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Lyrics of Panchi Badal Premi Ke - पंछी बादल प्रेमी के
panchhi baadal premi ke paagal
ham kaun hain saathiya
o yaad nahi bhul gaya
panchhi baadal premi

hamako kisi ki bhi koi zarurat nahi
duniya mein is pyaar se kuch khubasurat nahi
le jaae jaane hamein ye tej dhaara kahaan
hamako to koi gam nahi duba kinaara kahaan
hai bahata paani ye zindagaani isaka bharosa hai kya
panchhi baadal premi

khoye rahen khoye rahen
dhundhe zamaana hamein ham yun hi khoe rahen
aramaanon ki sej pe din raat soe rahen
aao zara aur bhi nazadiik ho jaaen ham
ek dusare ki javaan baahon mein so jaaen ham
sapane hi sapane biich mein apane koi nahi dusara
panchhi baadal premi
Comments on song "Panchi Badal Premi Ke"
ShabanaAzim on Monday, June 07, 2010
@wizman009 ..Thats a silly comment, do we not form opinions on people the very first time we meet them??? Ofcourse we do! And however bad a day I am having I have never taken it out on an unsuspecting person! Also once you are in the public eye you have to put your own personal issues aside and address people with your public face, therefore I do not buy that silly excuse! I formed an opinon on her very young and very early, infact it was her who shattered that opinion when i actually met her!
ShabanaAzim on Monday, June 07, 2010
@wizman009 ...UMMMM!!! why should they get SPECIAL treatment??? And no I still disagree with your excuse. When meeting someone only ONCE you are bound to form your opinon based on that one instance! However I do not believe that my opionon of Sri Devi is a bad one. She just wasn't all that when I Met her, I am soo very glad I did now! No honey, just because they are on screen should not mean they are treated BETTER than anyone else. she got her chance and she blew it!! LOL!
ShabanaAzim on Wednesday, June 09, 2010
@wizman009 ... did I say she was bad???? Did I say anyone was bad??? I said she wasn't very nice to me!!! And that is just the plain truth! If I am not allowed to tell the truth anymore because someone might not be having a good day thats not right! Anyway, Thats your thinking and this is mine.
teenbauwa on Tuesday, June 01, 2010
Really? Never expected it from Sridevi. I am die hard fan of her and I have one friend who met her and said that she was very sweet. Another person I know through internet has got her no. and calls her on her b day and she too said that Sridevi is very sweet.
ShabanaAzim on Friday, June 04, 2010
@teenbauwa Yeah it is Sad, I guess the fame does go to their heads! But they forget we MAKE them.. and without US.. they are really nothing! Ah well, and I realised that what we see on screen is just acting... nothing more!
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