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Comments on song "Hey, Nile Gagan Ke Tale, Dharti Ka Pyar Pale"
woobmob on January 03, 2010
love golden oldies ...
shekarman on May 12, 2010
BTW, the male picturized in this song is Raj Kumar.
kingstonsurbiton on July 11, 2010
My good old golden day's.
Love this beautiful evergreen song.
geniusnkag on September 05, 2010
i like this nature full songs.
Svetka994 on September 07, 2010
The scenery is like in our town! Mountains, flowers and all that...
nimmipournami on October 03, 2010
A very melodious song.. Agolden song
GtzBxBeAuTy on April 06, 2011
He... neele gagan ke tale, dharti ka pyaar pale.
Under the Blue Sky, Earth's love is blooming.

Shabnam ke moti, phoolon pe bikhre, dono ki aas phale.
The pearls of morning dew are spread on the flowers and their hopes blossom.

Balkhaati belen, masti mein khelen, pedon se mil ke gale.
The branches are swaying joyfully and embracing the trees.

Nadiya ka paani, dariya se mil ke, saagar ki aur chale.
The lake water merges with the river and flows swiftly towards the sea.

Vinod Sethi on May 15, 2011
A beautiful song. One of the most cherished childhood memories are linked
to this song. I still feel out of this world when I hear this song even
after 42 years since I heard this song as a class VIII student..
hira1ft on August 14, 2011
Nice melody and beautiful fresh surroundings, thanks Madhukaw shb.
Feroz Khalil on August 23, 2011
nice song :)
Ratheesh veliyathu on October 19, 2011
I love this beauty .. i love this 100000 times and you
really made this whole world a beautiful melody ! This world is beautiful
and i'm born on this planet to hear this song ! This song drives me to the
shore of ecstasy and i close my eyes ; dance and sing as if in a trance
Purnima R on November 07, 2011
Amabo Kcarab on November 13, 2011
My ancestry is from India and I live in Colorado. All I have to say is what
a resemblance. Love it here in NOCO. p.s. Madhuri Dixit lives here too.
dekaenator on November 25, 2011
A classic and one of the greatest hits from Bolywood. This song used to be sung be every bode from Assam to down South , it was so popular ! A lovely song composed by Ravi!
nmahangu on November 30, 2011
Song is sung by Mahendra Kapoor, not as well known as Rafi or Mukesh, but
still an excellent playback singer.
TheLoveispure on February 04, 2012
Pranam to the legends..I wish we cud have an inch of this in today's
fake cineworld..
jawad461 on February 05, 2012
I am enjoying this song since the year it was created
nasreen12100 on February 10, 2012
grown up listening to this song brings back good times and always will.
ejinnu on February 17, 2012
My Favorite song in growing up years

rorymaria1 on March 27, 2012
Raj Kumar has such noble, handsome facial features. This man should have been a superstar.
mg mg Thun on March 27, 2012
good song thanks for upload this song thanks to you
Jonny Olsen on April 10, 2012
I love this melody. I first heard it in Thailand. I played it on an ancient
bamboo free reed mouth organ that originates in Laos but is also played in
Thailand. It is called "khaen" or also spelled "khene" by the French. If
you are interested in the sound or what this instrument looks like, visit
my channel and you can hear Neele Gagan Ke Tale on the Lao mouth organ.
deepika moyal on May 20, 2012
i love this songggggggg.deepika
deepika moyal on May 20, 2012
i love this
Kamal Ganguly on June 04, 2012
And to top it all up, a killer personality...
Srinivas Donepudi on September 04, 2012
songs like these make life worth living.
Sudhangshu Sinha on September 04, 2012
I never forget this evergreen song
Uma Rao on September 28, 2012
Nature is described so eloquently . The credit goes to music director
singer lyricist and finally to the photographer and of course to the
director. Yes, those days we had good movies with a story and good music.
It applies to Andhra films as well. Thank you.
Ashok Bhagwat on October 14, 2012
i like this song when iwas in 10th std. stiill likes is more n more for
billbitt96 on October 20, 2012
Where is this place? It looks like Alaska to me. No doubt this is beautiful
part of India or where? This is probably American made train from JC
Whitney, Philadelphia when America was exporting products in the good old
ASHOKE SHOME on November 06, 2012
Absolutely Beautiful, Extremely Melodious, Lovely Voice of Mahendra Kapoor.
Music Direction by - RAVI.Superb Direction by - B.R.Chopra. Those Days-
Movies were Movies, Songs were Songs.Those days, years will Never come back.
Narahari Ponnala on December 10, 2012
blue sky, fruitful earth, flowing water, dew with lilting music of immortal
music director ravi and singer mahendrakapoor reminds me my olden (golden)
high school days and it gives immense energy to live with happy memories
for ever till last breath.
P.T.Thankappan Vandana on January 06, 2013
I like this song . I had seen this film in the year 1967.I also like all
the songs in this film
siamgodmother on January 20, 2013
yes sir , used to on screen in Thailand 40 years ago . my dad went to
watched it .
SARAH GEORGE on January 28, 2013
what a great nice beautiful music! just LOVE IT! now days indian music not
even close comparing to oldies
VEERABHADRA RAJU T on February 08, 2013
I saw this movie in 1967 in VISAKHAPATNAM ANDHRA PRADESH when I was Young.
Now 2013 (after 46 years still I love this song and still same feeling when
I first heard in 1967. It is an eternal and ever melodious music and voice
of Mahendra Kapur. It will also thrill the coming generations also.
Whenever you feel tired you hear this song. Without any tablet, you will be
mentally free. So Music heels diseasese is TRUE
VEERABHADRA RAJU T on February 08, 2013
ఈ పాట నేను 1967 లో చూసాను విశాఖపట్టణం లో. ఇప్పుడు 2013. ఈ 46 సంవత్సరాలలో ఈ
పాట మాధుర్యం తగ్గలేదు. మహేంద్ర కపూర్ చిరస్మరణీయుడయ్యాడు. ఈ పాట వింటుంటే,
మధురమైన అనుభూతులకు లోనవుతాము. శిశుర్వేత్తి పశుర్వెత్తి గాన ఫణిః అంటారు కదా
ఆ మాటను నిజం చేసారు మహేంద్ర కపూర్. ఎంతని పొగడను. ఈ ఒక్క పాటతో ఆయన
శాశ్వతత్వం పొందారు.
Viswanath Kamath on February 11, 2013
very good old is gold
Zubby Khan on February 26, 2013
Zaber10..I love olds songs
RAJKUMAR MISHRA on March 20, 2013
Sandy Mutroo on March 24, 2013
real super song
Chintha Samuel on March 26, 2013
This dong is ever green hit and melody of top HINDI hero RAJ KUMAR
Chintha Samuel on March 26, 2013
This is ever green romantic and great melody song of king of the north
indian filim star RAJ KUMAR
Nazim Ahmed Sayed on March 29, 2013
Nice Lyrics, Nice Location and very nice music.
Jonny Olsen on April 05, 2013
Search for this- Indian Folk Melody Neele Gagan Ke Tale on the Lao Khaen
Mouth Organ.
99farooque on April 12, 2013
the best song of manna de, nice melody thanks for uploading.
pvv satyanarayana on May 10, 2013
One of the best songs of mahendra's and Ravi's, mesmerising voice and
tune,deserving more than filmfare award.
Amit Shukla on May 18, 2013
Raajkumar is best hero in Hindi cinema thanks for uploading
Kusuma Jayaram on May 21, 2013
beautiful locations...!
Vennu Venkat on June 01, 2013
Hats up to Mahendra kappor
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