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Lyrics of Hey, Nile Gagan Ke Tale, Dharti Ka Pyar Pale - हे, नीले गगन के तले, धरती का प्यार पले
hey nile gagan ke tale, dharati kaa pyar pale
aise hee jag me aatee hain subahe
aise hee sham dhale

shabnam ke moti phulo pe bikhre
dono kee aas fale

balkhati belein masti me khele
paydon se milke gale

nadiya kaa pani dariya se milke
sagar kis aur chale
lyrics of song Hey, Nile Gagan Ke Tale, Dharti Ka Pyar Pale
Comments on song "Hey, Nile Gagan Ke Tale, Dharti Ka Pyar Pale"
GtzBxBeAuTy on Wednesday, April 06, 2011
He... neele gagan ke tale, dharti ka pyaar pale.
Under the Blue Sky, Earth's love is blooming.

Shabnam ke moti, phoolon pe bikhre, dono ki aas phale.
The pearls of morning dew are spread on the flowers and their hopes blossom.

Balkhaati belen, masti mein khelen, pedon se mil ke gale.
The branches are swaying joyfully and embracing the trees.

Nadiya ka paani, dariya se mil ke, saagar ki aur chale.
The lake water merges with the river and flows swiftly towards the sea.

ANIL KUMAR P K on Tuesday, July 14, 2015
नीले गगन के तले, धरती का प्यार पले
ऐसे ही जग में, आती हैं सुबहें, ऐसे ही शाम ढले
शबनम के मोती, फूलों पे बिखरे, दोनों की आस फले..नीले गगन के तले.. ..
बलखाती बेले, मस्ती में खेले, पेड़ों से मिल के गले..नीले गगन के तले.. ..
नदियाँ का पानी, दरियाँ से मिल के, सागर की ओर चले..नीले गगन के तले.. ..
Jonny Olsen on Tuesday, April 10, 2012
I love this melody. I first heard it in Thailand. I played it on an ancient
bamboo free reed mouth organ that originates in Laos but is also played in
Thailand. It is called "khaen" or also spelled "khene" by the French. If
you are interested in the sound or what this instrument looks like, visit
my channel and you can hear Neele Gagan Ke Tale on the Lao mouth organ.
Ratheesh veliyathu on Wednesday, October 19, 2011
I love this beauty .. i love this 100000 times and you
really made this whole world a beautiful melody ! This world is beautiful
and i'm born on this planet to hear this song ! This song drives me to the
shore of ecstasy and i close my eyes ; dance and sing as if in a trance
Uma Rao on Friday, September 28, 2012
Nature is described so eloquently . The credit goes to music director
singer lyricist and finally to the photographer and of course to the
director. Yes, those days we had good movies with a story and good music.
It applies to Andhra films as well. Thank you.
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