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Lyrics of Beqaraar Dil Tu Gaaye Jaa - बेक़रार दिल तू गाये जा
beqaraar dil, tu gaaye jaa
khushiyo se bhare vo taraane
jinhe sun ke duniyaa jhum uthe
aur jhum uthe dil divaane
beqaraar dil

raag ho koi milan kaa, sukh se bhari saragam kaa
yug-yug ke badhan kaa, saath ho laakho janam kaa
aise hi bahaare gaati rahe, aur sajate rahe viraane
jinhe sun ke

raat yun hi tham jaayegi, rut ye hasi musakaaegi
badhi kali khil jaayegi, aur shabanam sharamaayegi
pyaar ke vo kaise nagame, jo ban jaaye afasaane
jinhe sun ke

dard me dubi dhun ho, sine me ik sulagan ho
saaso me halaki chubhan ho, sahami hui dhadakan ho
doharaate rahe bas git ye aa, duniyaa se rahe begaane
jinhe sun ke
lyrics of song Beqaraar Dil Tu Gaaye Jaa
Comments on song "Beqaraar Dil Tu Gaaye Jaa"
Pankaj Patel on Friday, April 11, 2014
बेकरार दिल तू गाये जा, खुशियों से भरे वो तराने
जिन्हे सुन के दुनियाँ झूम उठे और झूम उठे दिल दीवाने

राग हो कोई मिलन का, सुख से भरी सरगम का
युग युग के बंधन का, साथ हो लाखों जनम का
ऐसे ही बहारे गाती रहे, और सजते रहे वीराने

रात यूँ ही थम जायेगी, रुत ये हसीन मुसकायेगी
बँधी कली खिल जायेगी, और शबनम शरमायेगी
प्यार के हो ऐसे नग्में, जो बन जाये अफ़साने

दर्द में डूबी धून हो, सीने में एक सुलगन हो
साँसों में हलकी चुभन हो, सहमी हुयी धड़कन हो
दोहराते रहे बस गीत नये, दुनियाँ से रहे बेगाने
RituPM :) FEELThePurityPeace&DepthINMusicINYourShr on Friday, January 09, 2009
Wow! I LOVE this song! Have ALWAYS loved it. Gosh am delighted to have
browsed in your selections again to have found this song! :) What a sweet
song - lovely touching lyrics, awesome melody, beautifully sung! Had never
seen the visuals of the song before though. Seems a sweet touching movie.
Am curious to see the movie now. Will search on YT. Thanks! Am never
disappointed in fact mostly delighted with your AWESOME selection of songs
and vintage gems. Thanks is but a word. With Due regards, Ritu
crazyoldsongs on Tuesday, September 15, 2009
beqarar dil., panthi hoon main us path ka., khushi do ghari ki and jeevan
se na haar jeene waale from door ka rahi and aa chal ke tujhe,.jin raaton
ki bhor nahin hai., koi lauta de mere beete hue din., from door gagan ki
chhaon mein are kishore kumar's immortal melodies composed by himself and
which can be heard endlessly and my fav gems of kishore kumar. the genius
has also written the lyrics of aa chal ke tujhe. rest of the songs from
door gagan ki chhaon are by the great poet shailendra
Uttam Padukone on Sunday, January 03, 2010
The abrupt ending is part of the filming itself. There is a small violin
and piano based interlude immediately - pure goosebumps level, 24K gold
quality - with a short dialog between Kishore Kumar and Ashok something
like: KK: Joseph Saab AK: Mujhe apni kursi par biTha do. I had recorded
this song on a 5 inch spool tape when it was telecast on Doordarshan many
many years ago but alas the tape is now lost! Uttam
surgefast on Saturday, April 11, 2009
IMIRZA777 Ji All the words can not express my sincere thanks that I have
eventually found this GEM I have been looking for decades. I first heard it
in INDIA in 1970. Some music shops in Southall said thay never even heard
of this film but I had recorded most of the songs from this film in INDIA
on reel to reel (spool tapes) back in those days. Now I will try and get
the DVD/VCD. Many Thanks again
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