weideman on March 21, 2010
ANYONE SEEN THIS MOVIE? if yes, is it worth watching? how good was it?
Ranbir Priyanka on March 28, 2010
i see it, it is really gr8 and it´s worth watching :)
TheShreyasharma100 on April 05, 2010
the songs are good enough but the film isn't
Vino sitas on April 14, 2010
It's good enough too watch it. But don't expect too much ;)
xl0ve1 on April 19, 2010
i am so watchin this moviie soon
such a cute song (:
haroon1187 on April 24, 2010
thanx 4 uploadin this song,this movie has some gud songs especially ALISHA, keeps remindin me ov sme1 special hu is also called
vivemff on April 25, 2010
@sulhaq My name is Khan is just a beautiful movie prepare the handkerchiefs
Sharmin Aktar on April 25, 2010
He is so ugly! how can be a hero?
mjht96 on April 27, 2010
@murtalink he doesnt really look like that its just makeup and stuff
Sharmin Aktar on April 27, 2010
@mjht96 ya i saw him also with good make-up ,but he dosen´t look good
either .
xl0ve1 on April 28, 2010
you and me,
me and you,
kabhi ho na yakin
but all i really want is you
katelynbrunotaylor on April 29, 2010
iTs JUst Not Meant To Be . . . ♥
Ramsha Awan on May 09, 2010
had to watch this movie bcuz of my mom. but its pretty good i guess. da gal
does a good job watever her name is. didnt understand the movie watched
with subtitles but enjoyed a lot! :D
carinarina123 on May 12, 2010
MissDeepika20 on May 13, 2010
its so great
AceFrolic720 on May 17, 2010
y are they trying 2 sound like Hollywood singers?!!
stick 2 who u are yaar!
Disco waale khisko!! :P
angelbebe231 on May 24, 2010
i love this songg
aparna mukerji on June 01, 2010
i think this movie was horrible .no sense at all , i just like the music
. dont axpect priyanka to do such movies.
yaya1yuyu2 on June 03, 2010
I Love this song man. XD. Love the beat.. especially 'the dents.. 'mein pal tum sal ho aisa kamal ho'.. LOve it. :D.
MALVIKAREDDY on June 24, 2010
Misa Amane on August 05, 2010
love this song nd priyanka my fav actress...
Manga1245 on August 25, 2010
Can someone upload the lyrics
TakenEnt on October 04, 2010
@mousumi1000 i liked it to =/ it wasnt so bad..
DraganCokoMoko on October 24, 2010
das lid ist col
Marie Joy Santiago on October 26, 2010
i love the movie. very nice.and the song also very good. i like
all the pyarr impossible
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