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Comments on song "Beqaraar Dil Tu Gaaye Jaa"
slodip on January 07, 2009
female singer is sulakshana pandit.
IMIRZA777 on January 07, 2009
Thanks For the Correction.
albela on January 07, 2009
Thank you for uploading.
safarnama0 on January 08, 2009
Thank you! This is probably the greatest song Kishore Kumar composed, for
lyrics by A. Irshaad. Kishore also produced and directed this melancholic
movie, which unfortunately did not do well at the box office.
RituPM :) FEELThePurityPeace&DepthINMusicINYourShr on January 09, 2009
Wow! I LOVE this song! Have ALWAYS loved it. Gosh am delighted to have
browsed in your selections again to have found this song! :) What a sweet
song - lovely touching lyrics, awesome melody, beautifully sung! Had never
seen the visuals of the song before though. Seems a sweet touching movie.
Am curious to see the movie now. Will search on YT. Thanks! Am never
disappointed in fact mostly delighted with your AWESOME selection of songs
and vintage gems. Thanks is but a word. With Due regards, Ritu
Meha Dalal on January 12, 2009
garywantsmore on February 15, 2009
I love sulakshana Pundit's voice in this song. She sounds so young and
innocent, I just love her. Its a tragedy what happened to her later in
life. But she's putting her life back together again. Good luck to her. Did
I mention that I love her?
urja73 on March 10, 2009
Thank you for uploading this video. Can anyone tell me where I can get a VCD/DVD of this movie? What was it about?
ashusinghal1960 on March 13, 2009
Simply magic. Isn't it the most wonderful piece of music. Did you ever try and shut your eyes and listen to this soulful melody - you would never like it to end.
kailash sreerama on March 22, 2009
thank you for posting such an enchanting song!!
rajaismyname on April 04, 2009
Kishore Kumar must have trained himself randomly which brought the music directly from his soul
surgefast on April 11, 2009
IMIRZA777 Ji All the words can not express my sincere thanks that I have
eventually found this GEM I have been looking for decades. I first heard it
in INDIA in 1970. Some music shops in Southall said thay never even heard
of this film but I had recorded most of the songs from this film in INDIA
on reel to reel (spool tapes) back in those days. Now I will try and get
the DVD/VCD. Many Thanks again
babbibaba on April 21, 2009
wow..wot a song..i was searching since ages...i ve no words to say thnx for
this gem...god bless you
raj1905 on May 25, 2009
inexplicable depth.genius singing .
yashasvi96 on June 11, 2009
A song which touches the heart. Sulakshana's voice is very sweet.
Arghya Dutta on July 05, 2009
What a man he was.. Had Kishore Kumar been only a music director, then also
he would have featured in the top league of soul touching composers... this
song, panthi hoon main, koi humdum na raha, aa chal ke tujhe, jin raaton ki
bhor nahi hai- are all timeless melodies..
Komalrani on July 30, 2009
Jab sawan ki garmiyoon ki chandni ho, chanbeli aur motiya kay pholoon ki
mehak haar simaat pheli hoyee ho aur us dill ko tbbah karny waali chandni
mein yeh geet sunayee day jab MEHBOOB saamnay betha ho tau YEH ZINDAGI
KITNI HASSEN ho jaye gi..kiya jadoo hay is geet may
yogendra khokhar on August 01, 2009
This film has some very rare songs with Kishore at his magical best. It
seems he is still there singing for us,the mere mortals. Can i also find "
khushi do ghadi ki mile na mile"?
crazyoldsongs on September 15, 2009
beqarar dil., panthi hoon main us path ka., khushi do ghari ki and jeevan
se na haar jeene waale from door ka rahi and aa chal ke tujhe,.jin raaton
ki bhor nahin hai., koi lauta de mere beete hue din., from door gagan ki
chhaon mein are kishore kumar's immortal melodies composed by himself and
which can be heard endlessly and my fav gems of kishore kumar. the genius
has also written the lyrics of aa chal ke tujhe. rest of the songs from
door gagan ki chhaon are by the great poet shailendra
crazyoldsongs on September 17, 2009
do u plz have the gem jin raatn ki bhor nhin hai and khushi do ghari ki
mile na mile thanks
cooldude2k6 on September 19, 2009
A haunting song that I would like to hear again and again. This song shows
what a genius Kishoreda was. Wish he had composed for more movies.
suvi14 on October 04, 2009
very aptly said sir... i was about to say something similar although not so
eloquently. well done. this song is a favorite of mine too.
