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Comments on song "You And Me Me And You"
DesiGirl2000 on December 22, 2009
I love this song and the vid! can't wait for the movie!
taklutopi on December 22, 2009
cool video!
both uday and priyanka look great
Hemant Kumar Gangwar on December 22, 2009
priyanka looks gorgeous as always
Hemant Kumar Gangwar on December 22, 2009
nice video !!!!!
sharifbacha on December 22, 2009
lolz.. i just cant imagine. my comments are deleted from this area, just
because I have said that I dont like this movie and Uday Chopra :P. O
Gawd.. how hysterical these YRF ppl are... I still believe that Uday needs
to learn how to act, he is just so artificial... n im worried on the fact
that he is destroying PC also, who is my fav. actror :(
neina0405 on December 22, 2009
omg how cute, luv it
coldyNight123 on December 22, 2009
cool song,..but what's with the quality. ~they r the YRF
should have the best quality ^_~
Julybaby22 on December 22, 2009
priyanka is so pretty : )
shirani92 on December 22, 2009
great song! love priyankass clothess!
circusxo on December 22, 2009
can't wait for this movie :)
Anil Bawa on December 22, 2009
love pc and all songs
SuzanaR on December 22, 2009
Love it! Priyanka looks gorgeous!!!
NOHAE84 on December 22, 2009
cool song, Priyanka is awesome like always, and uday with the geek look so
funny ahaha!
srklover12 on December 23, 2009
I love this song! and for once priyanka looks great!
PreityDuygu on December 23, 2009
i love priyanka but i dont like her when her hair is that short
Hunte08pp on December 24, 2009
Actress who have no talent, wear too revealing clothes to promote their
movies. Kajol has talent and does not need to show off her skin to promote
her movies. Because ppl know she is a great actress. Kat and priyanka, have
no talent, just skin show. I hate priyanka. But I like kat, even though she
is not a great actress. I still like her. She does not give that impression
that she is the best. PC thinks she is the best.
prachimotwani on December 25, 2009
they look awesome together
Sanjana Mehrotra on December 25, 2009
omg i love this song
crzy4444 on December 26, 2009
Thook or Gum funny lyrics v gud
kartikey12 on December 26, 2009
@Hunte08pp Priyanka can act, she's no Rani or Kareena but she is a pretty good actress. Katrina is obviously crap
roqXangeL on December 26, 2009
the song is graeat, and i LOVE priyankas clothes in this video. they are
soooo cool ^^
utubesrahman on December 27, 2009
Pyaar is impossible btwn me and priyanka.. :( .. she looks so gorgeous
cutiepiealvira on December 27, 2009
Lovee This Songg Priyanka Is Sooo Pretty!
l4fs on December 27, 2009
i wudnt say priyanka is pretty..
bt definately appreciate the effort she puts in to luk HAWT with wearing coloured lenses all the time, extensions in hair and the nose job she gt dne..(eventho i dnt understand whats rong with dark brown eyes)
crnt forget her in dostana..she luked so fitt
with this movie az well i reckon she is gna create style statements!!!
2cgr8 on December 28, 2009
Ahmed Khan is doing good songs
saltnpeper18 on December 28, 2009
love this song! priyanka chopra is amazing at number 1 at the moment!
Anil Bawa on December 28, 2009
nice very atractive song
Nanthini Nickki on December 29, 2009
Priyanka chopra and Uday chopra look good together some how look cute
together hope the movie does well cant wait for it
Dheedh on December 29, 2009
Priyanka should not wear rags. She looks cheap instead of being a super duper beauty.
tryanasaurusrex on December 31, 2009
hey that' what I was thinkng! ... they say great minds think a like!
tryanasaurusrex on December 31, 2009
Lyrics of You And Me Song Saath hai khushi aurr gum, jaise hai coke aurr
rum Like the apple on a mac, just like jill and jack Kash hotey yun hi
saath saath We will be together, forever and ever You and me, me and you
Kabhi hoga nahi but all I really want is you You and me, me and you Kabhi
hoga nahi but you can only wish that is true Pyaar impossible, impossible
hai pyaar Pyaar impossible, impossible hai pyaar Din mein ho chandni, aisa
hota nahi It's just not meant to be
sILYmILY123 on January 04, 2010
her hair is like in the song "u got me rocking and reeling" them
tho, but even tho i like PC a lot she doesn't look good being a collage
gurl type. DX
sanghamitra85 on January 05, 2010
i am hearing this song all day long.
Ratika Gupta on January 05, 2010
Rocking songs love every song
josep226 on January 07, 2010
I love Priyanka!!
winky109 on January 07, 2010
isnt tat wat hes saying bloddy apple on a mac
VampireTasneem on January 07, 2010
no...actually it's supposed to be "like the apple on a mac"...
Aiswarya kumar on January 07, 2010
such a feel good song finally in the recent times. i keep singing this song
at my workplace lolzzzzzz and all whites laugh at me
Bhoomit Gala on January 07, 2010
the song is very good.. Cant wait for the movie to release... Priyanka
is looking fab..
veronica kum on January 07, 2010
I love this song<3 Priyanka ur best..
PinkNazmee on January 08, 2010
Nice song. Priyanska is soo beautiful I love her lovely hair and she shouldnt have cut her hair But she still looks cute
hadia350 on January 09, 2010
I remember before to me i used to get annoyed whenever i saw uday on screen, he wasnt good looking at all it was just ughh...
I always feelt that he was a good actor but i never liked his appearance , to much muscles but now hes gotten more good looking in some way i think him playing a geek is why because i always liked geeks
PwincessMunii on January 12, 2010
yhhh shes pukaz

luving da song.x
ShaydeeUnderscore on January 15, 2010
Nice song!
Priyanka looks hot as always!
LADYxCHANDINI on January 16, 2010
Aww, priyanka looks so good x3
and uday is so cute *-*
they're a very sweet couple ^_^
love this song <3
Fatima Javed on January 16, 2010
luv this song
bunnyali on January 16, 2010
love this song!
rabbit13 on January 16, 2010
love dis song awesome!
AfghanSultan on January 17, 2010
its really good

rabbit13 on January 18, 2010
awesome sogn!
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