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Comments on song "Aap Ki Nazro Ne Samjha, Pyar Ke Kabil Mujhe"
ekad100 on March 28, 2008
this song is timeless. Lata sings it so very beautifully. The high notes are sung so effortlessly.
Prinkster31 on May 02, 2008
Eternal Song of Love & Hope!
machoashi on May 21, 2008
beautiful song..can hear it all time.thanx buddy
Shubrato Chakraborty on May 30, 2008
What are these question marks supposed to mean ? Are you asking : "how is
it humanly possible to compose such an all-round fabulous song ?" Well, the
lyricist, composer and the singer did it.. only these three could. Isn't
the song simply !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?
shrravankumar on May 31, 2008
Hi Fundamental09,
Sorry, you got me wrong. I think your broswer is not allowing you to see hindi (devnagari) script. You might be seeing all kinds of exclamation marks and gibberish.
heroniotimi on June 20, 2008
this is the magic of music director madan mohan with his favourite lyricist
raja mehndi ali khan and of course the great lata mangeshkar.. infact, once
the great naushad saab had said that he was ready to exchange his entire
body work this song.. film anpadh, starring mala sinha and dharmendra..
agsmu on June 24, 2008
may i know from which movie is this song ..nd the year in which it is released...??
moonoveraddison on June 25, 2008
anpadh 1962
queenofz on June 29, 2008
not to mention the great music composition by the late Madan Mohan. Simple and amazingly melodious.
mehrnissa on July 02, 2008
this song is soooo amazing ...i get shivers up my spine everytime i hera it
cutebear143 on July 12, 2008
simply fabulous! old is truly gold!!!!
SweetLarki94 on July 17, 2008
I luv this song...It's Awesome... <3
lovesak23 on July 24, 2008
LATA DIDI, you are the best
santoshcu2 on August 06, 2008
See her face expression. It is extremely good. Compare todays heroines with
yesteryear heroines, they are simply best.
Karan Sharma on August 08, 2008
That is what we call a masterpiece from the golden era of hindi music...!!!
Kudos to Lata Mangeshkar.!!!
leatesh on August 20, 2008
yeah this is an amazing song, my parents werent even around when this song was famous! thanks for the upload
logistics2pratik on August 24, 2008
dude seriously? Urdu is a constructed language for the benefit of people,
it has words from many languages including Hindi. and the so called rivalry
between the two languages is just your construct. karan probably just meant
the golden age of Hindi movie music, and you are suddenly bringing in
"rivalry". Any self respecting Indian knows what a sweet and melodious
language Urdu is and they dont need your blindfolded insight.
ani91fab on August 24, 2008
i lov the song, its sooo old but its soooo gold^^
Karishma420 on August 28, 2008
WOW WOW WOW Masha'Allah this is the greatest song off that time...Kya lyrics hai kya music hai awasome...
farah khan on August 29, 2008
wah wah what a lovey romantic song.. thank you so much 4 uploading such
beautiful songs.
vjdadj1234 on September 05, 2008
i swear this is me and my girlfriend's favourite song...we both love much meaning
fugitive143 on September 23, 2008
wow...the remix by bally sagoo made me wanna listen to the original..the rythm is much better...
prettypak13 on September 26, 2008
lata is the singer right??
jag669 on September 26, 2008
my all time fav song. i love this
AMMAARAH1 on October 05, 2008
now this is a timeless classic, btr then the remix versions anyday!!
srkisthebest on October 09, 2008
it´s the best song i have ever heard, just perfect!!
nilabi on October 10, 2008
wut a song..beautiful lyrics with wonderful voice..
Nikhil Gopakumar on October 13, 2008
¡Sí! ¡Convengo con usted al amigo!
man25gzb on October 17, 2008
Dil ke ek sab se khoobsorat kone se nikli Dilkash Awaaz.
ginlyf on November 25, 2008
ols songs are as it is lehendary..this is a legend among them...b'ful
really :D
Mike Ladha on December 06, 2008
habibremax on December 14, 2008
I don't know how to tell you how much I love this song, every time I listen to this song, it brings tears to my eyes, long life Lata Jee, what a voice what a sur. By the way, pleae someone tell me which movies was this song from? I'd really appreciate it.
Ushezz on December 27, 2008
old is truly gold, classic that never gets out of fashion, still get tickles listenin to this, on top!
Almaas89 on January 06, 2009
This song makes me wanna fall in love, but no idea with whom, LOL. Absolutely amazing..
uksunderland on January 08, 2009
Name of this movie is 'Bees saal baad'.
Jjs on January 10, 2009
Wrong. It is Anpadh
Negin on January 16, 2009
OMG i lovvee this song!
surgefast on February 05, 2009
tay1981 on February 06, 2009
The lyrics to this tune are amazing 10/10 to the writer. so true. It amazes me how unappreciative ppl can be, the fact that someones considered you worthy of their love!!
AMMAARAH1 on February 08, 2009
how can i download this song?

Jen Azngal on February 12, 2009
such a sweet voice..
S.Faraz Hussain on February 26, 2009
Nothing can be better than this song A++++
Ramlal Gandoo on February 26, 2009
bera wadhiya gana jee
seas1129 on March 19, 2009
Raja Mehndi Ali Khan RIP
yogeshwaryogeshwaryo on March 25, 2009
Who am I rate to the goddess of melodies. I am just grateful that I could hear it. :)
bapunimaharana on March 26, 2009
such abeautiful combination of music &song
vasu49hp on March 27, 2009
Arguably among 5 of Lata's best ever. Certainly one of the greatest of Madan
adispari on April 01, 2009
luvv it!!!!
Chouds Chy on April 02, 2009
y don't they make songs like these anymore
gettrak on April 13, 2009
Such songs still exist in tamil :).
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