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Comments on song "Aala Re Aala, Manyaa Aala"
simran kaur on April 17, 2013
john you r soooo very hooot,what and entry yaar..i m full flat on u...gud audio nd sofia u are a gud item girl u should try more of item nos...i liked it
Jifin varghese on April 17, 2013
john's lookin funny with hat
tiffanybrown11 on April 18, 2013
Oh gosh I am so turned on! I barely get to have time for myself because of work. Now I have a little free time. It would be nice if someone that is as turned on as I am and could help me get in a better mood with some fun hmu.
Jatin Kumar on April 18, 2013
John is rocking... luv this song. nice choreographed.
akshat tiwari on April 18, 2013
a sure superhit..
Naseer Ahmed on April 18, 2013
gr8 choreography of Ahmed Khan... luved his work in Race 2 also. it was him who set the Lat lag gayi move for Jacqueline in RACE2... really like his work.
shan butt on April 18, 2013
nice Look,Brother..
sweetgirl4903 on April 18, 2013
at the end of the day.. Babli Badmaasssh is the best.. and most pleasant to the ears!
Peace420eva on April 18, 2013
I'm watching it @ a theater for sure. This one isn't for download.
Srj Kumar on April 18, 2013
2nd best of d movie aftr laila
hag287 on April 19, 2013
Songs plus movie
thebigbossjohn on April 19, 2013
Those who said.. John Abraham is the wrong choice for this movie.. are fools. John has evolved into one of the most sought after superstars in Bollywood.
Ganesh Bhise on April 19, 2013
when john sings like a quavaali,this song has same music as that of Amitabh Bacchan's iski aage ki ab dastan muzse sun from salaame ishq meri jaan song from Muqaddar Ka Sikandar movie.
AFLATOON619 on April 20, 2013
iam not gona watch it john last main mar jayega ! tuu faida kya dekhne ka waist of time !!!!
sun top on April 20, 2013
awesome for u n go on dance to laila n aala re as both r nice
Jaya dey on April 21, 2013
Ha ha.. Romin.. Superlikeee (y)
MrRalinz on April 23, 2013
which other movie has that?
nafees240 on April 24, 2013
welcome back jhon alare allaa

vishu varun on April 24, 2013
Romin.. rocking answer man...
Rameyz Rai on April 26, 2013
aala Re aaLA JHon AbRAham AAla..waitiNg thIS mOVIE
DEVIDAS DADPE on April 27, 2013
aala re aala manya aala akkhhi mumbai mein apun ka bolbala...
bigmac19751234 on April 29, 2013
looking forward for this movie..John looks awesome.He has been working out good
bigmac19751234 on April 29, 2013
She is all plastic...and doesnt look good at all...and that is the reason she will never become an actress.she can only do cheap songs with less clothes just like Malaika Arora.
bigmac19751234 on April 29, 2013
the worse part is they have made a Pon Star to dance in one of the songs.How Low can Bollywood get.
Prem chougule on April 30, 2013
ACP isak Bagwan indian government ka Payment letha tha Aur kaam Dowood ka karta tha...
shantanukhare22 on April 30, 2013
well she always had the face cut and body structure similar to that of Kim Kardashian.
Sid Singh on April 30, 2013
Sophie is a keep of Vijay Mallaya .
Obaid bin yahiya on May 01, 2013
hehehehe..funny manya surve..if he was alive then he will again die laughing..insult of manya bhai
MrAlbertAlexdelhi on May 02, 2013
Aala Re John Aala ♥ ❤ ❥
Yoo ta on May 02, 2013
amazing song realy i like it
Priyam Jadhav on May 02, 2013
I think They Choose Him Becoz Manya was a mumbai shri body buliding champion That Time...
TheTonykuo7 on May 03, 2013
thumbs up if u came to see this chick!! :D :D :D >_<
Vi Oo on May 03, 2013
had the song been recorded with prior good practice for Mika to spell "Manya" a lil better than "maaaanya"..
Parth Bhavsar on May 03, 2013
even the indian version of kim kardashian is ugly
Lavesh Vaity on May 05, 2013
ala re al mumbaich mania ala
tiger21823 on May 05, 2013
ya i have just slept with her :)
Tarun Chopra on May 06, 2013
She is sophie choudhry ..i guess
lvcr38 on May 07, 2013
Sunnidi is the best chosen for these songs of
A123456789Z70 on May 07, 2013
Good song, but I will still go for a ganpat chal daru la...!!
Ibtehaj Khan on May 08, 2013
Laila teri le le gi tu likh ke lele
jaduveer gohil on May 09, 2013
aala re aala ho ho mast movie aala best movie aala...
Naz Begum on May 09, 2013
Why did they get someone who resembles a horse ie Sophie in the song??!
bemyown007 on May 10, 2013
She reminds me of kim kardhasian
shruti kaddad on May 11, 2013
♥ ❤ love manya surve. ♥ ❤
mika great songs
Salman Haseeb on May 11, 2013
bkwaas song hai only time waste
geeta shetty on May 11, 2013
the inspector was also a dawood s men since killed manya surve on dawoods call i think that mr bhagwan should have left manya surve
kuldeep2225 on May 13, 2013
John is cool gangster
kuldeep2225 on May 13, 2013
Mumbai ka naya baap manya surve
kuldeep2225 on May 13, 2013
Baap of all gangster
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