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Comments on song "Aaj Jaane Ki Zidd Naa Karo"
mikhil bhujbal on July 29, 2011
woooowww.this is amazing. feels heavenly ... jus some violin effect
should have been added ... ( a dawn effect )...:)
sandies1204 on July 29, 2011
absolutely terrific - i loved it :)
Pratik Varma on July 29, 2011
This song felt like someone gently taking your hand and leading you to a
beautiful place.
Rupam Khunger on July 30, 2011
Super performance without much instruments support
shajiaraza on July 30, 2011
@ashokksen1 i soo agreee with u,,,
Adeel Khan on July 30, 2011
there shld be some music in it... i.e, beats.. tabla dhool or something...
singer is perfect...
zjamuing on July 30, 2011
UTTERLY boring rendition!!!
algoseer on July 30, 2011
@suddhasheel its not hard to see that she is not trained. listen to lata's
version and you will know!
Ashok Sen on July 31, 2011
@suddhasheel Dear Sir! I was expecting more hate mails...any how one don't
need to become Shankar ahesan loy to understand good quality music! Let me
explain...why Coke studio should entertain a copied version of the gazal "
aaj jane ki zid na karo"? Pls listen to " Begam Farida Khanum". Contd...
Ashok Sen on July 31, 2011
@suddhasheel Then If you decide to do a cover version then pls. don't goof
up in singing. The singer did "Bakri taan" in few places. Specially if you
take out Leslie Lewis and Coke Studio then this music is merely worth a
House Party!! No personal problem with the singer..She is talented but
needs more "Riaaz"
nikhil Pandey on July 31, 2011
with no music n only vocals, it seems more lyk a SAD version of the
song...thought dey shud've caught the mood of the song more
appropriately.c'mon guys .u spoiled d ROMANTIC nature of the song...
nikhil Pandey on July 31, 2011
seems some GIRL is moaning over the death of his loved 1.n thinking of
his past good days...i cnt understand dis... again..TOTALLY spoiled d mood
of the song...
abhishek Banjare on July 31, 2011
Something new liked it..good Job..
sandies1204 on August 01, 2011
the low haunting voice is beautiful. really proud of you ramya - all your
hard work will pay off.
Jyotismita Das on August 02, 2011
Gave me goosebumps!!! she sounds divine. so glad to know India has such
amazing talent!!!
Ganesh Devrajan on August 02, 2011
Hearing fr the first time, Ramya's voice was a real revellation...low,
soothing, haunting left me asking for more...Keep doing the hard work and u
will soon find the results of ur liking,...God bless u..Ganesh
brahmabul on August 03, 2011
@Ajs00 People like you are the biggest illiterates. Spreading hatred
between the two nations. Take a gun in your hand and you will be no better
than a terrorist. After all spreading hatred is one of the motives of a
terrorist too.
brahmabul on August 03, 2011
Never heard of these two singers. Really amazing song.
atisir on August 04, 2011
People liked this song better than any other ones done at Coke Studio MTV
because.. there was not a lot of composition or music involved from
Leslie Lewis.. !!! Good effort from Ramya, Still think no one can top
Fareeda Khanum though.
Vishal Tatwani on August 06, 2011
What a great song.., beautifully sung once again !! Cheers
feelthepush on August 06, 2011
this girl need to listen to Farida Khanum again :)
Pancham Singh on August 06, 2011
Dear CS @ MTV : Plz bring the following songs/ singers in ur nxt season.
Piya Haji Ali, Nimbooda Nimbooda,Langa Managaniar- Chirmi,Kesariya Balam,
Wadali "s Charkha, Ustad Sultan Khan,Ustad Rashid Khan- Aaoge Jab, Shankar
Sahney- Yaar Mangiya si,Satinder Sartaj- sai,Richa's Zindagi mein ,Hans
Raj- Sili Sili Aundhi, Pt. Bhimsen Joshi- Maze maher pandhari / Bhairavi,
Krishna Beura, Indian Ocean- Bandeh, Jaswinder Narula - Hum dil de chuke &
Daler mehndi in folk form. Plz consider my rqst.