Florence Nadiadra on October 09, 2009
What a lovely song, this song became so meaningful ,just b'cos it's sung by
kishore Kumar. His songs are like they are just from yesterday, not from
years ! so fresh, music, words and the effect of voice, all are so
marvellous. It's really nice by Sulaksana pandit too. Nobody can say
Kishore kumar sing these songs almost more than 30 years ago.
isaac moses on October 11, 2009
Please listen to this beautiful duet by Kishore Kumar & Sulakshana... It's
absolutely wonderful.
motobaby20 on October 12, 2009
My Mam always say "old is gold" and i must say, she is right!! :) Beautiful song!
vadlamani on November 15, 2009
There are some people in life who always live ever. KishoreDa is one of them. Amazing voice. KishoreDa is alive as long as Hindi language is alive on this earth.

Srinivas Vadlamani
Tampa, FL
kookoundi on December 30, 2009
Don't mind the abrupt ending IMIRZA777 ; the fantastic beginning and overall top qualityl upload of this gem argely compensate for it.
Thanks for sharing.
Uttam Padukone on January 03, 2010
The abrupt ending is part of the filming itself. There is a small violin
and piano based interlude immediately - pure goosebumps level, 24K gold
quality - with a short dialog between Kishore Kumar and Ashok something
like: KK: Joseph Saab AK: Mujhe apni kursi par biTha do. I had recorded
this song on a 5 inch spool tape when it was telecast on Doordarshan many
many years ago but alas the tape is now lost! Uttam
ajay66music on February 10, 2010
Before i saying about song i pay respect to all of you who have that heart to feel the depth of this song and gave excellent comments but h beauty of such gems are much beyond the capacaity of words . The one who will love this song will certainly be nice person. This is what i think about this song.I respct even the person who like this song.,so what impact this song has on my heart could be felt. Such songs can never be made again , not at all possible
ajay66music on February 10, 2010
If you have heart ,you are bound to cry listening this song...divine melody...saturated in pain and feelings
ssd266 on February 15, 2010
Thank you very much for uploading this..!! i was trying to search it since
long. Thanks once again...
SJisBack on February 23, 2010
Wonderful song. Is it Ashok Kumar lip syncing and the other man is Kishore
Kumar who has provided the playback? Is actress Meena Kumari? Who is the
music director O.P.Nayyar, since Asha or Lata did not sing this one? Sorry
for the series of questions !
chwaqas on February 23, 2010
very nice subtle song ... swad aa geya ji sun ke .
Gireesh Sreenivasa Iyer on March 05, 2010
Music Director is Kishore Kumar himself. Female Playback -Sulakshana Pandit.
prd14 on March 17, 2010
wow! what a amazingly beautiful song.
Sharad agarwal on March 27, 2010
the female inger is sulakshana pandit, this was her first song. later she
acted in a few movies.
Himalayan Hermit on March 30, 2010
Thanks! Apparently movie was never released. Not sure how you got this gem.
All songs (*at leeast 3) are HAUNTING. This, Khushi do ghadi Ki, Panthi
hoon mai.
Himalayan Hermit on March 30, 2010
For those wanting to play this on Guitar (finger pick this for best
effect). Put capo on 2nd fret and play in Am
capitalcards on June 28, 2010
its so deep and straight from the heart of Kishore da its nice to see
kishore silent and ashok kumar singing in kishore da's voice. Kishore Kumar
is God of voice ... long live Dada... Miss you always ..
Abhi Batra on August 02, 2010
my favorite
Purushotham MG on August 20, 2010
Purushotham MG on August 20, 2010
THE MAN, KISHORE KUMAR!! All the songs from this movie are fabulous!! There
is one sung by Hemant Kumar, the title song, simply wonderful!!
HH576 on August 31, 2010
Lovely song. My father used to listen to it on vinyl. Brings back wonderful
illywillypop on October 14, 2010
latakulkarni01 on November 15, 2010
great music.wonderful song...Dadamuni & Kishorekumar .no words.!!!
yashosany on January 15, 2011
one of the best kishore duet. very melodious.m=one of my favourite. But never in my dreams I would have thought that Ashok kumar would be the one singing it in the movie.
luvsargam on January 19, 2011
Very touching song by Kishoreda composed by him. Pure magic.
Coucoutchicou on March 07, 2011
How strange that no one seems impressed by the effortless and lovely
singing of Sulakshana Pandit..!
Startriumph on May 01, 2011
Great song ! Thanks for uploading !
Bharat Kapadia on September 16, 2011
You need not apologize for abrupt ending of song. It ends in the movie in
this manner only. Tanuja runs away crying on her abruptly ending the song.
This is one of Kishor kumar's best songs. By the way, in this movie, Kishor
kumar performed at least 7 responsibilities. Producer, director, actor,
singer, music composer and probably lyricist.
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