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Comments on song "Aa Chal Ke Tujhe Main Leke Chalu Ek Aise"
djstud1987 on October 17, 2008
awesome song...old is well and truely gold...
atulks on December 24, 2008
Can our politicians do as this song conveys ?
krantiekarie on December 26, 2008
what a great song is this .Wonderfull song. KIshore kumar is my favorite singer ever.
Viimane on January 03, 2009
Bas, if only aaj hamare pas ho ese gane...
aadapi on January 15, 2009
My Brother's Favourite Song...I love it
tigersingh2009 on January 16, 2009
What a song. In todays times wish some one could take us aise gagan ke tale
Narendrajm on February 13, 2009
Great Song :) Thanks buddy!
narainpur on June 03, 2009
wow great combination of kishore and his son amit
lbantu on June 05, 2009
no..words to say..
BansuriDhoon on June 07, 2009
Sapno ka aise Jahan mai, JahaaN Pyar hi Pyar Khila ho, Hum jaake wahan kho jaaye..Sab Milke Yuhin Chalte Chale!!
Wish I could make you smile & laugh again bro!
sandipbiswas4you on August 16, 2009
i love yo u kishore kumar 1000 salutes to u master
manvendra9 on September 14, 2009
Wndrful Song...Simply Brings Bak Memories Of My Childhood Whn My Mom Used To Sing Ths To Me To Make Me Sleep...Hats Off Kishore Da.Only U Kan Create Ths MAGIC!!!!!
TheKalimata on October 23, 2009
feels like I'm too small to comment about this immortal song..KK..we will remember you for the rest of the days while bollywood is still alive...true legend..RIP..K..K..
ntnagrani on November 02, 2009
One more beautiful song ---koi lauta de mere bite din ko
faqgmail on November 05, 2009
Bas pyar hi pyar pale...
How relevant this song is in these days of terrorism...
Jahan rang birange panchee aasha ka sandesha laaye...
I still hope there is world like that somewhere and some one really takes us there...
Shaheryar Ahmed on November 07, 2009
Man you have done agreat job.really thanks for this upload..looking
forward to more gems from you.
Mukkamala Subbarao on November 16, 2009
Thank you friend for the full song.
rahuljalan1973 on November 16, 2009
@ mukkamala1958 & edenabc U'R ALL WELCOME DEAR FRIENDS !! EXPECT MORE RARE
anuchunnu on February 16, 2010
gr8 song wth lots of meaning in t...Gd blss u KISHORE DA...
gorapup on February 21, 2010
Noone ever talks about the lyricist ..the lyricist is the base of each and every melody sung by any of the great singers..
mudassar74 on February 26, 2010
lyrics and music are also given by Kishore kumar for this song.
Jhunwinkabow on March 21, 2010
What a wonderful creation of you! RIP Kishore Kumar.
balkrishna on April 14, 2010
door gagan ki chhaon(not chahon) mein
TheNishith on April 21, 2010
awesome song...m' feeling nostalgic.
Nadir Sheikh on May 12, 2010
hahaha muje gana kahan aata hai...the genius himself !
sourabhsanyal on May 16, 2010
mindblowing song... i m a gr8 fan of this song as well kishore kumar.. he is a true legend...
merebaba1 on June 21, 2010
Kid in this song is Amit Kumar, real son of Kishore Kumar. Amit Kumar is also a great singler. I love this song.
acesid on July 18, 2010
kishore da..unadulterated ..everything you see,hear,feel in this song is KK's creation..lyrics,music ,direction..down to the little kid (his son amit) RIP kishore da
dragonbane44 on August 22, 2010
songs like this just transports me to someplace heavenly
Aditi Pandey on September 03, 2010
Thanks for loading such a great song
crazyoldsongs on September 06, 2010
one of the most beautiful , popular and evergreen song by kishore kumar .
thanks mahale ji for sharing and thanks rahuljalan1973 for the full version
of this gem . the other uploaders like rajan8550 and blacktiger310886 have
fixed only the first scene on the whole song .
rumahale on September 06, 2010
@crazyoldsongs You are right. It is complete version. Thanks for liking.
Hindustan67 on September 12, 2010
This was one of dad's all time favorite songs! And the like has been passed on to me and my brother!
ninjashinobu8890 on September 26, 2010
Many thanks for the upload. I have been search for this for a long time.
Many, many thanks!! Such a beautiful song. :) <3
XxandyXElectroxX on October 30, 2010
@dragonbane44 its true my dear you think like me
Mrnirajpandey on November 04, 2010
i wish i could go to aise gagan ke tale
niraj pandey on November 04, 2010
suraj ki pehli kiran se asha ka savera jage, chanda ki kiran se dhul kar
ghanghor andhra bhage
jurry4 on November 16, 2010
ever green and one of my favorite song
Beautiful lyrics and very well composed and sung.
geetajain55 on November 16, 2010
@faqgmail Amin, aisa hi ho.
ankana18 on December 12, 2010
pure rush of emotions - Virgo
hitleo on January 11, 2011
Wonderful Song, Excellent Music, Fabulous Lyrics, Versatile Direction & above all --> The Legendary Kishore Kumar with this magical voice... What else is needed. Just Enchanting. Try to listen this song sitting late night with your eyes closed on an arm chair in hot summer time and you will feel the breeze out from this song.
muhammad Nehmat on January 21, 2011
What a great this the song what he said
..this is what we want now a days.Many Thanks :) Pls keep it
StingPenguin on March 12, 2011
my favourite song i wish someone took me there
uthunderbolt on March 25, 2011
This Kishore Kumar's masterpiece
anaghaadeo on April 04, 2011
simply marvellous...! ! ! one of KKs top 5 creations. Avinash
cmamsc1983 on April 10, 2011
The devine one. thanks for uploading.
changedmatter on April 11, 2011
superb song...
thanks for uploading man
nayakaj on April 19, 2011

My dad used to sing this to me as a lullabye when i was a kid ,,, made me feel like nothing mattered and everything was OKAY..i miss it
MonsieurVerbose on May 01, 2011
Thanks a ton rahul jalan 1973 for the gem of a song. Love the era,,, love
Kishore Da.RIP
vbhatia26 on May 07, 2011
very beautiful song...thnx for uploading
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