Rishabh Gupta on August 07, 2011
Go for it Girl...Brillianto..
Ashok Sen on August 07, 2011
Enthusiast, It seems you are still stuck with the mind set that professions
like Medical, Engineering, Finance etc. are the only serious fields and
people can't or not allowed to do wrong in these areas. Art on the other
hand is probably for non serious Artist may falter around. This
is the reason you are all gaga about this music...and only if you had to
pay for this sound track...?
SameerGinwala on August 09, 2011
To be able to sing without any instruments just highlights Ramya's chaste
and soulful voice. Beautifully sung. Very touching. Bravo.
pranavmungre on August 12, 2011
Good effort. Still cannot beat Fareeda Khannum
Sangam Biswas on August 14, 2011
i loved this ! two thumbs up .
Ishtiyaq shah on August 15, 2011
So far Best from Coke Studio India.No Words to describe Heavenly and
Rishabh Gupta on August 19, 2011
@uditoshiq I dunno how long u have not been laid for...but sincerely I dont
see the erotica in this one. and y do u is music...its a
language..if u understamd..well..good for u..if u dont..well..wat can i
besony1 on August 20, 2011
A---maazing! both thumbs up to the singer!
Yogendra Bhatt on August 21, 2011
more melodrama than singing..singers please lern to sing in
Sur..Drama is ok for a while but good singing is winner at the end..
srbhambre on August 27, 2011
ramya niceee lik it lik it totally like it
TheSaadkazmi on August 28, 2011
pahlian asha bhoslay nay chori shuda gana gaya ab coke stodio nay iss ganay
ki maa baich di.
Saba Shaad on August 29, 2011
Hear the original one please!!!!!
mairaj khan on September 02, 2011
boht aalaa.. I attended a live Tina Sani session a few months back.. she is
a class act.. but this cover is awesome... other then this.. the first
season of coke studio India was below average.. hope it will improve next
mairaj khan on September 02, 2011
Tina sani`s cover is not on youtube.. but do watch Ashal Bhosle`s version..
that is equally good..
pdix on September 11, 2011
Why does she have to try her hands on a classic.Why didnt Lesle gave him
something fresh to sing.
Syed Ahmed on September 12, 2011
The lady speaking at the beginning and end is acting overacting not feeling
the words, artificial delivery.
Rishnit on September 24, 2011
rula diya yaar!
polofarrosh on September 24, 2011
How dare you to sing this beautiful song itaisi n joke studio,,,,,
Sayeed Ahmed on September 25, 2011
she'll have to learn another 100 years to sing even close to this
invaluable deathless song... singing slow might just create some
environment, but it doesn't make her up to the mark... doesn't cut it
even close..
Rohit M on September 25, 2011
She seems young but very very deep with her voice ! Amazing talent :)
faqiranewatan on September 29, 2011
SUB-MEDIOCRITY - these singers should be sent to Tihar jail.
Sayeed Ahmed on October 02, 2011
@206Eclipse what do u think.!?! do I?!?! /watch?v=wqbbILfdw94
/watch?v=c2wMHBH8xrA watch these, and tell me whether Ramya & Rupmatii
could ever be close to such legends..!! let's see what u understand
about music..!!
Priyanshu kumar on October 12, 2011
loved it... btw... i believe if its good, then it should be liked rather
then making silly comparisons.
Ssankhya on October 23, 2011
3:55 - 5:59 sung so beautifully...sounds tender yet haunting.woman i luv
penta15786 on October 30, 2011
@mehmaan100 - The poet is Faiyaz Hashmi not Faiz Ahmed Faiz.
Aliasgar Waghnalawala on November 01, 2011
very sweet voice... alomost as good as original track.. NICE!!!!
Varun Tiwari on November 02, 2011
guyz...get above ur sick arguments...plzzz.dnt malign music has
no boundries...n no 2 singers can be alike!! even if dey r twins :P so plz
behave sensibly ? !
rfa on November 05, 2011
India main ghurbat kitni ho gai hai, aurton ko dhakney key liye kapra nahin
milta hai lagta hai.
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